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Published by Sudhaa

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Sudhaa on Mar 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sexual attraction with them is likely to be intense, as Aquarius findsGemini to be very attractive physically. The Gemini boy and Aquarius girl combination is excellent because youreally appreciate the most interesting qualities in each other. You areboth intelligent, insightful people and you will delight in the amazingconversations that you have together. You also share each other’s tastefor variety and new experiences, so you’ll have a lot of fun together. Your physical chemistry is strong and romance for both of you is morecreative and fun with each other than with most other signs. You willhave the best of both worlds in this relationship, because you will beboth great friends and great romantic partners. A real soulmate match. The caring, humanitarian thoughts of Aquarius will find a willing homewith Gemini. Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, is full of surprisesand sudden changes. This will suit the Gemini perfectly. There will beplenty of none stop variety to afford the stimulation that Gemini needsfor its dual personality.Geminis are always looking for surprises and the Aquarian can readilysupply them. There is attraction and an endless curiosity about theother. Both signs will want to hit the party circuit and mingle together.Gemini is very attracted to outgoing and independent Aquarius.Aquarius sees sex and a relationship with this easy carefree signknown as Gemini. Together, they can build a sexual relationship thatcould make it to the altar.An Aquarius woman dating a Gemini man will have a twinkle in her eyeand an absorbed look on her face. He’ll keep her mentally captivatedfor hours on end and then at the drop of a hat fly away to dosomething on his own which suits the Aquarius woman just fine. Afterall, no one understands the need to be free like she does. The Gemini man is stimulating and will provide the Aquarius womanwith a buffet of variety and clever, humorous fun. The Gemini manadores her for the innovative way she socializes and yet at the sametime maintains her individuality.Sexually, this dating pair will telepathically know what the otherdesires. And that’s a good thing since what feels good one night in bedcould bore either one of them the next!Versatile Gemini and innovative Aquarius get along famously. Theyshare a taste for novelty, travel, meeting new people. Because bothare unpredictable, things can't always go smoothly. But love keepsgetting better, for Aquarius adores Gemini's wit and good cheer. If Gemini is somewhat inconstant or unstable, Aquarius understands. In
marriage, these two are affectionate, devoted companions more thanpassionate lovers.Super alliance, you are both original and like variety. This makes for afun loving couple.Gemini and Aquarius expect almost the same out of life. They alsohave similar outlooks in life and this contributes greatly to theirrelationship compatibility. Even on the intellectual level, both of themshare an excellent rapport. They love each other's witty nature and willremain engaged in deep conversations. Most of the times, a Geminiand an Aquarian will share viewpoints, interests, social activities andeven friends. Though there may be a few differences every now andthen, none of them will be too great to adversely affect theircompatibility. The lonely or detached spells of the Water Bearer will never affect aGemini. Infact, during those times, he will be too busy enjoying his ownfreedom. He will also adore the originality and inventiveness of theformer. An Aquarian, on the other hand, will love Gemini'sunpredictability and independence. Nevertheless, the Water Bearer willhave to learn the tricks of romance, so that the brimming passion of aGemini doesn't starts diminishing. Except for a few hiccups, this zodiacmatch is one of the strongest ones.A Gemini man and an Aquarian woman will appreciate most of thequalities in each other. Both the individuals have a great intellect andlike to engage in meaningful conversations. Together, they will explorenew vistas and savor new experiences. He loves variety and change asmuch as she does and together, they can get along like a house onfire. When in relationship, they will never ever need friends and theywill easily find true friendship in one another only. The combination of an Aquarius and a Gemini is surely one of the best. This is a beautiful union. (even if I do say so myself) These two simply“click” from the outset and stay that way more or less until the bitterend. When that end will be is hard to say. It could be a few months, itcould be several thousand years! To be honest it all depends on howlong they WANT to stay together. They actually have the option. Whenthese two signs get together nothing can stand in their way. Theymake an amazing team and as well as being the best of friends, canalso work together beautifully. The Gemini has the great ability of being able to change frequently,and in every sense of the word. This will go down well with theAquarius, who, although can be unpredictable mood wise, is a fixedsign and has trouble accepting that their way’s need changing. Luckily,the Gemini will just ‘get on with it’. If a problem arises that may needcompromise the Gemini happily compromises.Aquarian’salthough air
signs themselves, seem to have a high level of patience, and this isrequired at times when being with a Gemini. I believe it is these twoattributes, patience and compromise, that helps stick these twotogether like glue. These two are so in tune with one another it is scary. Even if they areapart they can sense one another. Watching this couple will beamusing also. They tend to take time out of the real world and enterinto one of their own making, which no-one else can understand ortake part in. The closeness of this union is unbreakable and second tonone. Boredom will NEVER set in. It is simply impossible for these twopeople to be bored in each other’s company. They will always findsomething to do or talk about or make up, this is one of life’s “happycouples”. I have to say from personal experience that this couple willbe so active that housework and daily chores may suffer. TheAquarius and Gemini are not conservative people in anyway, and due to theirhighly creative abilities their’s will be a more ‘bohemian’ lifestyle.Don’t get me wrong. If and when this loving couple argue, and oh mywhen they argue, they argue, it is almost as if all their love hasreversed and turned into hate. It’s horrible. And mainly stems from theGemini’s over emotional side. The Aquarius won’t hang around, theyhate conflict, they find it scary..so they run away and wait until it’sgone away. The thing is that as a couple they are so very close thatwhen an argument does happen it seems like the world has ended. Ithasn’t, of-course, they will kiss and make up, Gemini will make sure of it..and will persist in getting the stubborn Aquarius out of his “mood”so they can carry on playing all over again! Yes, this couple don’t need much of an excuse to jump in bed together,or indeed anywhere. They have no hang up’s about their sexuality andare both open minded and up for well, everything really. So as long asthe Aquarius and the Gemini actually get around to sharing a bedtogether for more than sleeping in after whichever exhausting pursuitthey have been doing, these two will have a sex life made in heaven…and Ann Summers will find that she has even more money!!!Life long friends, lover’s and soul mates assured.Gemini the Twins and Aquarius the Water-Bearer are both Air Signs, sothe mental connection is excellent. You each have superb intellectualskills, love to talk and toss ideas around, plus you have loads of energyto spend together. You can enjoy each other's quick, intelligent mindsand will have endlessly fascinating conversations about people, ideasand places. Unconventional Aquarius loves to be out there, with astimulating taste for adventure and experiment that will keep you on

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