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Another Bridgeport Boy

Another Bridgeport Boy

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Published by Tyler Hough

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Published by: Tyler Hough on Apr 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Another Bridgeport Boy: Richard J.Daley 
Tyler HoughApril 27, 2012PLSC 390-18Prof. Blackmondlarnell
“Another Bridgeport Boy,” Richard Joseph Daley would
grow up to be more thanyour typical boy, he would rise to be of the greatest mayors Chicago has ever seen. Hisunique rise to power and the controversy that surrounds his term is one that solidifieshis name in the history of Chicago. He revolutionized the way Chicago operates andforever changed its future.Daley began his political life at a very young age. He was born in the close-knitcommunity of on the Southside of Chicago named Bridgeport, just one block fromwhere he would later raise his own family. He was depicted as the quiet, shy child, justlike his father.
His mother Lillian might have been the initial driving force of his politicalendeavors. She was politically active herself, always taking her son with her to different
events such as women’s suffrage marches
. She was determined to make sure her sonbecame something and that he did. She sent him to De La Salle Institute, which wasseveral miles away and located in a black neighborhood. This school was feared anddisliked by many Bridgeporters, mainly because most of them could not afford college.
 The walk to and from school gave him some of his qualities that prepared him for hisfuture political life. But just about everyone he knew, from childhood on, remembered
him as “affable,” as someone who “could handle himself,”
as someone who had the
talent of “keeping his mouth shut” when the situation warranted.
This was a defining
Spurlock, James L.
Richard J. Daley: In Memory 
. Chicago: Manol Publications, 1977.Print. P. 10
James L. P.12
moment in his life. He went from the quiet kid to the one that stood up for what hebelieved in and was not afraid to show that.He is depicted
as having been a young ‘cowboy’ in the stockyards, herding cattle
on horseback, a Bridgeport John Wayne. For years, the legend goes, he herded cattleduring the day, then dragged himself to law school at night, weary but unfaltering in hisdetermination to improve himself.
The metaphor that he herded animals during theday and went to law school at night means that he had to work equally as hard as anyone. He had to maintain a working lifestyle while attending law school, no easy task.What his mother instilled in him clearly shines through with his determination toimprove himself, something she always wanted. In 1923 Daley started an eleven-year journey to complete a law degree program at DePaul University. At the university Daleywas very unique. He was that person that everyone had a class with or they recognizedfrom the neighborhood. He was academically successful because of his hard work anddetermination, not because of his sheer intelligence. If you needed a behind-the-scenes job done, Daley was your man. He was willing do the work for the one rising to the top,
as long as he got the other guy’s job when he was finished.Daley’s started
his membership at the Hamburg Athletic Club, a Bridgeport
organization that has produced more powerful politicians than any of Chicago’s socially
elite clubs. This club had enough influence that it could take a sitting alderman andremove him after twenty years. According to daily new accounts, he won because 350
Royko, Mike.
Boss: Richard J. Daley of Chicago.
New York: Penguin Group, 1971. Print.P. 38

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