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Dallas Feral Hogs RFP

Dallas Feral Hogs RFP

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Published by Robert Wilonsky

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Published by: Robert Wilonsky on Apr 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The City of Dallas (City) is accepting proposals for a thirty-six month servicecontract for trapping and humane removal of feral hogs within the city limits of Dallas. The City’s intent is to award the feral hog trapping contract to anexperienced trapper that uses proven methods of capturing the animal withoutinjury or with minimal injury. Additionally, the City’s intent is to capture andremove the animal in a humane method. “Putting down” a captured animal is onlyacceptable if the trapper, or any other person, is in danger, or if the animal hasbeen injured to the extent that it becomes unsafe or inhumane to transport theanimal in such condition.
The City is experiencing feral hog problems on many of its properties. Thissolicitation is to develop and implement a City-wide feral hog control andabatement program. The primary goal is to establish an overall approach tothe significant reduction or elimination of damage to property within theCity as a result of feral hog activity. The program region is identified by“Attachment A”. The trapping program under this agreement will be for trapping and removal from City-owned property.
Proposals shall include all costs, labor, materials and equipment for thedevelopment and implementation of a feral hog control and abatement programfor the term of the contract. The selected trapping contractor will be expected tomake reasonable adjustments in equipment or procedures during the term of thecontract, and as deemed necessary, to ensure the program’s success at noadditional cost to the City.The City reserves the right to short list companies submitting proposals andrequest presentations summarizing or clarifying their control, abatement andimplementation of the program as part of the evaluation process.
 A pre-proposal conference will be held as listed on the proposal signature sheet.Vendors are encouraged, but not required, to attend the pre-proposal conferenceto discuss any questions with department representative(s). This will be the onlycontact between the vendor and department during the bidding process. All other correspondences, prior to award by City Council shall be directed to the buyer,Sandy Baxter, (214) 670-3446, sandra.baxter@dallascityhall.com.
Rev. 1 - 03/25/10Doc#BDPS-FRM-118
This contract will be awarded in its entirety to the most advantageous proposer demonstrating compliance with the specifications. However, the City reservesthe right to reject proposals and rebid the solicitation.
Minimum requirements include:
Successful contractor will be required to do a survey coordinate theplacement of traps and any other activity related to the feral hogabatement program with the Project Coordinator. This is to ensureacceptable and safe placement of traps on public land, and to minimizeexposure. The contractor will notify the City by email or in writing within 24hours of any planned trap movement or new placement.
Written description of proposed methods to implement the vendor’s planas well as suggested time periods to review and evaluate the plan resultswith periods of adjustments as needed to ensure maximum control andabatement results;
Development of a feral hog control and abatement plan toreduce/eliminate damage to City property with measurable goals by 25%per year as measured by the Project Coordinator;
Deploy and maintain adequate numbers of feral hog traps and pens toachieve the above stated 25% goal with rapid, humane capture andremoval;
Deploy trapping devices based on land conditions to maximize hogcapture while limiting citizen impact, awareness, involvement and visibilityof the trapping process;
Employ trapping procedures that will minimize trapping or injury to non-target species;
Incorporate adequate number of game cameras placed at strategiclocations to aid in the abatement plan’s implementation. Photos of thetrapping procedures shall be used as part of the contract to review andvalidate the evidence of hog activity, travel patterns, and security of trapping equipment;
Bait and check traps daily, or several times daily, based on weather,conditions and needs. Newly deployed traps shall be checked daily untiltrapping success is achieved. Once a trapping location has provedsuccessful, the vendor shall check the trap at their discretion, but no morethan a maximum of 48 hours between physical checks of any trap/pen;
Photograph with date stamp all trapped hogs before removal and forwardphotograph electronically to the City’s contract coordinator for recordkeeping;
Humanely remove and transport trapped animals to a USDA approvedmeat processing company for disposal;
Rev. 1 - 03/25/10Doc#BDPS-FRM-118
 Attach photos and quantity receipt(s) from vendor’s USDA approved meatprocessing company with monthly invoices;)
Remove any observed carcasses and dispose of in the McCommaslandfill
The City reserves the right to accept or reject any form of removaland processing that is considered inhumane.
Shall have minimum of two (2) year commercial feral hog or large wildanimal trapping service experience. Shall provide a minimum of two (2)verifiable references with similar services evidencing experience.Reference information should include contact information - Client Name,address, contact name with telephone number and/or email, serviceprovided and dates of service.
Shall have a current State of Texas trapping license at the time of proposal submission.
Shall provide the required insurance coverage within 10 days of award.
Should include information detailing their ability to provide the resources toimplement a City-wide trapping program.
During your review of the proposal specifications and preparation of proposals,proposers may discover certain errors, omissions or ambiguities. If this is thecase, or if the meaning of any part of this proposal package is unclear, proposersmust submit written questions to the buyer, below, at least 72 hours before theopening date, and in time to allow the City to answer the questions and distributewritten responses to all proposers before the said opening date and time. All inquiries must be directed in writing to the buyer, below. City staff isinstructed NOT to discuss this solicitation with proposers. The buyer will make allnecessary arrangements for direct contact with other City departments, if required.If proposers do not ask questions or clarify any assumptions, the City will assumeproposers understand the City’s requirements and that the proposers’ offeringswill meet those needs at the price stated.Do not rely on oral instructions or clarifications. The City’s official position toquestions or concerns will be posted as an addendum on the City’s website,www.bids.dallascityhall.org, by the buyer. Please direct your inquiries to thebuyer in writing:Sandy Baxter, Buyer IIIBusiness Development and Procurement Servicessandra.baxter@dallascityhall.com
Rev. 1 - 03/25/10Doc#BDPS-FRM-118

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