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DWB - Golden Rules

DWB - Golden Rules

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Published by Bob Schneiderman
Guide to faking it, from Deaf Wannabes Yahoo Group.
Guide to faking it, from Deaf Wannabes Yahoo Group.

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Published by: Bob Schneiderman on Apr 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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So, you think you want to ‘cross the bridge’ andthat you are ready to acquire a hearing loss bychoice. But are you really prepared, and is thiswhat you really want?Here is some essential reading before you considerdoing anything. Don’t rush into things - just readthis through and then sit back quietly andcontemplate your life and what you are reallylooking for. Take time to understand yourself andyour desires, and how realistic they are. Reflectcarefully, then if you still think you want to ‘crossthe bridge’ read this through again.Most importantly take plenty of time, researcheverything thoroughly, and feel free to asquestions in this group.
Before you embark on the journey to become deaf it's vital that you understand the consequences.Acquiring a hearing loss can be wonderful if you areproperly mentally equipped and know that it willshape your life the way you want it, but equally ahearing loss can be devastating for those who donot want it.
There's no turning back or putting things to rights,so once you start you must be confident that youhave made the right decision for life......it's evenmore permanent than a tattoo.A hearing loss will not just affect your life. It willhave an enormous impact on those around you,especially family and friends, the people you work with and come into contact with, and any partner inyour life either now or later. It will also affect youremployability, and reduce your career options. Inshort, if you go ahead you will change the lives of many other people as well as yourself.All of this needs to be thought about very deeply.So, right now
don’t do anything at all 
to changeyour hearing.Read on, and take your time to think thingsthrough.
If you are the slightest bit unsure thendon’t do anything!
Be patient with yourself. If you are unsure you canalways reconsider this in the future, but once youstart it will be for ever.Here are some essential things you should considerfirst before you do anything.1.Ask yourself why you want to acquire a hearingloss, and try and understand what is driving you.But dont question your sanity, or wonderwhether you are weird. Many of us have gone

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