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Twe Stephens – A different kind of Christian Author

Twe Stephens – A different kind of Christian Author



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Published by Twe Stephens
What make Twe Stephens different than all the other millions that write Christian novels...
What make Twe Stephens different than all the other millions that write Christian novels...

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Published by: Twe Stephens on Apr 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  A different kind of Christian  Author 
 Hello, I
m Twe (pronounced
Tweh Stevens
) Stephens
I call myself
 A different kind of Christian Author 
, because I pen didactic novels unlike anyone I
ve seen write before in the publishing industry
 I write the history of God utilizing a fictional format for his greater Glory. Many of the scenes in my novels take place in Heaven, so the reader can experience what heaven is probably like. Heaven isn
about sitting on clouds strumming harps, and praising God with every other breath for eternity. Heaven is a civilization with ten n
ations, nine races of God’s children,
 politics, infrastructure, unbelievable technology, built on the foundations called brotherhood, peace, and inundated in the righteousness called holiness. Many designate what I do as blasphemy because my novels mix the distilled truth of God with fictional characters and addresses the questions of what probably is - by employing common sense, secular and church history, the scriptures, the Apocrypha, and the freedom all fiction has. Very few fictional stories glorify God; edifies his word, or chronicles holy history in a format that leads to a better understanding of our Creator, expands consciousness, and endeavors the reader to learn something new, something repressed, something called trampled truth.
The Lord’s
commission was to teach the totality of his history in a biblically based format, from billions of years before the birth of mankind, everything in-between, to the final eternity, to address issues the system refuses to touch and educate why God did, does, and will do what he will. Written for those who
 never picked up the bible,
that they’d
 understand the Story of the God called Yahaveh, The
 One, The One; and to reveal within its simplicity why w
re in this evil world, become saved and believe. I desire to open eyes and elevate the paradigm shift that God answers all questions, and drive the reader to study deep so they can think for themselves, so they can ferret out lies and false doctrines, and get out of the same system that John the Baptist warned
 for seven years - and the evil misinformed Jesus vilified throughout his entire ministry. Yet, my purpose is not to foster debate, caucus, or validate or invalidate anyone's belief system. My novels are not about theology or any system of thought, but are of the history of God and his interactions with his children. Many people believe differently when it comes to the bible
 and I respect their right to disagree. I endeavor, despite those differences, to raise one's consciousness to what could possibly be, and maybe enjoy a story about our Lord th
 full of respect and written through the Holy Spirit - to create within the reader a closer walk with their Creator, as they understood him.
ve written two novels of four expected
 The Universes of God: The Chronicles of The Angels, the other The Universes of God II: The Chronicles of Jesus Christ
. I’m
 currently working on The Universes of God 3: The Chronicles of The Antichrist. The last book will be The Universes of God 4: The Final Eternity.
  A different kind of Christian  Author 
 An example of mixing fact with fictions is, The Universes of God: The Chronicles of the Angels documents the trial of Satan that led to his death sentence. We all agree that happened (http://www.scribd.com/doc/41822067/That-Which-is-Crooked-Cannot-Be-Made-Straight); but truth became fiction when I wrote a whole chapter on this trial
 for none could possibly know what God said to Satan or the methodology used to sentence him to death. Also, the
bible doesn’t
state why Ham slept with his mother, (Lev. 18:8) which invoked the wrath of Noah. The reasons I hypothesized are pure fiction - but seemed plausible. Another example is the Zoon, the four living beasts that guard the
Thrones of God 
, never made music in the scriptures; all the scriptures say is they sing HIS praises day and night, unceasingly. No one knows why God has placed all the martyred souls under his Thrones (Rev_6:9), and were segregated from the general population of Heaven. The reason written was my best possible hypothesis relying on many decades of study; and yes, my guess is probably
it’s pure fiction
 but plausible. Also, the bible is silent on who took Lucifer
s place
 I chose David because God said he had a heart after his own heart and it seemed a good choice. There
re many such examples of things that are fiction in my writings. But I say to you, the fictional aspects are sidebars to the greatest story ever told and the foundations remain true to the scriptures. What really happened in the first Heaven, why God plunged mankind into this evil world with the stain of death covering his head, the first Israel I called the Mountain Nation, the whole Adam and Eve story, Noah and the flood, the origin of the Giants, the Tower of Babel, and trials of Job are true. Many have never heard some of the biblical stories in my novels because the system doesn
accept the Apocrypha, due to the canonization process of the Catholic Church. So therefore, the average Christian would say that
s not in the bible
 a lie
. Everyone should learn the totality of God’s word and read the
Apocrypha and the so-
called lost books; the test is simple. Does it align with God’s word or not. All false
scripture goes against the bible
 blatantly like a five billion watt light bulb in your face. I have nothing against the Catholic for it does enormous good; but it boggles my imagination theologians would throw out major parts of scripture because of some meeting held thousands of years ago within an obviously corrupt system
 and suppress the knowledge of God. The Catholic Church has been responsible for some of the most heinous crimes in history and is rifled throughout and within with the arrogance they
re the only
true church
 the rest of us are two notches higher than the pagans, our feet seriously licking the fires of hell. The Catholic Church is not unique, for throughout the history of the Church, the majority has usually been wrong, willfully corrupt, bowing to political, pagan, and insidious secular forces. Obviously, there
 poetic license in any fictional story, but the precepts and events of my novels are based truths that were censored for thousands of years. The antiquity of mankind, the civilization called Heaven, the motivations, rationale, and the emotions of God are so twisted with traditions of man that it diverts functional understanding of the nature of this world and
  A different kind of Christian  Author 
 the real reason why we exist in this spiritual cesspool. This was definitely not the vision our Lord envisioned for his children - for life was never supposed to be unfair. The Universes of God: The Chronicles of the Angels chronicles the story of Heaven, its societal upheavals, and the birth of evil that occurred billions of eons before the dawn of mankind. Do you really think the Angels discarded their Creator as meaningless because Satan was simply prideful? What did he do, what was his methodology, what was the
that caused billions to abandon their perfection - while seeing God face to face? What really happened in Heaven, and why it was absolutely necessary for God to plunge mankind into this sinful evil world? All these question are answered in their simplicity. If you know the beginnings, functional understanding of the bible will develop without effort - as easy as drinking water. My second novel, The Universes of God 2: The Chronicles of Jesus Christ is also on this site. You experience the extermination of the Giants off the earth, the pandemonium and anguish of the crucifixion, and God
s nuclear vengeance on the Pharisees that murdered his Son.
You’ll sweat
through Abram and his adventures, the forty-year death sentence of aimless wandering, and the wars in the Promised Land in a new exciting format called
 probable reality 
. The novel showcases the rationale of God, his plan, the who, what, and why of the crucifixion - ending with the budding sect called Christianity - the revelation that destroyed the
law of the jungle
 that the world sweltered under, replacing it with the knowledge of the
brotherhood of mankind,
 and the charitable empathy that changed the world forever. The third of the quadrilogy, The Universes of God 3: The Chronicles of the Antichrist, which I
m currently working on, will see the real Anti-Christ th
 deceive the earth, the wars and silent wars, the rebuilding of the Temple, the Two Witnesses and their real mission, the final Armageddon, and ends at Jesus
 triumphant return (
). It covers the spiritual and the secular, the generational methodology that reorganized evil into a formidable called The One World Order. This epic covers the history of the nations, the secret Council of Churches, the reign of the Antichrist, and expounds holy prophecy th
show what, where, how, and who will happen in the future
 and even unto the right now. It focuses on the Synagogue of Satan and their prophesied destruction, for they are the
 race Jesus warned the world to beware of - who are singularly responsible for all the pervasive evil
 and wars on this planet. The scope of The Universes of God 3: The Chronicles of the Antichrist, despite the title, paints the definitive picture of God
 glory, justness, and esoteric endgame plan - and showcases the
 jewel of great  price
all Creation wails endlessly for
 the destruction of evil forever! The last novel, The Universes of God 4: The Final Eternity starts at Jesus triumphant return, covering the millennium civilization and what will happen there, and the first and second resurrections into eternal life. You are there for the White Throne judgment, the Lake of Fire and the final destruction of evil. It ends at the third and final Universe of God - The Eternity. What will the final eternity really be like? Why is Jesus coming to earth for a thousand years - to do what? What will the White Throne Judgment really be like, and what is the true function of the lake of fire when
hell itself 
 (Hades) will be destroyed in the lake of fire? This epic novel answers these questions in their simplicity and showcases the methods God uses to preserve holiness and

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