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EFL S&L Education(High School Comparison)

EFL S&L Education(High School Comparison)

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Published by koreangoldfish

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Published by: koreangoldfish on Mar 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Thursday, May 22, 2008
Both the education systems in the U.S. and South Korea hold different expectations for collegeadmissions, but from what I've learned, South Korea's universities and colleges have a far morestressful college admissions process than those of the U.S.
In Korea...
Otherwise known as the "Triangle of Death," there are three main factors thatdetermine whether a South Korean student in his/her final year of high schoolcan be admitted into a college/university.1. GPAHigh schools in South Korea divide their GPA into Ranks 1 through 9, where Rank 1 is the mostdifficult to maintain. Typically, students must be within the top 4% of their high schools in order toreceive a Rank 1.2. College Entrance Exam: SuneungOnly students in their last year of high school are allowed to take this exam, which is offered everyfall. The exam tests knowledge in mathematics, both the Korean and English languages, andeither Social Studies or Science.
On the day of the test, TV/radio broadcasting stations takethe time to wish the students luck, adults are encouraged to be late to work in order toensure minimal traffic in the morning, and parents spend the entire day praying for their children. Many people claim that this test does not appropriately reveal students' skills or knowledge.
3. College Entrance Exam: NonsulUnlike the Suneung exam, this exam is neither standardized nor run by the government. Instead,colleges/universities prepare a different exam each year for their prospective students. This examis to be taken a few weeks after the Suneung exam, and the most competitive colleges/universitieshave been notoriously known to give extremely difficult exams.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------http://www.koreanamericans.blogspot.com/
In America...
As a Korean-American, I don't have to go through the stress of passing all of those exams inKorea, there are 6 major components of college admissions in the U.S.1. Challenging Schedule

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