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Joey Hawkins Questionnaire

Joey Hawkins Questionnaire

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Published by larrymmcbride
Joey Hawkins Questionnaire
Joey Hawkins Questionnaire

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Published by: larrymmcbride on Apr 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why are you running?
I am running for City Council D4 because I LOVE DENTON! I want my children to have theopportunity to know and love the Denton I know and love when they get older. This can happenby electing council members with a shared vision and heart for service. I have shown throughvolunteer work and my business ownership that I care about Denton’s community. I bring a lovefor the arts coupled with business experience.
Describe your professional experience and how it qualifies you for office.
 Through owning my two businesses and my volunteer endeavors, I feel that I am in the customerservice business.Customer service involves the skill to truly listen, a deep respect for all people,ownership of mistakes, commitment to fixing those mistakes, a good work ethic, and an attitudeof cooperation in doing whatever is needed to get the job done, regardless of whether it is “in my job descriptionor not. As a Denton City Councilman, I would join with other Public Servants inbringing the highest level of service to our great community.
What capital project is most needed for Denton and how would you pay for it?
 The capital project most needed for Denton is the natural gas pipeline to the industrial district. This will attract potential businesses to an area that has been turning away business for years dueto a lack of available gas. When new businesses choose to locate in this area, it will help lessenthe property tax burden for homeowners and local businesses. It will also provide much neededemployment for our residents. These are the kinds of jobs that provide benefits and allow peopleto make enough money to own homes and spend money at local retailers. I would pay for thisproject by issuing General Obligation Bonds. Any capital project issuing these bonds requires avote by the community. The debt attached to this project would be paid for with revenuecollected by selling the gas to the new businesses, as well as the existing ones.
In what areas do you see waste in your government and what would you do about it?
As a small business owner, I am constantly trying to identify areas of waste and where I can bemore efficient. These internal audits are essential in running a profitable business. Sometimesdifficult decisions have to be made to insure the life of the business. Specifically, when onCouncil, I would like to look at code enforcement and its day-to-day practices. It often feels likecompliance with the code is the goal of dealings with this office, but that should only be one of the means of achieving this goal, our common goala better City of Denton. I think that moreemphasis should be placed on education and helping people understand the code. It seems to methat the focus should be on building great businesses by helping business owners succeed, ratherthan looking first to penalize honest efforts. That has been the most successful strategy in myown businesses and would be a better use of “human capital” and government salaries, not tomention a more rewarding and less stressful work environment for the city employees involved.

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