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The Official Bulletin: 2012 Q3 / No. 637

The Official Bulletin: 2012 Q3 / No. 637

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Published by iatse
iatse, bulletin, canada, international alliance of theatrical stage employees, union
iatse, bulletin, canada, international alliance of theatrical stage employees, union

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Published by: iatse on Apr 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Printed in the u.s.a.
Canada’s latest attack on labour comes in the formof Bill C-377. Canadian members can participate inthe IATSE campaign to stop this bill by visiting theInternational website at www.iatse-intl.org andclicking on Bill C-377.
 Make your voice heard!
third Quarter, 2012 number 637
Reprts  te GeeraEective Bard meetigs
Detroit, Michigan, July 11, 2012Vancouver, British Columbia, July 23 -27, 2012
IATSE Mrs tePassig  Tim Magee
Local 38’s obituary for the First Vice President
Fiacia Statemets te IATSE
For the years ended 2012 and 2011
General Secretary-Treasurer’s Message
IATSE and LaborMovement Nes
On te So Floor
On Stage, In Focus
Saety Zone
On Te Road
On Location
Let’s Get Organized
Education & Training
Local Nes & Vies
Cre Sots
In Memoriam
Directory o LocalSecretaries andBusiness Agents
James B. Wd MaryA Key David Geer
Editor Assistant to the Editor Special Asst. to the Editor 
The OFFICIAL BULLETIN (ISSN-0020-5885) is published quarterly by the General Secretary-Treasurer o the International Alliance o Theatrical Stage Employees,Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crats o the United States, its Territories and Canada, (IATSE), 1430 Broadway, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10018.Telephone: (212) 730-1770. FAX (212) 921-7699. Email: bulletin@iatse-intl.orgMaterial or publication must be received beore the rst day o January, April, July, and October, to meet deadlines, respectively, or the First, Second, Third,and Fourth Quarter issues.POSTMASTER: Send address change to the OFFICIAL BULLETIN, 1430 Broadway, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10018. Entered as periodical postage paidmatter at the Post Oce at New York, NY and additional locations.Canadian Publications Mail Agreement No.: 40845543. Return Undeliverable Canadian Addresses To:2835 Kew Dr., Windsor, ON N8T 3B7Subscriptions: IATSE members receive the OFFICIAL BULLETIN as part o their IATSE membership services. Nonmembers may subscribe or $10.00 per year.
Please send your Bulletin submissions to bulletin@iatse-intl.orgAll digital photos should be taken with a camera that is at least 3 megapixels or higher, and set on the highest quality/resolution setting.JPEG or TIFF le ormats only please.Please do not crop or otherwise modiy photos - the original version usually has the highest quality.
eXeCutIVe OFFICerstrustees
Mattew D. leb
International President
James B. Wd
General Secretary–Treasurer 
Tmas J. Ceary C. Faye harper
216 S. Jeerson St., #400 2695 Dayview LaneChicago, IL 60661 Atlanta, GA 30331
Gerge Paa
1811 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506
CLC DeLeGate
Key M
1640 Boundary Road, Burnaby, BC V5K 4V4
GeneraL COunseL
Dae W. Srt
GeneraL OFFICe
1430 Broadway, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10018Tele: (212) 730-1770FAX: Oce o the President (212) 730-7809FAX: General Secretary-Treasurer (212) 921-7699
 west COast OFFICe
10045 Riverside DriveToluca Lake, CA 91602Tele: (818) 980-3499 FAX: (818) 980-3496
22 St. Joseph St.Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4Y 1J9Tele: (416) 362-3569 FAX: (416) 362-3483
CanaDIanentertaInment InDustryretIrement pLan
22 St. Joseph St.Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4Y 1J9Tele: (416) 362-2665 Fax: (416) 362-2351www.ceirp.ca
I.a.t.s.e. natIOnaLBeneFIt FunDs OFFICe
417 Fith Avenue, Third Floor, New York, NY 10016Tele: (212) 580-9092 Toll ree: (800) 456-FUNDFAX: (212) 787-3607www.iatsenb.org 
Micae Bares
1st Vice President2401 South Swanson StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19148
J. Water Cai
2nd Vice President5010 Rugby AvenueBethesda, MD 20814
Tm Davis
3rd Vice President2520 West Olive AvenueBurbank, CA 91505
Aty M. DePa
4th Vice President1430 Broadway, 20th Floor New York, NY 10018
Damia Petti
5th Vice President201-208 57th Ave., S.W.Calgary, AlbertaCanada T2H 2K8
Micae F. Mier, Jr.
6th Vice President10045 Riverside DriveToluca Lake, CA 91602
J T. Beckma, Jr.
7th Vice President1611 S. Broadway, #110St Louis, MO 63104
Daie DiTa
8th Vice President1430 Broadway, 20th Floor New York, NY 10018
J Frd
9th Vice President326 West 48th StreetNew York, NY 10036
J M. lewis
10th Vice President22 St. Joseph StreetToronto, OntarioCanada M4Y 1J9
Craig Cars
11th Vice President216 S. Jeerson St., #400Chicago, IL 60661
Wiiam E. Gears, Jr.
12th Vice President6673 Avila WayFishers, IN 46038
Tmas C. Srt
InternationalPresident Emeritus
Micae W. Prscia
General Secretary–Treasurer Emeritus
Edward C. Pwe
International Vice President Emeritus
Pi S. lCicer
13th Vice President432 N. Anthony St., Suite 305New Orleans, LA 70119
Follow us on Twitter: @iatseVisit us on the Web: www.iatse-intl.orgwww.fickr.com/groups/iatse
Dwadabe versis  Te ocia Beti are psted  r website: www.iatse-it.rg.Permissi mst be grated by te IATSE bere repritig r distribtig ay prtis.
Like us on Facebook: www.acebook.com/iatse
Get Involved!Make A Difference!
Our Day, Our Time
On Monday September 3rd, residents o the United States and Can-ada celebrated Labor (Labour or our Canadian Brothers and Sisters)Day. For many people this day symbolizes the end o summer and is embraced because o the long weekend that it provides. However,or those o us in organized labor, this day carries with it much moresignifcance.
One hundred and thirty years have passed since the rst Labor Day ob-servance took place. The origins in the United States can be traced to Sep-tember 5, 1882 when the Central Labor Union in New York City organizedan unpaid day o or union workers who marched around Union Square tosupport the creation o the holiday.In Canada, the roots o Labour Day can be traced to the year 1872 whenthe Toronto Trades Assembly organized the rst “workingman’s demonstra-tion” to support the elimination o a law that included the language “tradeunions were criminal conspiracies in restraint o trade”.From those points orward, organized protests and demonstrations con-tinued, but it was not until 1894 that both the United States and Canadiangovernments enacted legislation to make the rst Monday in September o each year a legal holiday.Today those past struggles seem almost hard to imagine. The growth andstrength o the labor movement has been a driving orce in achieving mucho what society takes or granted today. Unortunately, much o today’smainstream media seems intent on ocusing on the benets that union mem-bers have achieved and they try to paint a picture o those benets being toogenerous in today’s economic times. What seems to get lost in this type o reporting is that those benets andconditions were collectively bargained or and anybody that has bargainedknows that employers never “gave” us anything. Unions had to go throughthe give and take process that is a negotiation and over time achieved thecollective agreements that exist today.In the past we primarily viewed the employer as the entity that wouldattempt to attack our hard won gains. However, as President Loeb so rightly points out, today it is the politicians that are increasingly impacting our working lives by enacting or attempting to enact legislation to weakenunions with the ultimate goal being to destroy unions.In the United States there will soon be the opportunity to elect politiciansthat support the needs o working people. In Canada the ght against BillC-377 demonstrates how you can end up on deense ater an election. Ac-complishing our goals has never been easy, but that has never deterred us.They named a day ater us because we are a relevant and important part o society. This is our time and our challenge and we are up to the task.
 The clock is ticking. Much like the end o a movie thriller, there aretremendous stakes in choosing the right option, the one that savesthe lives o countless innocents. Our clock, labor’s clock, has been ticking or longer than we’ve wanted, as time ater time in the past our years legislators have been elected with anti-union agendas that  will go a long way toward crippling organized labor and depriving thousands o working amilies o their livelihoods and their utures.But unlike those innocents in the movies, we don’t need a fctional hero to rescue us – we’re the ones who need to do it, to step up, to get our own “boots on the ground” and save ourselves.
The IATSE endorsed President Obama or a second term and did sobecause as challenging as it has been during these past our years, he haspledged his support or all working people across this nation. PresidentObama’s opponent, Mr. Romney, on the other hand wants nothing morethan to destroy us and the entire labor movement, and take the voice o  workers in general out o the political process. (You can see or yoursel by watching a video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JepSVdOaGMI)This election is not about party lines – this is about destructive attacks instate ater state that is supported and led by Romney – to silence the voiceo working people and pull the rug out rom under us. And, this year weare not only voting or the President. We will also be electing a number o U.S. Senators and members o Congress, and there are a number o racesor Governor and public ocials in cities and counties across the nation. Weneed to support and elect those candidates who will see that every workerin this country is protected. We also need to vote on ballot issues that havebeen merely created to urther decimate the rights o working people. We’re too close to Election Day now to sit back and talk about what actions we can take to protect the rights we have ought or, and earned, over decades. We are acing the worst threat to organized labor in decades. But we are thestrongest when we are united, when we put ourselves on the ront lines – ringdoorbells, participate in phone banks, drive voters to the polls and more. Weneed to talk to our brothers and sisters on sets, at conerences, at trade shows,and backstage, wherever members o the IA can be reached and urge them totake part in this coming election, and urge our amilies, riends and neighborsto stand shoulder to shoulder in protecting their voice as working Americans. As important as it is to get to the polls and cast your vote on November6th, this time voting may just not be enough. Get involved! Make a dier-ence! Now is the time to be “all in.”
Tis is t advise tat te regar Mid-Witer Meetig  te Geera EectiveBard is sceded t be ed at Seratnasvie Dwtw hte, 623 ui Street,nasvie, Teessee 37219 at 10:00 a.m. Mday, Jaary 7, 2013, ad wi remai isessi trg ad icdig Friday, Ja-ary 11, 2013. A bsiess t cme berete Bard mst be sbmitted t te Geeraoce  ater ta tee (15) days prir tte meetig.lca ui represetatives paig tatted te meetig mst make te reser-vatis wit Serat nasvie Dwtwhte by caig 1-800-447-9825. Gest rmrate r te IATSE is $169.00, ps appicabetaes, r bt sige ad dbe ccpacy.I rder t esre tat y receive te pre-erred rm rate estabised r r meet-ig, y mst idetiy yr aiati witte IATSE.Ct- date: December 6, 2012Tere wi be a Edcati Semiar Wedesday, Jaary 9, 2013 i te Capit1 Rm at Serat nasvie Dwtw h-te. Mre detais t w.
2013 suppLIesper CapIta taX InCreases
Te 2013 ca i sppies admembersip cards wi be maied at teed  nvember t tse ca is tatave sbmitted teir 3rd Qarter Reprt r2012 ad prcased te ecessary mber per capita stamps.Te mber  per capita stamps tatmst be prcased is based  te mber members reprted  te 1st ad 2dQarter Reprts ps tw times te m-ber  members reprted  te 3rd Qar-ter Reprt (t aw r a estimate  tembers tat wi be reprted  te 4tQarter Reprt). We te 4t Qarter Re-prt is sbmitted i Jaary 2013, a ad- jstmet t baace te lca’s acct ismade i ecessary.As a remider, deegates t te 66tQadreia Cveti vted t eave teper capita ta rate r 2013 at te same ev-e as 2012. Terere eective 1/1/13 terewi be  icrease i te per capita ta paidt te Iteratia. 
4 Ofcil Bllithid Q2012 5

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