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Published by ganyesod
Aurora (Alchemy)
Aurora (Alchemy)

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Published by: ganyesod on Apr 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Auroraof thePhilosophers
 ByPhilippus Theophrastus Bombast,Paracelsus the GreatWHICH HE OTHERWISE CALLS HIS MONARCHIA. (note 1)
2CHAPTER I.CONCERNING THE ORIGIN OF THE PHILOSOPHERS’ STONE.ADAM was the first inventor of arts, because he had knowledge ofall things as well after the Fall as before (note 2). Thence hepredicted the world’s destruction by water. From this cause,too, it came about that his successors erected two tables ofstone, on which they engraved all natural arts in hieroglyphicalcharacters, in order that their posterity might also becomeacquainted with this prediction, that so it might be heeded, andprovision made in the time of danger. Subsequently, Noah foundone of these tables under Mount Araroth, after the Deluge. Inthis table were described the courses of the upper firmament andof the lower globe, and also of the planets. At length thisuniversal knowledge was divided into several parts, and lessenedin its vigour and power. By means of this separation, one manbecame an astronomer, another a magician, another a cabalist,and a fourth an alchemist. Abraham, that Vulcanic Tubalcain, aconsummate astrologer and arithmetician, carried the Art out ofthe land of Canaan into Egypt, whereupon the Egyptians rose toso great a height and dignity that this wisdom was derived fromthem by other nations. The patriarch Jacob painted, as it were,the sheep with various colours; and this was done by magic: forin the theology of the Chaldeans, Hebrews, Persians, andEgyptians, they held these arts to be the highest philosophy, tobe learnt by their chief nobles and priests. So it was in thetime of Moses, when both thc priests and also thc physicianswere chosen from among the Magi – the priests for the judgmentof what related to health, especially in the knowledge ofleprosy. Moses, likewise, was instructed in the Egyptianschools, at the cost and care of Pharaoh’s daughter, so that heexcelled in all the wisdom and learning of that people. Thus,
3too, was it with Daniel, who in his youthful days imbibed thelearning of the Chaldeans, so that he became a cabalist. Witnesshis divine predictions and his exposition of those words, "Mene,Mene, Tecelphares". These words can be understood by theprophetic and cabalistic Art. This cabalistic Art was perfectlyfamiliar to, and in constant use by, Moses and the Prophets. TheProphet Elias foretold many things by his cabalistic numbers. Sodid the Wise Men of old, by this natural and mystical Art, learnto know God rightly. They abode in His laws, and walked in Hisstatutes with great firmness. It is also evident in the Book ofSamuel, that the Berelists did not follow the devil’s part, butbecame, by Divine permission, partakers of visions and veritableapparitions, whereof we shall treat more at large in the Book ofSupercelestial Things3. This gift is granted by the Lord God tothose priests who walk in the Divine precepts. It was a customamong the Persians never to admit any one as king unless he werea Wise Man, pre-eminent in reality as well as in name. This isclear from the customary name of their kings; for they werecalled Wise Men. Such were those Wise Men and Persian Magi whocame from the East to seek out thc Lord Jesus, and are callednatural priests. The Egyptians, also, having obtained this magicand philosophy from the Chaldeans and Persians, desired thattheir priests should learn the same wisdom; and they became sofruitful and successful therein that all the neighbouringcountries admired them. For this reason Hermes was so trulynamed Trismegistus, because he was a king, a priest, a prophet,a magician, and a sophist of natural things. Such another wasZoroaster.

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