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Published by ganyesod
Artephius (Alchemy)
Artephius (Alchemy)

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Published by: ganyesod on Apr 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Produced by
Restorers of Alchemical Manuscripts
THE EPISTLEOFJOHN PONTANUS Mentioned in the Preface of Artephius his secretBook.
Wherein he bears witness of the Book translated out of theLatin copy Extant in the third of Theatrum Chemicum at the775
page.Translated out of LatinByWilliam Salmon, Professor of Physick
Faithfully re-typed by a meer student ofthe Hermetic Art.1976
I, John Pontanus, have traveled through many Countrysthat I might know some certainty of the Philosophers Stone,and going through as it were all the world I found manyfalse deceivers but no true Philosophers yet continuallystudying and making many doubts, at the length I found thetruth, but when I knew the matter in general, I yet erredtwo hundred times before I could attain the true matterwith the operation and practice thereof.First I began to work with the matter by putrefactionnine months together and I found nothing, then I put itinto Balneum Mariae for a certain time and therein Ilikewise erred, afterwards I put it into the fire ofcalcinations for three months space and I wrought amiss, Itried all kinds of distillations and sublimations (as thePhilosophers Gibor Archolaus and all the rest either say orseem to say) and I found nothing. In short I assayed toperfect the subject of the whole Art of Alchemy by allmeans possible to be devised by dung baths, ashes and otherfires of divers kinds which are found in the PhilosophersBooks, but I found no good in them; wherefore I studiedthree whole years in the Books of the Philosophers,especially in Hermes, alone whose brief words do comprehendthe whole Stone, though he spoke obscurely of the Superiorand Inferior (of that which is above and that which isbelow) of heaven and earth therefore our instrument whichbrings the matter into being in the beginning, second andthird work, is not the fire of a bath or dung, nor ofashes, nor of the other fires which the Philosophers haveput in their Books. What fire is it then which perfects thewhole work from the beginning to the ending? Surely thePhilosophers have concealed it, but I being moved with pity

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