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DLI Downloader Java API

DLI Downloader Java API

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Published by Munish Chandel
Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide

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Published by: Munish Chandel on Apr 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DLI Downloader User Quick Start
Free & Fast DLI downloader
Download thousands o ree scanned e-books rom Digital Library o India with a singleclick on your computer.Download it rom here
Quick Start Guide
Written & Developed by 
Munish Chandelcancerian0684@gmail.com©All Rights Reserved 2013
DLI Downloader User Quick Startauthor - Munish Chandel (cancerian0684@gmail.com)
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1.1) What is DLI Downloader ?
DLI dowloader is a ree utility tool to download scanned e-books rom Digital Library O India. Digital Library o India hosts thousands o scanned text books on various Indian opics in multiple langiages like Hindi, San-skrit, English, Gujrati. Here is the DLI website -http://www.dli.ernet.in/Tere are some mirrors to this website which hosts the contents o the scanned e-books. Unortunately DLI web-site does only provide with a single page o e-book in IFF ormat or most o the books.Tis tool helps us downloading the entire e-book and convert it into PDF with a single click. Te source codeis entirely written in
Core Java & Swings
with intensive use o multi-threading and a Open Source Project iscreated in Google Projects at -https://code.google.com/p/dli-downloader/Latest binaries can also be downloaded rom the same website.Also there is one blog which mentions the latest activities on this toolhttp://dli-downloader.blogspot.in/2013/04/digital-library-o-india-httpwww.html
1.2) System Requirements
Tis tool has been developed and tested on Windows 8 environment with Java 7 installed.1. Java 7, can be downloaded romhttp://java.com/en/download/index.jsp2. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.3. Download the latest tool version romhttps://code.google.com/p/dli-downloader/downloads/listTis tool uses some eatures o Java 7 and
is not backward compatible with Java 6.
Hence, please make sure thatproper Java version is installed to run this tool.
1.3) Key Features
Tis tool oers many silent eatures which gives much more control to its end user with great ease, like1. Download and Run, does not require any installation on your PC. Tis can run on machine with limitedrights as well.2. Just grab the barcode o the book o your interest rom the ollowing website and put it in the toolhttp://www.dli.ernet.in/3. You can queue up all your barcodes and the tool will start downloading them one by one.4. ool can be minimized to the System ray and thus let you do other work without any intererence. In thebackground it will keep downloading the requested stu.
DLI Downloader User Quick Start
5. You can control the Maximum download speed so that it does not eat up all o your internet connection.6. It will download all the scanned pages or the given book and then consolidate them to create a one PDF. I something goes wrong then it will retry the download specied number o times.7. I we exit the DLI downloader application with un-nizhed downloads rom the System ray then all theincomplete downloads will resume on the next turn.8. We can always congure the download directory where the IFF & PDF les will be saved on your local disk.
1.4) Launching Te DLI-downloader Application
Download the latest DLI binary jar le rom the google projecthttps://code.google.com/p/dli-downloader/downloads/listAnd make sure you met all the System requirements as mentioned in section 1.2Now the jar downloaded above is executable in nature, so just double clicking it should start the application. I itdoes not then please use the ollowing command to run the application java -jar DLIDownloader-x-jar-with-dependenciesOR start java -jar DLIDownloader-x-jar-with-dependenciesWhere x is the version number o the Jar. I it still does not work then send the error on command prompt tocancerian068@gmail.comI everything goes ne then a DLI window will start and you will also see a new icon in the System ray as shownbelow.see DLI Window on the right.On the top you will enter the barcode and in thebottom you should provide the destination down-load directory.
Exiting the Application
Goto System ray and nd the DLI icon, rightclick on it and choose Exit. Tis will quit the ap-plication aer saving the state.

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