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Russell Gries's Perspective on the Activation Sequence of the ABHA Torus Using Electricity (1)

Russell Gries's Perspective on the Activation Sequence of the ABHA Torus Using Electricity (1)

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Published by boomix
Paul Rodins Torrus coil
Paul Rodins Torrus coil

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Published by: boomix on Apr 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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page 1
Russell Gries's prospective on the activationsequence of the ABHA torus using electricity.
This document was created by Russell Gries to help usunderstand the missing link between the vortex basedmathematics’s toroid skin and the proper way toenergize the Rodin/ABHA coil with electricity. I havespent many hours working on this document and wouldappreciate any feedback on this document to improve/fixany problems or missing information. This energizing is just the surface topology, not true 3D as we are onlyworking with the surface of the toroid. Also if you buildand test the Rodin/ABHA coil please let me know as Iwould like to work with you as well as document allfindings in one document for all to see.
This document is free to all and must not be sold inanyway. Thank you. ~Russ
There is a three part searies videos that go along with this document. They can be found here:art :ttp:www.youtue.comwatcv=uzgart :ttp:www.youtue.comwatcv=xx-aPart 3:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko3frb8G14w
11 11 99
> > > > > >
11 11 9999
1111 111111 999999
>9999996 > >
1111 1111 9999
> > >
1111 1111 99
> > >
The symbol to the left is the symbol of enlightenment, courtesy of Adam fromvortexmath.com along with other photos in this document. This symbol is where allthe vortex math comes from, Marko Rodin is the discoverer of this. The reason Ichoose this version of the symbol is that it matches the color's I will be using for this document. You can see that there are two triangles and a point of a triangleThus there are three colors and each color is a family number group. These familynumber groups are energized in a sequence of three. We will call them stage A,stage B and stage C. One thing that you need to realize that there are both positiveand negative numbers. So for a positive 9 there is also a negative 9 behind it and soon for all the numbers. So there are three parts and each part has a positive andnegative this is referred to as a binary triplet. It's a flip/flop or on/off but it works inthrees. Now what I have discovered in my research is that when things are notpositive or negative they are neutral or “floating”. So we have stage A which is theblue or 2,5,8. Then stage B is the red or 3,6,9 and stage C is green or 1,4,7. There isnever two stages on at the same time in one nested vorticity circuit. It's either A, Bor C. That means they are 120 degrees out of phase with each other. The rest of thedocument will explain.
I have taken a bigleap into themath, so thebasics of themath are notdescribed in thisdocument. Pleasesee Marko Rodinor RandyPowell's Videosfor more detailedinformation. Thevideos can befound on YouTube bysearching therenames.
Below you can see a 2D view of the skin of a 9x9 torus. With the symbol of enlightenment we can make a 2D map like this. Onthis map below there are three nested vortice circuits. According to Randy Powell the smallest map you can make is a 9x9. Youcan see the numbers in a solid highlight box are connecting the nested vortice circuits together in a continues loop. There arethree nested vortice circuits on a 9x9 map. The color numbers are positive. The black numbers are negative counter draft spaceor “gravity”. With this 2D map you can create a 3D torus so the 2D map wraps around the torus. Keep in mind that the threenested vortice circuits never connect to each other. They are all isolated.
9x9 torus skinwith no outlines9x9 torus skinlabeled withnested vorticesoutlined
Page 3
Black arrows are negative counter draft space or “gravity”.Orange arrows are emanating from the center of the toroid.
Below is the top view of the 3D torus skin. This is the 9x9, they are highlighted for each stage same as above.Stage AStage BStage C
Here you can see the 2D torus map and the emanations moving in straight lines that are energizingthe torus skin in stages of the three family number groups. Blue, Red and Green.
Activationsequence,stage A, 2,5,8halving circuitActivationsequence,stage B, 3,6,9“god space”Activationsequence,stage C, 1,4,7dubbingcircuit.

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