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Schedule of Events From April Through May

Schedule of Events From April Through May

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Published by RestoreOKPublicEd
This is a full description of the Common Core is NOT OK activities we will be sponsoring and promoting April through May in Oklahoma! Please download and put them ALL on your calendar!
This is a full description of the Common Core is NOT OK activities we will be sponsoring and promoting April through May in Oklahoma! Please download and put them ALL on your calendar!

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Published by: RestoreOKPublicEd on Apr 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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than Representative Gus Blackwell’s House Resolution on the Common Core (HR1011)
calling for a full study of the Common Core State Standards in Oklahoma, there is nothing elsethat can be done to block the Common Core here in Oklahoma this legislative session (2013).We dissenters cannot lose our momentum, however, because Core proponents are waiting forus to do just that.
This is a marathon, not a sprint!
If we cannot stay active and engaged in ouropposition to the Common Core through the summer and fall into the start of the 2014legislative session, it will become nearly impossible for parents to be able to regain control of 
our children’s education in Oklahoma again
. The Common Core must be dealt with legislativelybecause it was a state mandate - the law creating the standards must be overturned. If wecannot do this, when pressed by communities, school boards, teachers and administrators,Common Core proponents will make their case to keep the initiative based on the premise that,
already spent too much money to turn around
 If we lose faith, if we lose hope, if we lose our righteous indignation that
education ‘experts’
and billionaire philanthropists with zero expertise in education outside our state believe theyknow
better than Oklahoma parents what’s best for
Oklahoma children, the battle for localcontrol of education in Oklahoma will be nearly completely lost.This is why ROPE has put together a series of simple, but powerful events in protest to theCommon Core until Legislative Sine Die on the last day of May. We realize that many of us haveharried and complicated schedules and we respect that. We are creating our events to occurONLY on WEDNESDAYS and so that each activity will take a maximum of 2 hours and aminimum of only minutes.Because Common Core proponents are backed by millions of dollars and nearly unlimitedmedia resources for
“messaging” the issue, we as dissenters MUST UNITE so our voices are
heard SIMULTANEOUSLY. It will be very important, then, for every person opposed to theCommon Core take part in these simple Wednesday activities.
After May, we will sponsor another set of similar activities including a Common Core ‘summit’
in Tulsa in August (and another in Oklahoma City we hope), where we plan to invite a numberof Common Core objectors and researchers to speak, including Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkinwho we hope can Skype in. We will also have our legislative Common Core Interim Studysometime during the summer or fall. Keep informed on from our Facebook page and via ouremail list!
Thank you for helping us to say, “Common Core is NOT OK”!
Wednesday, April 24th:
Common Core is NOT OK ‘stand in’. Create a poster on plain poster board (it may
not have ANY sticks or stakes or they will not allow it in the Capitol) that says,
“Common Core is NOT OK”. Bring you
r poster to the 4
floor rotunda of the stateCapitol by 11:00am. We will simply stand together in the rotunda with our signsuntil 12:00pm. There will be no speakers. We will not have a program. Just like
the ‘sit
ins’ of the 60’s we will simply occupy the space with our signs.
Wednesday, May 1st:
Change your Facebook picture to the Common Core is NOT OK button art. This isvery easy to do:1.
Simply put your mouse pointer over the button art on the ROPE Facebookpage.2.
Right click your mouse and say, “Save Image As”.
Save the photo to a folder in your hard drive you can find!
Go to your Facebook page and put your mouse pointer over your Facebookpicture.5.
Click “edit profile picture”
Select the Common Core button art you just saved.7.
Click “save”
VOILA! Your Facebook page now has our button art.9.
Make as many Facebook posts as you can today. Use your own research
and/or favorite links, or go to the ROPE Facebook page and ‘share’
some of our posts for the day.10.
Wednesday, May 8:
Go back to the letter writing skills your momma taught you and compose ANDsend a HANDWRITTEN to your Senator and Representative, Governor Fallin andState Superintendent Janet Barresi telling them
“Common Core is NOT OK”
 Senator and Representative:Find out who your Representative and Senator arehere.Find legislators addresses and phone numbers through that link as well.
Superintendent Barresi:
Oklahoma State Department of Education2500 North Lincoln Boulevard, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105 (405) 521-3301
Governor Fallin:
Oklahoma State Capitol, 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Room 212,Oklahoma City, OK 73105 (405)
521-2342Sample Letter:Dear Governor Fallin (Superintendent Barresi, Honorable (senator),I am very concerned about the Common Core State Standards. Iunderstand they were not available for review before being passed intoOklahoma law. I believe Oklahoma tax payers, parents and teachers need amore complete understanding of how the Common Core will affect their
children’s education and our state’s budget before they are fully cemented
in place in 2014. I would like you to know I believe
Common Core is NOTOK
.Sincerely,BE SURE TO ADD YOUR name and full address. The letter
needn’t be fancy at all,
but if we have a bunch of people write the same message, WOW! It couldbecome a major issue!
Wednesday May 15th:
Meet at the Capitol on the 4
floor rotunda. We will be there handing out ROPEpostcards
red cards with the Common Core is NOT OK logo on them. You willwrite your name and address on the back of the card (along with your phonenumber) and then take a postcard to your personal Representative, Senator andGovernor Fallin. Wear your Common Core is NOT OK button when you go.If you cannot come to the Capitol that day, download a copy of the postcard here.  There are four to a sheet. Print them off on red paper if you have some and cutthem into fours and you
re ready! If you only have white paper, print them outand color the NOT red! Now send one each to your Representative, Senator, Dr.Barresi and the Governor!Wear your Common Core is NOT OK button EVERY WHERE YOU GO today!

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