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CCNA journey

CCNA journey



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Published by Smite
A ramp in the world of CCNA.
A ramp in the world of CCNA.

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Published by: Smite on Mar 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A CCNA Journey
Disclaimer: – This is an excerpt from CCIE journe
Cisco ccna/ccen1.
Welcome to Cisco ccent ( 3
To check details a
ICND2 is called as
Ccent ( ICND 1 )2.
Foundation : what is a net
network : collectio
lan : PC + switch to
router : used to co
difference between intern1)
internet :
public network
no security
no guarantee servi
can be used to conoffices2)
wan :
private network
guarantee servicespay AT&T as an exmaintain our linksAT&T network ( thfast but the problecostly )
When we run a netwo1.
Speed :
Bit = o or 1
Byte = 8bitrepresentW = 1 byte
Kilobyte =
Terabyte =
t interconnecting Cisco networking devices part 15:26 mins )out certifications go to
ell CCNAork ( 35:32 mins )n of devices that can communicate togetherconnect togethernnect different lans togethert and wancesnect differentbecause wemple tothrough theose links arem is they arek that contains applications we care about the fol( binary )( character ) , as an example if we type the letterbit or a byte , another example is the word WAS= 8 bit = 00101010 as an example1024 byte= 1024 kilobyte024 megabyte1024 gigabyte 
 lowing :, that letter
represent 3 bytes
A CCNA Journey
Disclaimer: – This is an excerpt from CCIE journe
 Multiply 8 ( X 8 )Multiply 1024 ( X 1024 )Multiply 1024 ( X 1024 )Multiply 1024 ( X 1024 )Multiply 1024 ( X 1024 )
All the network is tiedper second ( this is call
Kbps = kilo bit per sec
kBps = kilo byte per se
lan links speeds are in
wan links speeds are ilink speeds are slower2.
delay : like what han example of the3.
availability : availa
network designs ( top1.
bus topology :is if the thick ligroup of devic2.
token ring topthat is arrivedthe data sendito each device3.
star topology (looks like a stamiddle and allto it
Bitbyte Bit X 8 = byteKilobyte Byte X1024 =megabyte kilobyte X102gigabyte megabyte X10Terabyte gigabyte X102to Bits , as an example a modem speed 56kbps med also the throughput )ndscondsgeneral : 10Mbps , 100mbps , 1000mbpsgeneral : 56kbps , 1.544mbps ( T1 ) , 100mbps ( athan lan link speeds )ppens in voice over ip (VOIP ) , ip phones found idelay that happensbility of the bandwidthlogies ) : ways of connecting your devices togetheThe problem of this topologyne went down then we lose aslogy : There is a token ringo each device and grappingg or receiving and deliveringmost used nowadays ) : Itr, there is a switch in theother devices (PC) connected
ilobyte= megabyte4 = gigabyte= terabyteans 56 kilo bitsyou notice wanthe network isr
A CCNA Journey
Disclaimer: – This is an excerpt from CCIE journe
Foundations in the OSI w
OSI functions :1.
Helps break do2.
Create standar3.
Allows vendor4.
To memorize t5.
Please do not t6.
All people see
OSI Model :Layer name RemarApplication layer
Presentation layer
Session layer
Transport layer
Network layer
rld (43: 30 mins)wn network functionsds for equipment manufacturingto focus in specialized areas of the networkhe OSI model use one of the following :hrow sausage pizza aways to need dominos pizzaksIt provides an interface that allows applications tacross the network like email system , online gaThe data becomes formatted in a general formatunderstandable by any server communicating togoing to www.google.com , that site is formattedformat ( HTML ) and maybe it contains a picture (HTML and JPEG are generic formats that are undGeneric encryption services like what’s used on ositesIt starts and ends a sessionLogically keeps sessions separateDescribes how the data is sent , we can send theunreliably ( TCP is a reliable protocol and UDP isprotocol )Define well known services ( ports )Provides logical addressing ( ip addresses ) ( whe
o communicatees or a browserthat islike if you arein a generalJPEG format ) ,rstood by allnline bankingdata reliably orn unreliable
n you assign an ip

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