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ManilaMail - April 15, 2013

ManilaMail - April 15, 2013

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Published by Winona Writer
A fortnightly Filipino newspaper in Washington, DC
A fortnightly Filipino newspaper in Washington, DC

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Published by: Winona Writer on Apr 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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April 15, 2013
Vol. XXII, No. 11 Online: www. manilamail.us April 15, 2013
Kerry backsarbitration P4Pinay transgender 
ghts P6Teach for Philippines P8WSF in PalawanP10Viloria losestitle P12
WASHINGTON D.C. -Hundreds of Filipino and AsianAmericans joined the massivedemonstration in front of CapitolHill April 10 to demand reten-tion of family-based visas andquick passage of an immigrationreform bill.Asian and Filipino Ameri-cans joined the demonstration tourge the retention of the family- based visas in the bill that is now being deliberated in Congress.TV stations estimated thepredominantly Hispanic crowdat more than 70,000. Simultane-ous demonstrations have beenheld in California, New York,Georgia and other cities.
OAVs start mid-term polls
MANILA - The Departmentof Foreign Affairs (DFA) hasurged more than 988,384 regis-tered Filipino voters overseasto exercise their right and par-ticipate in the overseas absenteevoting (OAV) for the mid-termPhilippine elections that startedSaturday April 13 and ends May13, 2013.They will be joining some 20million voters in the Philippineswho will cast their ballots on
 Bulosan’s poem theme of Asian Heritage Month
For the 2013 Asian Ameri-can and Pacific Islander (AAPI)Heritage Month in May, theWhite House Initiative on AsianAmericans and Pacific Island-ers announced that the theme of this year’s observance is “I Wantthe Wide American Earth.” TheSmithsonian’s Asian PacificAmerican Center selected it tohighlight the poem by acclaimedFilipino American writer CarlosBulosan.This year’s AAPI HeritageMonth celebrates the contribu-tions of millions of AAPIs to theAmerican story and remindsus of the unique and emergingchallenges facing AAPIs as theycontinue to embrace the Ameri-can dream. Like Bulosan’s poem,the AAPI community is aspira-tional, unwavering in its belief in the promise of America for all.As Bulosan so eloquently writes:
Before the brave, before the proud builders and workers, I say I want the wide Americanearth For all the free. I want the wide American earth for my people. I want my beautiful land. I want it with my rippling strength and tendernessOf love and light and truth For all the free.
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 PH duns US $1.4-M  for damages to reefs
MANILA - The Philippineswill ask the United States to payP58 million ($1.4 million) in com-pensation for damage caused bya US minesweeper to the Tub- bataha Reef, the manager of theprotected reef said.The amount is based onstudies by Philippine agen-cies, including the coast guard,that found the USS Guardiandamaged at least 2,345 squaremeters (25,240 square feet) of thereef, said park superintendentAngelique Songco.Two weeks after the salvageof the US ship, a Chinese fish-ing vessel ran aground also atthe World Heritage Site-listedTubbataha Reef. The 12 Chinesefishermen, including what Phil-ippine navy officials said wereChinese intelligence officers,were arrested. They reportedlyoffered $2500 to the arrestingofficers to release them.Philippine Secretary of For-
Manila hitsChina anew
MANILA - Foreign Secre-tary Albert del Rosario used thelaunching of the 12-day Balika-tan manoeuvres to accuse Chinaof destabilising the region withaggressive and illegal actions inthe South China Sea.He said China’s “excessive
 Presidential hug for Jessica
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Carlos Bulosan.Foreign Sec. Albert del Rosario
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President Obama gives Filam singer Jessica Sanchez a hug after she sangthe US national anthem opening the White House Easter Egg Roll April.2. Looking on are First Lady Michelle, children and others.FilAms proudly carry the Philippine flag at the rally (Photo by M.C. Branigin).
April 15, 2013
USMPH presses drive for Medicare portability
The Washington D.C.-basedUS Medicare Philippines advo-cates are continuing to push forthe passage of a law by the USCongress to allow Americansand Filipino American retiring inthe Philippines to avail of theirMedicare benefits.These advocates have alsoexpanded their base in Manila by renewing partnerships andalliances with Philippine healthofficials and local accreditedhospitals when they attendedthe Diaspora summit sponsored by the Commission on FilipinosOverseas in Manila late in Febru-ary, 2013.“Our goal is to promoteand expand the current policy of temporary ‘emergency/urgentcare’ coverage in the Philippinesunder the Medicare Advantageor Part C plans of major UShealth insurance companies,”said Eric Lachica, organizer andincorporator of US Medicare PH.He said the group’s plan isto “encourage US health insur-ance companies to directly reim- burse, to guarantee paymentsand to partner with Philippinehospitals for eligible Medicarepatients visiting there.”One of the topics during theDiaspora summit was Medicareportability -- a favorite topicamong Americans and FilipinoAmericans who plan and hopeto retire in the Philippines.Currently, Medicare prohib-its coverage for Americans resid-ing, retiring or traveling outsideof the US. And the cost per ben-eficiary over the years has risen--significantly doubling, froman average of $6,000 in 2005 to$12,000 per beneficiary in 2010.“The nearly half-millionretired Americans living over-seas and the millions more whotravel extensively abroad musteither go without care until theyreturn to the United States or payout-of-pocket for the care theyneed,” wrote Matthew J. Downs,founder and president of theCenter for Medicare Portability, based in Washington, D.C.“We see this as a fundamen-tally unfair situation for retiredAmericans who have paid intoMedicare their entire workinglives. This restriction on Medi-care coverage is also unfair toAmerican taxpayers because itignores the potentially huge costsavings to Medicare offered bylower-cost healthcare optionsabroad,” added Downs.But the US Congress willhave to first amend the Medi-care law to allow Americans touse their benefits in case they getsick abroad where medical careis cheaper. While the system willsave money, the main stumbling block is how to manage medicalreimbursements.Previous cases of fraudallegedly committed by doctorsin claiming reimbursements formedical care for American warveterans living in the Philippineshave cast some doubts about thesystem.
US Medicare Philippines officers meet with Manila hospital officials. Amongthose in photo are Daisy Tucay, Dr. Bambi Lamoglia, Rodel Rodis and Eric Lachica.
April 15, 2013
Pinoy convicted for fleecing elderly of $10-M
FLORIDA - Decades ago, asavvy woman bought stock in alittle company called Apple. Thatmove, plus some skillful margintrading, made her a millionaire.Now, age 94 and sufferingsevere dementia, she has noth-ing ‘duped’, say authorities, bya pair of South Florida con artistsinto signing over her $10 mil-lion estate and disinheriting herfamily.Cynthia Franke and Tyrone Javellana, of Hollywood, wereconvicted March 26 of financialexploitation of an elderly person,a first-degree felony that couldresult in up to 30 years in prison.Sentencing is set for April 10.The defendants, fully awareof her mental condition, knewthat the victim lacked the abilityto consent at the time she signedthe ocuments, said Ron Ishoy, aspokesperson for the State Attor-ney’s Office of Broward County.“The victim thought it was1990, did not remember hermom’s name, could not drawthe face of a clock, could not tellan APS (Adult Protective Ser-vices) investigator what she hadfor breakfast, lunch or dinner,”Ishoy told the Daily News.“She could not name all of her siblings, she did not knowthe value of a dime or a nickel,she could not recall if she had ahysterectomy, and she did notknow where her sons lived.”Franke and Javellana, astockbroker and financial plan-ner,respectively, had a businessand personal relationship withthe victim that spanned 30 years.“However, the victim nevergave the defendants anythinguntil she began showing signs of dementia,” said Ishoy.Neither Franke nor Javel-lana disclosed the elderly wom-an’s mental condition to theirattorney when she signed theamendment that would leaveeverything to them” ratherthan the victim’s family” Ishoyexplained.Adult Protective Serviceslaunched an investigation aftersomeone submitted an anony-mous tip to the group’s hotline.“Within 24 hours of a com-plaint, APS sends out an inves-tigator to follow up,” Ishoyexplained. Javellana is also chargedwith exploiting the elderly wom-an’s now-deceased sister, theAttorney’s Office said.“Elderly abuse is a seriousproblem in this community andit will become even more seri-ous as the population ages,” saidRichard Sherman, a prosecutorin office’s Elderly ExploitationUnit.“We will continue to aggres-sively prosecute elderly exploita-tion in our community to protectour seniors.”
Cynthia Franke and Tyrone Javellana

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