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Natomas United Youth Soccer League - April 11, 2013 letter to parents

Natomas United Youth Soccer League - April 11, 2013 letter to parents

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Published by The Natomas Buzz
April 11, 2013 letter to parents
April 11, 2013 letter to parents

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Published by: The Natomas Buzz on Apr 16, 2013
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To all Natomas Soccer Families,There are some proposed changes to the Natomas Soccer community that we want you to be aware of so that your families can have input to any questions or concerns that you may have.
These changeshave the potential to impact all clubs involved, to include things like cost changes, field permitand availability issues, travel time, new/additional uniform fees, etc.
Just over a year ago, all of Natomas came together and formed a new league, the Natomas UnitedYouth Soccer League (NUYSL), giving both North Natomas and South Natomas the ability to controlhow they would run their own teams within each club while unifying the community under its own“Natomas” banner, as one.There have been many successes to this transition. Last year marked the first time that players from Natomas could participate in their own competitive program. No longer did our players have to playfor leagues outside of their own community. This year, with the creation of a separate competitive clubwithin the league, recreational players, ready for the move, could try out for the comp program withintheir own community.Our League formally consists of three clubs; the Sacramento North Soccer Club (SNSC) of North Natomas; the Natomas Soccer Club (NSC) of South Natomas; and the Natomas United FC, our community’s competitive club. In our first year, all three clubs worked together sharing fields,referees, permits, and equipment as needed.There has been a move by the current Sacramento North Soccer Club (SNSC) board to affiliate the clubwith the Sacramento Youth Soccer League (SYSL) rather than to continue with the Natomas Unitedleague. On March 18, 2013, SNSC had an emergency board meeting where a motion was passed toaffiliate with the Sacramento Youth Soccer League. This Tuesday, April 9, 2013, the affiliation requestwas made by SNSC to SYSL. The request was voted on and approved by SYSL accepting SNSC as anaffiliate.It will be up to the California Youth Soccer Association and District 6 (CYSA) to approve thisaffiliation. Until then, it is not yet a “done deal”. CYSA is divided into districts, which oversee theleagues in each area. Our area leagues fall under District 6. At the District meeting this past Wednesday,April 10, the issue of SNSC’s intent to leave NUYSL and to join SYSL was discussed. During thismeeting there were many concerns expressed from multiple league presidents. The recommendationthat came out of this District meeting was for our league to reach out to all interested parties to ensureeveryone knows what is taking place and the impact this change could have on Natomas players andfamilies. There is a concern that Natomas families may have not been kept apprised and may not have been given an opportunity to provide input on this major change regarding SNSC’s affiliation.There are processes, procedures and protocols that are supposed to be adhered to when changes such asthis are initiated and/or considered. Because these were not followed in this case, and dependent onif/when CYSL makes their decision, then registration may affect the 2013-14 season. While there willalways be the option to register players with other clubs or leagues, the Natomas Soccer Club and NUFC will open registration to all allowing continued play for our Natomas communities.
NUYSL,NUFC and Natomas Soccer Club are committed in staying united and working together to ensurethat the kids in our community have a safe, fun, enjoyable, and competitive environment to playin.
The volunteers of our League are doing their best to enhance the youth soccer experience in our community.You as the community, have the right to speak of your concerns, be part of a vote, and to be involved inwhat happens going forward with the league that you are a part of. Our hope is that we can cometogether as a Natomas United and not Natomas Divided to make this work for all 3 clubs. The vision of 

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