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The Tom Constantino Story

The Tom Constantino Story

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Published by Noteworthy
Tom Constantino founded Noteworthy in 1954 when he invented the litterbag.
Tom Constantino founded Noteworthy in 1954 when he invented the litterbag.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Noteworthy on Mar 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ack in 1960 when The NoteworthyCompany was a fledgling businessand employed only seven people, Iinterviewed for an office position. Even backthen, it was immediately apparent to me thatTom Constantino was a very unusual man.Over the years, I had a first-hand opportunityto see how multi-faceted the man was. Tom had azest for everything that came his way, whetherit was an opportunity or a problem. He metthem both head-on. Insatiable with his energyand drive, he worked endless hours to build hisbusiness. He always said, “inch by inch it’s acinch; yard by yard it’s awfully hard.” And inchby inch he moved the company along. At theend of every year he would sit back and reflect,and then write down his resolutions for the new year. Tom always had a goal; he challengedhimself and was relentless in pursuing his manydreams.Although his love of business was paramount,there was another, softer side to the man. Adedicated son, he spoke of his mother inalmost reverent tones. He appreciated thebeauty of nature; he found time to take oilpainting lessons, wrote poetry, had a soft spotfor animals (he even led a publicity campaigndefending the Grand Canyon burros) andgenuinely cared about his employees. There wasalways time for a laugh, time for a prayer, timeto spend with friends.Tom had a deep appreciation of what hadcome before him; he loved antiques and oldbuildings. If anyone could breathe new life intoan old building, he could. Aesthetics werealways important to Tom, and this was reflectedin both the office and manufacturing plants.Holidays were special to Tom, and he enjoyedthrowing a party; even the most ominous eventcould evolve into a major celebration. He trulyenjoyed people from all walks of life. Whereelse would one meet a newly ordained Native American Bishop, a breeder of Jack Russellterriers, a winemaker from the Finger Lakesregion, a sculptor of a religious statue to beplaced in the Vatican gardens or a wanderingguitarist who told donkey tales? Well, workingfor Tom Constantino, I experienced all thoseintroductions and many more. Variety sure wasthe order of the day.I’m very honored Carol has given me theopportunity to write this introduction. AlthoughI could go into depth about Tom’s multi-facetedpersonality, the letters from various friends andassociates provide the reader with an inside viewfrom different perspectives. In describing his orher relationship with Tom, each writer capturesthe many interests Tom had. There is onething, however, that we all have in common; weare all richer for having experienced theuniqueness of this man.
by Dianne Santos 
Dianne Santos and Tom Constantino
om Constantino was a self-madebusiness man. He possessed theentrepenural spirit and a belief andunderstanding of the free enterprise system thatis seldom found in one individual. His drive,zeal and belief in the litterbag and theadvertising specialty industry provided theimpetus for the growth in Noteworthy. Beyondall of this, Tom developed over the years aunique set of business precepts. These ideasand beliefs are not normally found inmanagement text books or discussed inadvanced college classrooms.Few business people have heard theseconcepts discussed in management meetings orreverberated in boardrooms of majorconglomerates.Those principles are basically homegrown andearthy ideas that worked well for Tom in theevolution of Noteworthy. Tom, being a mentorof many management people in his lifetime,often passed on these thoughts.It is our belief that these thoughts that Tomused so well are worthy of outlining here todevelop a better understanding of TomConstantino, the man, the manager, theentrepreneur.
• In pricing, don’t be a hog.• Whether you lease or whether you buy, youpay the price to occupy.• Don’t promote controversy.• A good businessman must be a student of letters.• Do a lot with a little.• There is a “key” to every building and whenyou find that “key” you can best utilize thebuilding.• In establishing new product pricing, treat thevolume considerations as though you have a real piece of action.• You don’t need credit if you have the cash.• Inch by inch it’s a cinch. Yard by yard, it’svery hard.• Always hang around with people smarter thanyou.• Reach for the stars and you’ll get a littlestardust.• Build on strengths.• What the mind can conceive, the body canachieve.• Be a man before being a businessman.• In business, it is important to practice theselfish act of giving.• The donkey should set an example for us inbusiness in terms of quality of character,keenness of hearing, (listening skills) and senseof direction and purpose.• Don’t be a know-it-all; be a do-it-all.• Look for the good in people and it will bethere.• I’m like the donkey – a beast of burden toserve mankind.• The only promise that I make is that I makeno promises.Seek much, need little and you will alwayshave a lot.
by Tom Cummings 

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