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Consuelo Foundation 25th Anniversary

Consuelo Foundation 25th Anniversary

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Published by Mulat Pinoy
Consuelo Foundation celebrates 25 years of giving hope
Consuelo Foundation celebrates 25 years of giving hope

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Published by: Mulat Pinoy on Apr 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Consuelo Foundation celebrates 25 years of giving hope
On April 5, 2013 a foundation that has quietly made its mark on making a difference in the livesof abused and neglected women and children in the Philippines celebrates 25 years of givinghope.The Consuelo Zobel Alger Foundation was founded by Consuelo Zobel Alger, sister of Mercedes Zobel Mcmicking, the ancestors of the Zobels of Ayala Corp.She left her entire wealth for her foundation which operates programs on the prevention andtreatment of abuse, neglect and exploitation of children, women and families. The foundationhas quietly invested more than $75 Million dollars in child protection and social development programs through the 25 years in its existence.It is in light of this that we would like to invite you to our press lunch on
12 NN on Wednesday
April 10, 2013
(27/F, Citibank Tower, 8741 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City). Executives of theConsuelo Zobel Alger Foundation including the President will be flying in from Hawaii to participate in media interviews.We are also holding our Anniversary event on
April 5, 2013 5 PM
at the AyalaMuseum. The cocktail celebration with our partners and friends will feature an art exhibitshowcasing the art works of the
foundation’s beneficiaries.
We would be honoured to have you attend one of these events to witness first-hand what thefoundation has done over its 25 years.Feel free to review the press release and information
we’ve prepared for you below for more
 background of the foundation.
Sincerely,Sionie Fermin
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEConsuelo Foundation: 25 years of giving hope
The Consuelo Foundation may well be one of the most genuine untold charity stories in the Philippines.
That’s because f 
or over 25 years, one foundation has been quietly helping those in need, particularlychildren, women and families in the Philippines
and Hawaii. Untold stories like Consuelo Foundation’
sare interesting in that it projects a true sense of wisdom. Both the story and its works have stood thetest of time; a testament to the purity of the vision and passion of one woman.It began in 1987 when wealthy heiress Dona Consuelo Zobel Alger had been approached by Child andFamily Service Philippines (CFSPI) head Patti Lyons for funding. Consuelo ev
entually became CFSPI’s
main benefactress, which later on opened a Consuelo Zobel Alger home, a residential center for streetchildren in Baguio City.It was here where Consuelo Zobel Alger found her inspiration. Having no children of her own, it was thechildren supported by her program that she cared for as her children. In 1988, she created her ownprivate foundation, the Consuelo Zobel Alger Foundation to improve the quality life of disadvantagedchildren, women and families in the Philippines and Hawaii.The foundation focused on supporting programs for the prevention, protection and recovery of abusevictims as well as programs that created opportunities for disadvantaged children, women and families.When Consuelo passed away in 1992, her endowment was given to the foundation where it wasinvested. This is where her legacy lives on. Today, the earnings from the investments are sustaining theConsuelo Zobel Alger Foundation. Since its inception, the foundation has given over 75 million dollars or3 billion pesos to help her cause.
Apart from illustrating Consuelo’s
passion to her cause, it shows off her financial sense. The foundationis a prime example of an organization that illustrates the impeccable use of financial savvy to create self-sustaining philanthropy.It is this quiet yet highly involved foundation that has quietly given throughout its 25 years devoid of corporate or political motives that illustrates a true sense of charity. A pure mission to give to those inneed may explain how it has continued to give for 25 year
s, even after Consuelo’s life. It’s a testament
that genuine and sincerity stand the test of time, a true legacy that can be passed on for generations.
About Consuelo Zobel Alger
Born in the Philippines in 1914, Consuelo Zobel Alger grew up in a prominent Manila family whose ancestry dates back some 400 years to theSpanish conquistador Ponce de Leon. Consuelo married a young Americanofficer, James Dyce Alger, who was stationed in the Philippines. He retiredand resettled in Hawaii with Consuelo where he died in 1986.In an act of extraordinary grace, Consuelo Zobel Alger created theFoundation in 1988 to improve the lives and living conditions of disadvantaged children, women and families throughout the Philippines andHawaii.Consuelo passed on November 29, 1990 though her memory lives onforever through the legacy of good works perpetuated by her establishmentand endowment of Consuelo Foundation.
“My mission will begin after my death. I will spend my heaven doing good 
on ea
Established as a private operating foundation under U.S. laws, Consuelo Foundation operates programs
which are focused on prevention and treatment of sexual abuse and exploitation. Its vision is to “renew
hope for those who have lost it and give hope to t
hose who never had it.”Consuelo desired to serve “the most needy or the poorest of the poor for it is those who have no hope.”
Consuelo Foundation Programs
Early Childhood Care and Development
OUR HEALTHY START PROGRAM addresses early childhood care and development for high risk 
families with children ages 0 to 5 years old. It’s anchored on the belief that nurturing children and
 providing them with positive stimulation will prevent child abuse and neglect.Parenting education is provided through homevisits and sessions that empower parents to learn whatyoung children need to grow healthy and well. Various other services are provided to the parents and their community to ensure a caring and safe environment for their children.
Youth and Empowerment
In its efforts to help neglected, abused, and exploited children,
OUR LIFE SKILLS FOR CHILDREN AT RISK PROGRAM helps teens from poor families improve their senseof self-worth and protect themselves from neglect and abuse. It provides them access to life skills

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