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Published by nerds769523

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Published by: nerds769523 on Mar 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Business Continuity Glossary
BS 25999-1:2006 has its own list of terms and definitions that pertain to the standard itself and users should pay closeattention to them.Like any industry, business continuity management has its own set of jargon, terms, definitions and acronyms. Read onfor a consolidated glossary and details of where to find moreEach organisation will no doubt have its own terminology and jargon but it is vital that all those participating in thebusiness continuity management process know what each of these meanIt is recommended that organisations create their own glossary as part of any business continuity or incident responsedocumentation and users are trained in the correct terminologyAlthough BS25999 specifically excludes emergency management business continuity managers should have someknowledge of the emergency management processes and procedures in place in their country as they will often need toliaise with the emergency services. The glossary below combines business continuity and emergency managementterminology from a number of sources{tab=a}ACTION LISTSA specific IS Service Continuity Management term referring to defined actions, allocated to recovery teams & individuals,within a phase of a planACTIVATIONThe implementation of business continuity capabilities, procedures, activities, and plans in response to an emergency ordisaster declaration; the execution of the recovery planACTIVITYProcessescarried out by an organisation, for example Accounts(also see Business Activity)ACCESS OVERLOAD CONTROL (ACCOLC)The ACCess OverLoad Control scheme gives call preference to registered essential users on the four main mobilenetworks in the UK if the scheme is invoked during an emergency
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AGREED SERVICE TIMEThe time during which a particular IS service is agreed to be fully available, ideally as defined in the Service LevelAgreementALERT PHASEThe first phase of a Business Continuity Plan in which the initial emergency procedures & damage assessments areactivatedALERTNotification that a potential disaster situation is imminent exists or has occurred; usually includes a directive forpersonnel. To stand by for possible activationALTERNATE ROUTINGThe routing of information via another medium should the primary means become unavailableALTERNATE SITEAn alternate operating location to be used by business functions when the primary facilities are inaccessibleALTERNATE WORK AREARecovery environment complete with necessary infrastructure (desk, telephone, workstation, and associated hardwareand equipment, communications, etc)APPLICATION RECOVERYThe component of Disaster Recovery that deals specifically with the restoration of business system software and dataafter the processing platform has been restored or replacedASSEMBLY AREAThe designated area at which employees, visitors, and contractors assemble if evacuated from their building/siteASSETAn item of property and/or component of a business activity/process owned by an organizationASSURANCEThe activity & method whereby an organisation can verify & validate its BCM capability
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ANNUAL LOSS EXPOSURE/EXPECTANCY (ALE)A risk management method of calculating loss based on a value and level of frequencyAUDITThe method by which procedures and/or documentation are measured against pre-agreed standardsAUTOMATIC FAILOVERThe ability to automatically re-route end users and applications to a replica server, where they can continue to just keepworking with minimal interruption and productivity lossAVAILABILITYAn umbrella term that includes reliability (including resilience), maintainability, serviceability & security{tab=b}BACKLOGa) The amount of work that accumulates when a system or process is unavailable for a long period of time. This workneeds to be processed once the system or process is available and may take a considerable amount of time to process.b) A situation whereby a backlog of work requires more time to action than is available through normal working patterns.In extreme circumstances, the backlog may become so marked that the backlog cannot be cleared.BACKLOG TRAPThe effect on the business of a backlog of work that develops when a system or process is unavailable for a long period,and which may take a considerable length of time to reduceBACK-OUT PLANA plan that documents all actions to be taken to restore the service if the associated Change or Release fails or partiallyfailsBACKUP (Data)A process, by which data, electronic or paper based, is copied in some form so as to be available and used if the originaldata from which it originated is lost, destroyed or corrupted.BACKUP GENERATORAn independent source of power, usually fuelled by diesel or natural gasBATTLE BOXA container in which data, information and other essentials is stored so as to become readily available to thoseresponding to an incident
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