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Human Factor Quiz

Human Factor Quiz

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Published by Sherif AL-Kammash
Human Factor Quiz ON Aerospace Industry
Human Factor Quiz ON Aerospace Industry

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: Sherif AL-Kammash on Apr 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1- Majority of the aircraft accident is originated from:
 A.Human error.B.Machine failure.C.Weather problem.
2- If in a mechanical/ electronic system a human being is introduced. Will that:
 A.Improve the reliability of the system.B.Reduce the reliability of the system.C.No change in the reliability of the system.
3- An accident is the consequence of:
 A.A single event.B.A chain of deficiencies.
4- Select the levels of analysis which causes an accident.
 A.Elementary level.B.Descriptive level.C.Procedural levelD.Normative level.E.End level.F.Systemic explanation level.
5-The three common errors highlighted during maintenance activities are:
 A.Installation of un-adapted part.B.Failure of part fitted.C.To perform wrong assembly of part.D.To forget to reactivate a system, to perform an inspection
6-Setting up a Human factor implementation system Imply:
 A.To provide productivity bonus to the staff B.To perform various training for the concern people.C.To analyse the organization.D.To communicate
.7-One of these sentences has no relation with the teaching of human factors.
1.Cognitive psychology.2.Psychology of behaviour.3.Aeronautical medicine and aerospace physiology4.psychology at work
8-They are all drugs, please tick the legal drug.
9- Self-medication
 A.Used drug without any medicine prescription.B.Self-medication shall never be used.C.Self medication may be used but with specific care.
10- What are the risks of the self medication?
 A.Bad taste of the drug.B.To be not reimburse by the insurance.C.Side effects.
11- What are the risks of the use of the drug?
 A.To become dependant.B.Affect your professional carrier C.Increase responsibilities in case of accident.D.Initiate unsuitable attitude or behaviour.
12- Drinking alcohol, even in small quantity would
 A.Decrease self evaluation of the situationB.Improved field of vision.C.Decrease time to react.D.Decreased tiredness effect.
13- Regulation required that any maintenance error occurring during maintenanceactivities shall be reported to adequate responsible.
 A.To punish the responsible personnel..B.To manage in such a way that this will never happen any more.
 A.Reduced efficiency at work.B.Increased efficiency of an operator having a good skill.C.No effect on the efficiency of those personnel who are trained to work eventhere are tired
15- Contributing factors
 A.Being not enough concentrateB.Wrong diagnosisC.Skill of an operator not adapted to the task.D.Voluntary violation of rules and regulations.
16-An error is detected, you are subject to penalty when?
 A.Error deliberately hidden.B.Evidence of voluntary lack of care.C.Voluntary offence to define rules or regulation.D.Voluntary use of manual not revised.
17-Indicate the best way to react when you feel exhausted.
 A.Manage to be invited in a party and enjoy the party as much as you can.B.Go to bed and have a good sleep.C.Take superb meals associated with fantastic drink.
18-What you consider you have to do when you live with a problem which mayhave bad effects on your current work.
 A.Take holidays.B.Have a talk with my boss.C.Keep cool, be strong and continue to perform current duty gently
19-Here below please indicate which statement appears to be right.
 A.To prevent accidents or incidents I report all failures or anomalies I haveencountered.B.Drinking alcohol reduce professional competency and skill.C.To remain efficient our tiredness need to be kept under control.D.I am young, I am strong, I am train, I am able to do what I want to do.
20-In case of stress it occurs the following:
 A.An impulsive force obliges us to make sport.B.To lost capacity for making analyse.C.To forget what has been recently learn and replace by elder knowledge.D.Rush to act, even panic.E.To focalise one specific subject.
21- To take a decision
. A.To create something that will become a solution.B.To take a solution means you make a choice.C.End result of a logic process.
22-Synergy between Two persons
1+1<2 and 1+1<2 A.Is the basic principle of a good or bad synergy.B.Is a stupid arithmetical mistake.
23-To be professional means

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