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Golden Witch 2010 Catalog

Golden Witch 2010 Catalog

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Published by cattleman1
Fly Fishing catalog. Lots of great Fly fishing products.
Fly Fishing catalog. Lots of great Fly fishing products.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: cattleman1 on Apr 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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www.goldewitch.comfax 717-738-4957
www.goldenwitch.com fax: 717-738-4957
 Volume 7
 Volume 7
Custom Rodmakers’ Supply House Since 1998
olden Witch is an‘e-commerce’ company.For the fastest possibleresponse, please emailus with your questionsand use the web-store toplace your orders. Wedo not have a dedicatedphone staff, so if youcall during businesshours you’re likely to get our answeringmachine. Please don’tbe shy about leaving amessage if you need to;Erica returns all domestic phone messages within one business day. Also, we closedour walk-in retail shop to run a strict mail-order only business and we no longerhave the staff or the facilities to handle walk-in clients. Excepting students androd clients whom we are expecting, pleaseunderstand that we will politely turn away  visitors. As of September 1, 2004 we’ve changedour office hours as we strive to find thebest balance between your needs (our firstpriority) and the fact that Erica & I areearly risers who’d often like to start ourhours well before dawn ... and that’s notrealistic since so many of our clients residein the western U.S. and overseas. As forthe closing time, now we’ve got kids whoget home from school shortly after 3:00,thus the move to a 3:00 closing time.Closed On Weekends ... Why? The more we grow, the more frequently we field thequestion, “why isn’t your company openon weekends?” The answer could be long,but here’s the short version. We (Russ &Erica) work hard to make sure that wehave time to spend with our family. Intothe indefinite future, we have no plans tooffer evening or weekend hours. It’s notthat we don’t value your business. We do,immensely. But we also value our kidsand we want enjoy our time with them. Thanks so much for your interest in ourcompany and our unique line of products.Erica & I sincerely look forward to beingof service!
the leGend of the SIGnS
The fishembryo indicatesproducts we’veintroduced sinceour last catalog.
features make theseproducts worthanother look!This is a product that
iconreminds you toplease tell us what we don’tautomatically know.
to helpimprove yourrodmaking.The plane iconindicates thatthere are related
in thetool section.These productsship strictly by 
  within thecontinental U.S.A.
Email: ifo@goldewitch.com
Midnight Oil graphics 
is our graphic designer. Matt West has been making his own split-bamboo fly rods since1998. Golden Witch has been his chosen component supplier since the beginning, because, simply put, “GW has the best products,the coolest products, competetive prices, and the best customer service around, bar none.” In 2004, he began taking on a few of GW’sgraphic design projects, and now he finds himself here...still here in 2010! If you need the scoop from one of the most down-to-earthrodmakers around, talk with Matt. If you have graphic design needs, he’s a guy in tune with what a rodmaker wants to see.Contact Matt at:
Golden Witch Logofly design by Michael Simon.
Mailing Address:
G Wic tc., Ic.P.o. B 159hpa, PA 17533
Physical Address For UPS Shipments: 
G Wic tc., Ic.1560 Kirsvi RaSvs, PA 17578
Office Hours For Catalog Sales
Monday 8:00-3:00Tuesday 8:00-3:00 Wednesday 8:00-3:00Thursday 8:00-3:00Friday 8:00-3:00Sat. & Sun. Closed - Have A Great Weekend!
The Golden WiTch MasTer caTaloG
M  t U.s.a.M  egGw &M Ptug Gw  cM  Jp
TwoDisc DVD Set. 3H 33M Total Run Time.
$29.95Featuring Russ Gooding of Golden Witch Technologies& Arcane Component Works.
Produced by Tightlie Productios, LLC. Copyright 2007.
The Graphite Fly Rod. This production was two yearsin the works - and that’s not counting the time spent writing up the video outline and making the completedrods for the introductory sequences before filmingstarted in the Spring of 2006 – this two-disc DVD setis our magnum opus on the subject of graphite rodbuilding. It is not the last word on the subject, butit certainly features more detailed information, moresound advice, tips, techniques, and creative jumping-off points than any other video in the history of modernrodmaking. That’s saying a lot and you’ll be the judge asto whether that statement is hyperbole or simple fact.Unlike our previous video efforts with TightlineProductions, The Graphite Fly Rod was organizedfrom an outline as opposed to a narrative. Our threeearlier videos were very tightly scripted, to the point where I read the narratives in a studio set-up, then wecreated video to match the narrative passages; for theseproductions we relied very little on me chatting “live” asthe rod work progressed. In a complete turn-around forthis Tightline DVD set, we did not record a narrative.Rather, Tim shot me while I worked my way throughthe outline notes and chatted about what I was up to.The notes ensured that I hit on the minimum amountof information that we had decided to cover in what was initially designed to be a one-hour DVD. What weboth discovered is that when I started rambling aboutrodmaking, I had a lot to say. Tim cut out several hoursof tape, doing his level best to leave my inadvertentslips of the tongue and, ummm, the verbal pauses onthe cutting room floor while retaining the worthwhilesnippets. Inevitably, this sort of “live” project meansthat you have to deal with a bit of repetition, especially if my mind got hung up on a particular word or phraseduring a day of shooting. This minor downside iscounterbalanced by the fact that Tim caught me sayinglots more worthwhile stuff about rodmaking than I’d written into the original outline. So much so that thisone-hour project was expanded to a double DVD setcontaining over three and a half hours of footage.In order to make this much information manageable and worthwhile for a wide audience, wechopped up thehours of videointo twenty ninediscreet chapters. You can watchthe entire videostraight through,stopping only once to switchthe discs, or you can easily select specificchapters to skipover information you’ve already mastered and focus on the steps which you need to concentrate on. Whatever you do, pleasedon’t think this long program is designed for a onceand done viewing. There is so much detail that noviceand intermediate rodmakers will need to watch it severaltimes. As you make progress, stop watching, say, thesection on finding the spine and focus on gluing up thecomponents without leaving gaps or visible adhesivesqueeze-out. You’ll notice from the chapter titlesthat a great amount of the running time concentrateson wrapping. With Tim’s inquisitive eye expertly guiding the camera, you’ll see wrapping from severalangles. You’ll see the whole bench set-up and you’ll seeincredibly tight close-ups as the wraps lay into place, eachadjacent to the previous turn. Initiating wraps, tying off the wraps, burnishing, packing, tipping…it’s all here, indetail. Until you’ve mastered this aspect of rodmaking, you’ll want to watch these sections attentively. Once you’ve mastered thread wrapping, you may never wantto see them again since you’ll want to spend that time wrapping your own rods. This program is designed toguide you forward, then let you go. As many of you know, I got my start as a rodmakingeducator when I wrote a long article on Executing
te Grapie fly Rod:
how o Build a Modern Classic

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