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Published by Susie Cambria
Child and Family Services held a briefing on their proposed FY 2014 budget April 8. These are the responses to community questions submitted in advance of the briefing.
Child and Family Services held a briefing on their proposed FY 2014 budget April 8. These are the responses to community questions submitted in advance of the briefing.

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Published by: Susie Cambria on Apr 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CFSA’s Responses to Questions for the FY14 Communit
y Budget Briefing4/8/13
The budget chapter
includes an “Agency Submission” section which indicatesan overall increase of about $1M and a “Mayor’s Submission session, which
a reduction of $16.9M across multiple programs to align the budget
with the agency’s operational needs.”
Does this mean that the budget is $16Mless than the agency requested? Which programs will be impacted? How werethe programs whose funding would be reduced chosen? By how much was thefunding for each program reduced?
CFSA’s response a
the question arises from a review of the agency’s Table
in CFSA’s budget chapter
. If so, the FY13 approved budget was adjustedupward by approximately $292,000 as part of the FY14 Current Services FundingLevel (CSFL). The agency prepared a FY 2014 agency submission based on this
CSFL and the identified adjustments. Through the Mayor’s budget deliberations,the agency’s submission was adjusted downward by $16.
9 million. These
adjustments were taken primarily in the agency’s child placement budget toreflect the reduced number of children in care and the agency’s projection
s forchildren in care for FY14.
Contractual Services increase by $2.9M. The budget chapter explains that theincrease
is “based on projections for various agency initiatives.” What are
those initiatives? How much funding is allocated to each initiative?
The following are new agency investments for contractual services that supportCFSA
’s strategic agenda.
 Mockingbird Enhancement- $500,000Foster Parent Crisis Teams- $600,000Post Reunification Services- $1 millionKinship Support- $400,000Pre-removal Legal Services- $125,000Trauma Grant Contractual Services- $522,000There were additional and nominal increases and decreases in the contractualservices budget that resulted in the net increase of $2.9 million.
CFSA’s Responses to Questions for the FY14 Communit
y Budget Briefing4/8/13
Subsidies and Transfers decrease by $21.1M. The budget chapter explains thatthe reduction i
s “based on reduced projections for the number of childrenbeing served.” What are CFSA’s specific projections about the number of
children that will be served in FY 14? How did CFSA arrive at thoseprojections?
The primary reason for the reduction in t
he “Subsidies and Transfers” object
isdue to the decrease in funding for out-of-home child placements. The budgetassumes there will be 1380 foster children for $55 million.
Does the reduced number of children that CFSA expects to serve account forall of the $21.1M decrease in Subsidies and Transfers, or are there additionalreasons for the reduction? If so, what are those reasons?
The agency engaged in an intensive review of current placement data, placementtrends and forecast trends. From this analysis, it was determined that this is anappropriate funding level for children in foster care because of the reducednumber of children in foster care and an increase in DC and kinship homes.
What additional investments, if any, is the agency making in FY 14 inprograms aimed at preventing abuse and neglect? Where are those investmentsreflected in the budget?a.
The line item for Prevention Services decreased by $125,000 and 2 FTEs.What is the reason for that decrease? Which, if any, services will beimpacted?
The reduction is due primarily to the shift of the two FTEs to other programareas
supporting CFSA’s strategic agenda
CFSA’s Responses to Questions for the FY14 Communit
y Budget Briefing4/8/13
How much is appropriated in CFSA’s FY14 budget for child abuse prevention
and treatment programs? Does CFSA work with partner agencies like theOffice of Victim Services to know how much to appropriate?
In FY14, there is $1,444,000 in the CFSA budget for prevention services. CFSAdoes not use these dollars for treatment of child abuse. CFSA uses findings fromits Needs Assessment and other qualitative reviews including feedback fromcommunity partners and District agencies such as the Department of Health, todetermine the need for primary prevention funding.Treatment of abuse and neglect is addressed through the provision of mentalhealth services administered primarily by the network of mental healthproviders under the Choice Provider Network.
What is the funding level for the Collaboratives in FY 14? How does thatcompare to the funding level in FY 13? How, if at all, is the scope of workexpected of the Collaboratives changing?
The HFTC Collaborative FY14 funding level is essentially the same as comparedto the FY13 funding level. CFSA may make adjustments to funding allocationsto the individual HFTC Collaboratives in order to better align services andstaffing with the assessed needs of families in the Collaborative catchment areas.For example, apportioning higher percentages of funding toward Collaborativeswhere there is greater incidence of abuse and neglect. Based on the IV-E Waiverand shifting to meet the greatest needs, revisions to the Statement of Work will
include participating in CFSA’s new approach
to referrals for community based,supportive services; coordination of services with the inclusion of providers ofintensive, family preservation and post-reunification efforts in the service arrayprovided to families.
What is the funding level for home visiting programs in FY 14? How does itcompare to the level in FY 13? Which programs are receiving increased orreduced funding?
There are two
home visiting grantees: Mary’s Center for Maternal and Child
Care, Inc. and Community Family Life Services. CFSA is increasing the

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