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Published by Lee Reighard
Standards-Referenced Assessment Rubrics
Standards-Referenced Assessment Rubrics

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Published by: Lee Reighard on Apr 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Scoring Rubric for US Policies Towards Communism and the Soviet Union
Thinking andreasoning skills
1 2 3 4
History Standard (D) 9-12.4.2: Summarize andInterpret how and whypeople create, maintain,or change systems of power, authority, andgovernance.
Knowledge: The studentsatisfies the basicrequirement of identification: can listand/or define the threeUS policies towardscommunism and aminimum of three Sovietresponses to thesepolicies. The student canalso identify and definethe factors thatdemonstrate how andwhy people create,maintain, or changesystems of power.Application: The studentidentifies and providesspecific examples of theUS policies of containment toward theUSSR as they relate tosystems of governance.The student can identifyhow these policies andthe subsequent Sovietresponses lead to thecreation of alliances andpower structures seenthroughout the Cold War.Analysis: The studentsuccessfully addressesthe systems of power andgovernance created bythe US and USSR duringthe cold war and theeffects those systems hadon the global community.Citing specific events, thestudent will describe indetail how the creation of these power systemscaused at least threemajor events during theCold War.Synthesis: The studentshows a completeunderstanding of the USpolicies on communismand containment as theypertain to the US, USSR,and the globalcommunity and is able toaccurately predict howchanges within thesystems of power couldlead to differentoutcomes. The st
answer will reflect thattheir understanding of the systems of power canbe applied to current daysituations.
Scoring Rubric for Proxy Wars
Thinking andreasoning skills1 2 3 4
History Standard (H) 9-12.4.8: Analyze causeand effect relationshipsand other historicalthinking skills in orderto interpret events andissues.
Knowledge: The studentcan list and/or define amilitary or non-militaryProxy WarApplication: The studentidentifies and providesone example of a ProxyWar (Military or Non-Military) that explainsthe event in the correctcontext and accuratelydescribes why the eventwas a proxy war (who,where, why, andoutcome).Analysis: The studentsuccessfully addressesone Proxy War and isable to describe howand why itdemonstrated the policyof containment.Synthesis: The studentshows an understandingof the definition, as wellas the cause and effectof the chosen ProxyWar. Student is able todefend their stance as towhether the policy of containment waseffective or not by citingspecific examples.
Scoring Rubric for Space Race Spinoffs
History Standard(G) 9-12.4.7: Inferand justify the roleof innovation onthe development and interaction of societies.
Knowledge: Thestudent is able todiscuss how a SpaceRace innovationwas originally usedby NASA.Application: Thestudent is able toprovide an exampleof how a Space Raceinnovation wasused by othersocietiesAnalysis: Thestudent is able todescribe potentialbenefits theinnovation had onsocietiesSynthesis: Student is able to justifywhy the particularinnovation theychose had thegreatest impact onsociety bysupporting theirclaims with specificevidence

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