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Published by vvikash
Its about how to give presentation.
Its about how to give presentation.

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Published by: vvikash on Mar 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What holds you back?
Here’s a list of the things we hear most often:
‘Dryind up’ or not being able to speak.
Forgetting what you are talking about –your mind going blank.
Having someone in the audience who knows more than you do.
People noticing that you are nervous.
Having to run screaming from the room.
 The presentation being so awful and embarrassing that your social/careerrelationships are ruined forever.
 The impossible to answeer ‘question from hell’.
 The audience talking over you or walking out.
Dying on stage.
Firstly, let’s accept that we need fear. Without the ability to becomevery fearful no human beings would exist today – our ancestors relied on fear tosurvive bigger, stronger and faster predators.
The Concept :- The 7 P’s program
Why are you speaking? What do you want the audience members toknow, think, believe or do as a result of your presentation?
Who is your audience? How do the characteristics, skills,opinions and behaviors of your audience affect your purpose.
Why are you speaking to this group now and in this place? How canyou plan and adapt to the logistics of this place. How can you use visual aids to helpachieve your purpose?
Where and how can you find good ideas and information foryour speech? How much and what kind of supporting material do you need.
Is there a natural order to the ideas and information you will use?What are the most effective ways to organize your speech in order to adapt it to thepurpose, people, place etc.
How do you become associated with your message in a positive way?What can you do to demonstrate your competence, charisma and character to theaudience?
What form of delivery is best suited to the purpose of yourspeech. What delivery techniques will make your presentation more effective?
Think about Your Audience:
Who are they and why are they here.
What are their interests.
What do they know, what do they want to know and what is a worthwhileinvestment of their time.
Be clear about your purpose:
Are you
 Tell them what you ate going to do and why.
What do you want the audience to know, feel or believe afterwards.
Use an Effective Introduction:
Orientate the audience, explain why it is important and set the tone.
Establish a relationship between the speaker and the audience to createcredibility.
Avoid weak introduction such as apologies, jokes, rhetorical questions.
Use supporting materials to flesh out main points:
Use examples, statistics, expert opinions and anecdotes.
Compose for the ear not the eye:
Use simple words, simple sentences, markers, repetition, images andpersonal language(“You” and “I”).
Create an Effective Conclusion:
Summarize, set final image, provide closure, don’t trail off and don’t use tritephrases.
Don’t just present data or summarized result and leave the audience to drawits own conclusion.
 You have had much more time to work with your information than youraudience, Share your insight and understanding and tell them what you’veconcluded from your work.
Sound spontaneous, conversational and enthusiastic:
Use key phrases in your notes so you don’t have to read, use the overheadinstead of notes.
Vary volume, don’t be afraid of silence, don’t use fillers like “umm..”
Practice, Practice, Practice.Use body language effectively i.e.
relaxed gesture, eye contact; don’t playwith a pen or pointer.
Don’t block visual aids.
Use Visual Aids to Enhance the Message:
 You will probably need to use overhead transparencies in your presentationbut to be effective they must be designed and used properly.
Use visuals to reinforce and clarify, not overwhelm.

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