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English Char Sketch

English Char Sketch

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Published by Eatgreencrayons
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Published by: Eatgreencrayons on Mar 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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English 8Peter StraubingePeriod 2Willie walked the street, sun beating down upon his shoulders. As he passed, parents ushered their children to the other side of the road. Automobilists looked on infear, while the doors and windows of every house slammed shut.At least, that’s what he’d like to think. In reality, most looked upon Willie’sfigure, clad in four-sizes-too-large jersey and glinting, heavy chains, with mildamusement. Amusement furthered by the looks, attempting venom but failing miserably,that Willie cast at all that he saw. He walked on, high tops thumping against the pavement.After about ten minutes of walking, Willie finally reached his destination. That is,a run-down hunting shack at the edge of an abandoned lot, now overrun by lengths of light forest for half a mile. The shack’s signpost had long been spray painted over with“BLUDZSTAZ 4 LIYF” in dripping red letters. Willie strode into the pitiable dwelling.“Ey, it’s Willie! Where’ve you been, man? It’s twenny minutes pas’ you saidyou’d be here!” A skinny individual, stretched out on a beanbag chair, called to Willie.“Hey, man, I gots ta take my time walkin’ ‘round town. It ain’ street to be runnin’aroun’ like a chicken ain’t got a head.”“Yeah, Willie’s too much of a gangsta to make a meeting on time!” This elicitedraucous laughter from the group, while Willie scowled and seated himself on a woodenstool.“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say, man. Now, what’re we plannin’ today? I’m
 bored!”Another member of the group gave a sly grin. He rubbed his chubby fingerstogether, intoning mischievously, “Well, y’know, I just got me s’more spraypaint, wecould hit up that gas station near the corner of Elm and Jaynesborough…”“I like the sound a’ that!” Willie exclaimed, jumping up from his stool. “What’rewe waitin’ for, homefries? Let’s get movin’!” The rest of the shack’s occupants, five innumber, pulled themselves out of their various seating positions, and with numerousstretches and yawns, followed Willie out the door.They crouched behind an overgrown hedge, the gas station ahead of them, asWillie outlined the plan. The makeshift gang’s leader, his position was one gained more by default than by competition.“A’ight, so, Charlie, you gonna run up and make sure it’s cool for the rest of us,kay?” Charlie nodded his understanding. “Now, Ray, you go up with one can, and Joe,you take the other. Robbie, you take watch around the corner, and Frankie, stay here tomake sure it’s clear when we gotta jet. You all cool on that?”“Ay, Willie, what about me?” Jimmy, the scrawniest of the group entreated.“Ah, Jimmy, you can…you can keep watch with Robbie.”“Man, why I always gotta get all tha bunk jobs?”“Hey, it ain’t a bunk job!” Willie protested. “Keepin’ watch is real important. Now, all you guys, let’s go!” Charlie leaped out from behind the hedge, and ran to thecorner. Confirming the coast was clear, the rest of the group followed. Frankie andJimmie attempted to appear nonchalant as the peered down each street at the corner,while the cans in the hands of Ray and Joe squirted red mists of paint. Suddenly, while

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