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Praying Through the Bible With My First Message

Praying Through the Bible With My First Message

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praying through the bible
praying through the bible

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Published by: Simon Marieta Shannen Tsen on Apr 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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These prayer cards are designed to be used in conjunction withthe 50 Bible stories comprising the
My First Message: A Devotional Bible for Kids 
. They can also be used effectively with anytranslation of the Bible. The goal of the cards is to help childrenfocus on the main lesson of the Bible story and interact with Godabout what they have learned.
Suggestions for Using These Cards:
• For use with
My First Message: A Devotional Bible for Kids 
—ThisBible suggests a reading method based on four key elements:reading the passage, thinking about what it means, praying inresponse to what it says, and living out the truth. The prayerson the cards are written with these four elements in mind. (Seethe “Introduction” to
My First Message: A Devotional Bible for Kids 
for suggestions on how to incorporate these four elementsinto the time you spend with your children in God’s Word.) Usethe prayer cards to enhance your children’s understanding of themessage of each story and learn how to talk to God in prayerabout it.
For Parents and Teachers:
Praying Through The BiBle wiTh My FirsT Message 
Prayer Cards
www.praykids.com | 1-800-366-7788 
ISBN #1600062040
• For use without
My First Message: A Devotional Bible for Kids 
—Lookup the Scripture reference for each prayer and read the story in anyeasy-to-understand Bible translation. Use the prayers as a guide tohelp your children understand the story’s main points. Most of theprayers begin by thanking God for what He has shown us about Himselfin the story. This is followed by a personal application to the children’slives. Help your children see how the Bible story’s lesson directlyrelates to them and use the prayer to encourage conversation with Godabout what the children have learned.
t Further:
Praying Through the Bible with My First Message 
prayers can be adaptedto various age groups. For younger kids, you might want to take just onesentence from each prayer and have them pray it. With older children,consider asking them to expand on the written prayer as the Holy Spiritprompts them through the words of the Bible story. Remember these prayersand cards are just a starting point. The goal is to develop a lifelong habit ofprayer by encouraging prayer in response to Scripture and to move frommodeling prayer for children to helping children learn to pray on their own.
To purchase or get more information on 
My First Message: A Devotional Bible for Kids
, go to www.navpress.com.To purchase additional packs of 
Praying Through the Bible with My First Message
, or to find additional prayer resources especially for children, go to www.
kids.com.All online purchases qualify for a discount of at least 20% off retail prices. You may also purchase NavPress or 
Kids! products by calling 1-800-366-7788, 7 am–5 pm M-F, MST.
© 2007
Praying through the Bible
C #1
Creation of Heaven and Earth 
Creator God, thank You for making the fish and animals and birdsand me! You are good and everything You have made is good! I amglad You made me and that I can reflect Your image.
Adam and Eve
Thank You, Lord, for giving me family and friends so I don’thave to be alone. Help me to love these special people and be kindand helpful to them.
Sin and the Fall
Heavenly Father, help me not to believe the devil’s lies. I want toobey You, so please show me the right things to do and then help meto do them. When I do make mistakes, help me not blame others.
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