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Published by Lizzie Stubley
screenplay for trailer
screenplay for trailer

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Published by: Lizzie Stubley on Apr 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Scene 1INT. TRAIN. DAYAMANDINE IS SITTING ON A TRAIN LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW.AMANDINE’S FATHER V.O(To Amandine)Je vous envoie à Londres, vous êtes devenu Amandine trop insupportable. Vous devezapprendre et de grandir par vous maintenant.
 I’m sending you to London. You’ve become unbearable Amandine. You have to learnto depend on yourself now.
AMANDINEV.O(To father) père, non, s'il vous plait!
 Father no, Please!
EXT. LONDON VICTORIA. DAYAMANDINECe ne sera pas trop mauvais
 It will not be too bad 
INT. HOTEL. DAYAMANDINE(To receptionist)What do you mean my credit card has been blocked?EXT. OUTSIDE HOTEL. MORNINGAMANDINE(To stranger)Excuse me, would you hold my bags while I make a call please?AFTER MAKING THE CALL AMANDINE TURNS TO SEE THE STRANGER HAS STOLEN HER BAGS.AMANDINEOh Merde
Oh shit 
Scene 2EXT. PARK. DAYTIFFANY(To Amandine)Have you been here all night?AMANDINE(To Tiffany)Yes. I don’t have any money and there wasn’t anywhere else for me to go.TIFFANY(To Amandine)That’s awful, come with me, I’ll get you some breakfast.INT. CAFÉAMANDINE(To Tiffany)My dad kicked me out because I was too horrid to him. Is that how you say? Hedidn’t want me anymore.TIFFANY(To Amandine)You said before that you didn’t have anywhere to stay? I guess you could alwayscome and stay with me for a bit. Until you figure out what you’re doing.
Scene 3INT. TIFFANY’S FLAT.TIFFANY(To Amandine)This is James and ScottSCOTT(To Amandine)(Speaking in a friendly tone)Hi, I’m Scott.JAMES(To Tiffany)(Speaking in an angry tome)We can’t afford another mouth to feed! We’re broke.SCOTT(To Amandine)You can come work with me.

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