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Published by Olivia Abtahi
Mutant Aliens + LA's urban youth
Mutant Aliens + LA's urban youth

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Published by: Olivia Abtahi on Apr 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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INT. GYM - NIGHTIt's late. OS we hear the sound of the MRC winding down as we pan across their gear. We see BOXING GLOVES, ATHLETICTAPE, and MOUTH GUARDS sprawled by the ring.The camera takes another turn to the back wall, where aCHAINSAW, BASEBALL BAT, 5 BANDANAs, a FLAMETHROWER and aTACO BELL MENU hang. We pause on photo of a young girl andher father in front of the crumbling gym: "MADDY Y IGNÁCIO".The camera moves again and finally rests on a dead ALIEN,half-covered by a black garbage bag, propped up against asteel desk. BLACK INK oozes from every pore. At the desksits Michael as he uploads a video.MICHAELMaddy, you make like a million faces when you slow down the footage.Maddy delivers a lightning fast SMACK upside Michael's head.Michael turns to the group, all sitting behind him on thecouch. Tyler takes tape off his hands while Maddy stretches.Rob's looking at the inside of a cellphone, cleaning outblack goop. Joel paces.MADDYThat's because I'm concentrating.You're even slower than that thing.She tilts her head towards the dead alien.EXT. LA RIVER - NIGHTWe cut to the gang grappling under the bridge. An alien,sticky and covered in oozing ink, lunges at Maddy. Sheducks, grimacing, stepping into the water so fast it bouncesoff the river's surface. The camera catches the ripple. Another alien approaches. Joel stands in front of it.JOEL(to Maddy)Careful! I got this!Joel punches the Alien. It's a weak punch, and it only stunsit. Maddy jumps on Joel's back, pushing her into the Alien'sface. She kicks, punches, and slashes it so fast the camerablurs.INT. GYM - SECONDS LATERJOEL
I mean, did you guys see me? I waslike pow, pow, POW!We see Michael, Maddy, Rob, and Tyler roll their eyes.ROBWe saw you, Joel.Michael brings his computer closer. Tyler starts.TYLERWait, Mike, replay that part.MICHAELIt's Michael.Tyler stares at him.MICHAEL (CONT'D)Ok then.EXT. LA RIVER - NIGHT An Alien comes towards Michael's camera. Michael doesn'tflinch.Tyler SLAMS into an alien twice his size, wrestling it tothe ground. Tyler kicks it. Black OOZE flecks the cameralens. He spins around.TYLERWhat the hell Mike! That thing wascoming for you and you didn't evenget out of the way!MICHAELI don't know, Tyler! I just knew it wasn't going to get me. Another alien distracts Tyler. He runs off.MICHAEL (CONT'D)It's MICHAEL!INT. GYM - SECONDS LATERTyler shifts on the couch. It's clear he's exhausted. Hestares at Michael.TYLERWhat do you mean, you knew it wasn'tgoing to get you?ROB
Yeah, how did you know?Michael picks up his ooze-soaked camera and starts to clean.MICHAELI don't know. I just got a weirdfeeling-Michael stops suddenly, looking at the dead alien.ROBWhat?The alien lies there, dead.MICHAELNothing.Rob sighs, putting the cellphone back together.ROBHow did so much crap get in here inthe first place?He moves towards the laptop. Michael doesn't budge.ROB (CONT'D)Dude. Let me drive.Michael backs away from his precious laptop. Rob clicksaround.JOELC'mon Rob, wanna spar? Maddy? Tyler?I got 12 hours left in me!Maddy groans. Rob hushes them, scrubbing through thefootage.ROBWatch.EXT. LA RIVER - EARLIER THAT NIGHTThe sky is blue, not black like the other clips. The gangsneaks to the bridge from the side of the river.MICHAEL(holding the camera)We're here at the sketchiest bridgeI've ever seen before, alien-hunting.Michael walks further off, filming the crew from the side,

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