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Bis Mill Ah

Bis Mill Ah

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Published by Arun Kumar Upadhyay
Bismillah is code for 786 which s first sentence of Veda, i.e. Atharva. It has 15 meanings in Koran and Veda.
Bismillah is code for 786 which s first sentence of Veda, i.e. Atharva. It has 15 meanings in Koran and Veda.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Arun Kumar Upadhyay on Mar 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bismillah = 786
By Arun Kumar Upadhyay,IPS.B-9,CB-9,Cantonment Road,Cuttack-753001(Orissa),India0671-2304172/2304433Mobil-+01-9437034172 E-mail-arun_ved@yahoo.co.in
Bismillah is one of the hundred names of God or Allah mentioned inQuoran .In numeric code of old Hebrew-Arabic script, this is written as 786.It is notmerely a numerical code but has an independent scientific meaning based on actualstructure of world. As such all books from god will give its same meaning. First such book was the Veda, which was only a single book given by Brahma to his eldest son
(first verse of 
).Later on it was divided intotwo parts
 , para
-form explains unity and
explains classification which is basis of sciences.This scientific division created four Vedas including
, six limbs(
),and other ancillaries to explain the meaning. The number of classes is not basedon belief of any sect or a person but real nature and size of world. Advanced scientificknowledge in ancient times is evident from following examples-(1)Till today we are not sure of location and amount of minerals within earth surface.But in ancient times mining was done all over the world. This could have been doneonly after locating the minerals. We can not dig up the whole earth and then knowabout mines. A professor of chemistry will not know about mineral even if he is putin a mine.(2)No professor of physics or mathematics today will understand the method of calculating eclipse of sun, and there is no exact method till today. But people allover the world knew how to calculate it. Eclipse time was considered auspicious for  practice of mantras.(3)Use of herbs as medicine was advanced all over world and now we are reverting tothat. Yogic powers to fly in air or to enter the body of another person was known tocertain persons in all countries. Now we do not even know meaning of enteringanother body-what part of personality remains in original body and what part entersthe other.In Vedas there is interlink between three separate broad systems-Astronomical(
) or series of cosmic structures, Physical (
) or the world seenaround on earth, Internal (
) or within human body. Even when knowledge of cosmology or physical sciences were lost in some phases of history, some persons wereable to perceive the whole world within human body itself. All over world, persons withsuch capability have appeared who could get the world knowledge, from whom otherslearnt
. Quoran
has stated that there have been 1,20,000 such persons who got book fromGod. Vedas call them
rishis. Rishis
were 88,000 of one type, and remaining of other types.
Cosmological meaning
- 786 indicates the sequence of creation. First 7
(7heavens of Bible or 7
in Islam) were formed, then 8 higher types of beings, andlastly 6 types on earth. Here cosmology is not only space structures, but also creation of living beings, Since this is start of world scheme, it is written at beginning of any work.In same sense
(Shri-) Ganesh
is written in
is spread of field of 
influence and is used as an honorific prefix for any man. This is region of space calledfemale which acts as a field for birth of a man. Objects with boundary are male, becausemale role in reproduction is point like.
is countable parts of world-
=their group,
= process of counting. Abstract things arecalled
, and their knowledge is
. Knowledge of numerical partsof world is
(numerical) philosophy. First 15 parts (7
+ 8 higher beings)are called source (
=left over after creation).So there are 15 types of meanings of 786 and other such words. These are compared with 15 phases of moon. Any work or creation by man starts from desire or resolve in his mind (
). Of 5 cosmicstructures, explained below, each has 3 types of creative mind called
. Thus thereare 15 source and 15 minds of creation like 15 phases of moon.
 –Starting from man, 4 spheres of world are successively larger by 10 milliontimes, whose sizes are given in
literature in 7 different units. For man, limit
)of world is earth whose size is 10 million times larger than man, so 10 million is called
).Similarly, limit of world for earth is creative (
zone of solar system 10 million times larger than earth. For solar system, limit of world is galaxy.This is called
(=largest structure), or 
(an egg of the
or Great World ). This is transient thing created and dissolved in day or night of 
each of 4.32 billion years, in creative field 10 times larger. This is region of glow (calledneutrino corona now),so called
, origin of word galaxy. As creative agent this iscalled
(=doer) in
An animal of similar round shape and long life is alsocalled
(tortoise). Central rotating disc of galaxy or milky-way is called
(=river in sky). Again the whole world is
(=self created),10million times size of galaxy. This is same (
=truth) in three respects, same in all places (=
,same in all times (=
),same in all directions (=
).So this is
. In all modern theories of cosmology, this is basic assumption-homogenous, steadyand isotropic. So these theories do not explain formation of any other structure. Withinthese 4 spheres, another sphere containing moon’s orbit, is vital for creation of lifeforms on earth. This is sphere of moon, not merely the satellite moon. Corresponding tothese five levels, there are 5 chakras in spinal chord of man .In that sense, first chapter of Bible tells that God created man after his own image. Another aspect is that universehas 100billion particles as galaxies, our galaxy has 100 billion particles as suns, andimage of both is human brain having 100 billion neurons, as explained in
 shatapath Brahman
, explanation of 
These 4 spheres have 3 intervening zones(
)-making a total of 7
(heaven or 
 Bhuvar loka
is a sphere of 4000 times the size of earth, extending up to about 60% of distance up to venus orbit.
Svar loka
is same as solar system, about 100 times bigger than its creative zone, or 10million times sun size
. Mahar loka
is 1000 times the size of solar system.
 Janah loka
) is galaxy.
Tapah loka
is the limit of visible universe of radius of 864 billionlight years, that time is period of a day-night of 
 Brahma .
Satya loka
is same as
Thus the chart is-Spheres Earth Solar Galaxy Universe
(mandala) (Bhu) (saura) (parmeshthi,Brahmanda) (Svayambhu
 Loka Bhu Bhuvar Svar Mahar Janah Tapah Satya
Size (
) 3 15 33 43 49 67 75
is measure in exponential unit. There are 3 layers within earth, remaining areeach double than the previous. Thus radius of nth
zone is radius of earthmultiplied by (n-3) power of 2, There are 6 more units of length in which these sizeshave been stated. There are three
(spread of matter from which creation started) -Sphere Solar Galaxy Universe
 Aditya Mitra Varuna Aryama
arnava Sarasvan NabhasvanTriloki Rodasi Krandasi Sanyati
8 superior beings – 
7 heavens partition world in 8 regions; conscious being of eachzone is a type of life. Abstract
is same for all zones. For each of 7
there isa level of conscious being. Names of these are given in
philosophy., andvarious other texts. Such beings in earth atmosphere are called
bhuta, preta, betal, djinn
etc. Material wise also, 8 gradation has been named-1
(primordial matter, water),2.
(froth), 3
(solid particles, mud), 4.
(sand), 5.
(rock), 7.
(mineral), 8.
(gold or matter in sun’s interior). 8 higher  beings are named in
as -1.
, 2.
, 3.
, 4.
, 5.
, 7.
.The last 4 are also names of some tribes on earth.
6 earthly beings-
Lowest level is inner conscious (
) of two types-suppressedconscious minerals, sleeping conscious trees which feel but cannot react. Man is highestlevel which is complete image of god, or universe and galaxy. Then there areintermediate (
) beings of 4 types-1.animals (on earth surface and water),2.Birds (inair),3.
(small insects and parasites in animals, plants),4 micro-organisms(
Geographical meaning-
There are 3 sevens on earth surface-7
(continent)surrounded by 7 seas,7
and 7
. Here it is 777 instead of 786.Seven
are 7continents including north and south Americas. Knowledge of Americas and Antarcticais proved by the following-1.All astronomy texts of India tell about 4 cardinal points on earths circumference atdistance of 90 degrees from each other. Of them,
is 180 degrees east (or west) from
(old Zero degree longitude, now 76 deg .east of Greenwich) thistown is 4 deg. West from Mexicocity .Here a great door (pyramid) was made by
to mark the end of east direction according to
Valmiki- Ramayana.
(=port) is 90 deg. east from
. Only such place on land issouth-western tip of New Zealand.
means end point or tip
. Yama
star has samesouthern latitude as this place. This has been called
, i.e. twin islands.Similarly, Malagasy (old Madagascar) island off east-coast of Africa has the samesouthern latitude as
= hunter of deer) or Orion’s star-group.3.Same language, culture, and tribe was spread in all the islands spread over vastregion in Pacific ocean from Hawaii in north to New Zealand in south andIndonesia in west to Easter islands in east, covering 10,000 Kms. In either direction.Seven loka are the region between equator to north pole including India (
as a natural zone is land mass south of Himalayan range of mountainwhose line extends from west to east sea. It has three important parts-west of 
(Indus) river was land under influence of 
has been called lord of 
tribe),lord of 
in Arabic) or waters,
(keeping people in

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