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Badhaka & remidy

Badhaka & remidy

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Published by: Narayana Murthy Tekal Nanjundasastry on Apr 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Badhakasthana & Badhakesh
In Prasna Marga, Harihara has given the analysis of an horsocope based onBadhaka point of view. He says that for all movable signs, the 11th housetherefrom is the badhaka sthana, for all fixed signs, the 9th therefrom aretheir badhakasthana and for all the dual signs, the 7th therefrom are theirbadkasthanas. Thus for the 12 signs of the zodiac, the badhakasthanas are:In this method, the quadrants of the house of harm can also be harmful.This is based on the principle of Paraspara Karaka i.e. doing each other’s jobwhen the planets/signs are placed in mutual quadrants. Paraspara Karakameans, you pat my back and I shall pat yours or you kick my back and Ishall kick yours. The patting or kicking is dependent on the naturalrelationship of the planets under consideration. Thus if natural enemies areplaced in the quadrants, they shall fight and when natural friends are placedin such position, they shall work with each other in harmony.From the placement of the badhakesh (lord of the badhakasthana) orplanets in the badhakasthana, we can judge the wrath of others and theirresult consequences in our lives in form of troubles. The wrath of followingare discussed here under:1. Wrath of deity2. Wrath of Sarpadeva or divine sepents3. Wrath of parents4. Preta Bhadha5. Dristi Badha6. Abhichara
Wrath of Deity
 The wrath of the deity is to be judged based on various factors. The 12thhouse from the Atmakaraka is the place of the Ista Devata and it is from the12th house from the Badhakesh that the past life history of maintenance of the deity is to be deciphered.The following guidelines are the key to the analysis of wrath of deity1. Badhakesh is placed in an adverse place and afflicted.2. If a Malefic planet is placed in the 12th house from the Badhakesh, itindicates that the worshipped image was mutilated.This brings the wrath of the deity signified by the Badhakesh. Depending onthe malefic planets [Rahu, Saturn, Mars] / Upagraha [Guika, Mandi]involved, the following can be inferred: -(a)
Gulika/ Rahu:
Gulika is the son of Saturn and extremely diabolical. Itrises at the end of the Saturn's portion in the eight part division of the day.Gulika shows poision and Rahu indicate serpents. Hence this indicates someblemishes related to serpents such as a curse of the Serpent deity or aserpent having touched the image of the deity has made it very impure.(b)
Pollution /dirt on the image/ temple.(c)
Disputes /bad management of worship/ image/ temple etc.The fault leading to the wrath of the deity can be narrowed down as follow.Here we must understand that the if Badhakesh is ill placed and the 12thfrom the badhakesh is afflicted, the we can be certain that the native shallhave wrath of a deity. The reason can be divined from:1. The malefic influences on the 12th from the badhakesh and/ or2. The badhakesh itself and/ or3. From the house where the badhakesh is placedCause of Wrath based on placement of Badhakesh in different houses [Ch15,Sl 11],
1. Lagna:
Lagna shows image and hence this means that the idol has beenmutilated.Influence of planets on Badhakesh in Lagna:a. Mars: breaking idol, image or any sacred object associated with the deity.A fresh idol has to be installed in a temple.b. Saturn/ Rahu/ Gulika: Saturn rules dirt, Gulika poison and Rahu
impurities. Thus if they influence the badhakesh, it indicates that pollutionand dirt have made the idol impure.c. If Sun associates, then it is due to birds. (Birds are ruled by Sun)
2. Fourth house:
Fourth house shows the place of worship or the templeand hence it means that that the temple is either broken, desecrated orforgotten.
Influence of planets on Badhakesh in Fourth House:
a. Mars: The temple is either broken or dilapidated and needs repairsb. Saturn: The temple has been forgotten (Saturn rules loss of memory)c. Saturn/ Rahu: The temple is desecreated (Saturn rules dirt and Rahu rulesimpurities) and needs to be sanctified.
3. Second or Eleventh house:
If the badhakesh is in one of these twohouses, these houses being the dhana and aya bhava respectively, itindicates that the deity’s wealth has either been stolen or misappropriated.The nature of the property can be judged from the nature of the sign. Thisproperty is either Dhatu (Inanimate object), Moola (grains, trees, lands etc)or Jeeva (Men, Animals etc) depending on the Lagna as being movable, fixedor dual.The nature of the sign is however, overridden by planets if they conjoin theLagna. Mercury and Jupiter signify Jeeva, Sun & Venus signify Moola and theothers viz., Moon, Mars, Saturn and Rahu signify Dhatu. This can also be judged from the placement of the badhakesh in different nakshatras. Forthat matter the naksatras reckoned from Aswini are in the order of Dhatu,Moola & Jeeva.
Similarly, inferences can be made from the other houses.
Remedial measures
 Since the dispositor of a planet indicate what sustains the planet and thehouse and also represent the mental and psychological aspect of a house orplanet, the remedy of the sin committed against the deity can be seen fromthe dispositor of the badhakesh. The tattva (Elements) of the dispositor of the badhakesh, shall indicate, which remedy can propitiate the angry deity.The remedies based on the tattvas are given below:

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