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Innovation: The Term Used In Islam To Refrain From

Innovation: The Term Used In Islam To Refrain From

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Published by ismailp996262

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Published by: ismailp996262 on Mar 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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INNOVATION: THE TERM USED IN ISLAM TO REFRAIN FROMInnovation (Bidah) is normally called when something new is added in the traditionalmatters. In Islam, innovation is forbidden which may cause deviation from the righteous path.There are two types of innovations.(1) Objectionable Innovations(2) Non-objectionable InnovationsThe Islam has forbidden the Objectionable Innovations. Some groups of Islam mix thistype of innovation with the non-objectionable innovation and make the fitna and discord between the groups and divide the community. The faulty aqidah groups create discordin the community and divide the muslim community. Such groups make unnecessaryroar mixing both type of innovations and thus misguide the muslim community andsucceed in dividing the whole community into groups. Shirq (association of partner withAllah) and innovations are misrepresented by some faulty aqidah groups and createnuisance.The main subjects in which the faulty aqidah people are mixing the objectionableinnovations with non-objectionable innovations are enumerated below.(a)Graves of friends of Allah(b)Sajad-e-tazim (Prostration of respect) to friends of Allah (saintly people)(c)Music in praise songs (naat, devotional qawwalis, ashiqana and arifana kalams)(d)Celebrations of birth day of Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) and Birth and DeathAnniversary celebrations of friends of AllahThe above are the main subjects in which the faulty groups of Islam mix Objectionableinnovations into non-objectionable innovations.In fact, the difference between objectionable and non-objectionable innovations in Islamlay in the aqidah. The innovation in aqidah is objectionable innovation whereas theinnovations made without innovating the aqidah is non-objectionable innovation.This may be understood like this. In Islam, there are five compulsory prayers. This is our aqidah. Now if some group declares that there are six compulsory prayers, then thatgroup has changed (innovated) the aqidah. So, to declare that there are six compulsory prayers is objectionable innovation in Islam. If we consider about compiling a quran intoa book is also an innovation as the quran was compiled into a book was done after  passing away of beloved Prophet (Pbuh). This was done in the time of Hazarat AbuBakar(RA) to Usman (RA). But this innovation is non-objectionable innovation.Those innovations which support the Allah and Prophet(Pbuh)’s commands and traditionsare always valid and good. Those innovations which contradict and conflict with theAllah and Prophet (Pbuh)’s commands and traditions are invalid and bad.

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