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Five Faces of St. Justin de Jacobis

Five Faces of St. Justin de Jacobis

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Published by vinformation
Story of St. Justin de Jacobis, Vincentian (Lazarist) missionary to Ethiopia. Based on essay by Fr. Robert P. Maloney, CM
Story of St. Justin de Jacobis, Vincentian (Lazarist) missionary to Ethiopia. Based on essay by Fr. Robert P. Maloney, CM

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Published by: vinformation on Apr 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Five Faces of St. Justin de Jacobis
by Robert P. Maloney, CM
with passages from Marco Tavanti, Ph.D.and Rev Thomas Johnston, S.J., M.A.
If I had to pick a single Daughter of Charity topresent to the sisters as a model, I would pickRosalie Rendu. If I had to pick a single missionaryto present to the confreres, I would pick Justin deJacobis. Few missionaries have been as closelyidentified with their people as he was. His lettersare filled with wisdom, deep pastoral charity, anda profound sensibility toward the people whomhe served.”
- Robert P. Maloney, CM
Justin de Jacobis recognized at the beginning ofhis work in Abyssinia (present day Ethiopia) thatmissionary messages must take root andblossom within the deepest values of eachculture. Authentic and lasting cultural changeoccurs in respecting local culture, when externalelements arrive with an understanding andrespect for diversity.”
- Marco Tavanti, Ph.D.
 A Model for Vincentians
St. Justin de Jacobis(October 9, 1800 – July 31, 1860)Feast Day: July 31
Fr. Robert Maloney recalls: “A fewyears ago I was driving with twofriends through the hills outsideRome near Frascati. There wediscovered a pretty little churchhidden among the trees. Wedecided to visit it. Inside, to mygreat surprise, I found a statue ofSt. Justin De Jacobis. While I wasexplaining to my friends who hewas and what he had done, anEthiopian Capuchin came up frombehind and asked me: ‘Do youknow our saint?’ I remained struckby the words ‘our saint’. Thiswould surely have been the way inwhich St. Justin himself wouldhave wanted to be remembered.”
An Ethiopian to theEthiopians, an Eritreanto the Eritreans

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