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The Maternity Maze - A One Act Play

The Maternity Maze - A One Act Play

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Published by plhreh
This is a play written about 6 women who meet online, all have the goal of trying to conceive a child. It deals with the struggles of infertility, the joys of motherhood and women bonding.
This is a play written about 6 women who meet online, all have the goal of trying to conceive a child. It deals with the struggles of infertility, the joys of motherhood and women bonding.

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Published by: plhreh on Mar 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Maternity Maze
 A One Act Play 
Written by Patricia Hackett
July 2004 Edited VersionforMontgomery Playhouse’s2004 One Act Play Festival
This play is dedicated to my daughter Robin, who was conceived after twooperations, four IUI’s and two IVF’s; and also to Heather Bruce Thiermann,my cyber-friend and cycle-buddy, who lost her life giving birth to her miracledaughter Tara, in January 1996. Heather, I know you are in heaven, servingas a guardian angel and watching over all of our lost babies.
The Maternity Maze
 A One Act Play, in Seven Scenes
Scene 1: In Cyber-SpacePresent Day Week 1Scene 2:In Cyber-SpaceOne Week Later Week 2Scene 3:In Cyber-SpaceOne Week Later Week 3Scene 4: In Cyber-SpaceFourteen Weeks Later Week 17Scene 5:In Cyber-SpaceOne Week Later Week 18Scene 6:In Cyber-SpaceOne Week Later Week 19Scene 7:In a Park in DCFifty-four Weeks Later Week 72
Cast: In Order of Appearance:
Eileen:Joey SchaljoAnne:Jill PargamentMiriam:Kryss LacovaroNorrie:Karen WinokurChris:Veronica JohnstonKathy:Erika Claire
Directed by Patricia Hackett Performed at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn July 31 and August 6, 2004
Scene 1: Week One
Stage is black. Lights come up to blues with background music.The 6 women come out on stage, one at a time and take their  places during the following narration. A narrator’s voice (female) states the following
 “Infertility is the inability to conceive a child after one year of unprotected sexual intercourse. Couples unable to sustain apregnancy through to a live birth are also considered infertile.Infertility strikes 1 in every 6 couples in America, and its causes arecountless.Although infertility is a couple’s diagnosis, it is often the women whofeel most of the pain and burden of this condition. These women findsupport in many forms. In the last decade, many women are using theinternet in order to find support they need”.Eileen:
(The first few sentences of this monologue will be prerecorded using Eileen’s voice. Eileen wilcontinue with the rest of the monologue giving atransition from thoughts to words. In addition, shewill pretend to type the first couple of sentences)
Hey guys… Bill would kill me if he knew I telling you this,but who cares. Two days ago, Bill went to the clinic todeposit a sperm sample. This was the test to see if hisoperation was successful or not. Well, we just got theresults and his sperm count went down instead of up! Myfirst thought was to sue the urologist, but then Bill tells mewhat he did. GET THIS - He took his sample jar andproceeded to do his thing. Afterwards, he looked at hissample and decided there wasn’t enough. So he whips itout again, and puts an extra wallop on top! I asked him, “did you ever stop to think that your second sample wasnothing but semen and no sperm? All you did was dilutethe first sample in half!" So he has to go back and do itagain. What do you guys think, should I go and supervise?Anne: LOL Eileen...you’re a riot, or I should say, Bill is! I’mstarting my FINAL IVF cycle tomorrow. OK, OK, I know Isaid that the last cycle was my final one, but Kevin and Iare serious this time. Wish me luck.

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