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Fitnah to Cause a New 9/11 in Afghanistan

Fitnah to Cause a New 9/11 in Afghanistan

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Published by Nashir Al Albani
Anti Hypocrisy movement
Anti Hypocrisy movement

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Published by: Nashir Al Albani on Mar 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fitnah To Cause New 9/11 In Afghanistan
“Fitnah (dissensions) Ahlas is about wreaking Silatur Rahiim (socialrelationship) and in waging war to each other. After that will happen Sara’(wealth), the source of smoke will be from the feet of my descendants (AhlulBait). He claims himself as part of me (descendants of Fathimah), while heis not at all part of me. Because my Wali (family of me) just a pious man(Taqwa).Then human being will appoint someone by raising a man as their leader like a hip which stick to the upper side of the ribs (Gymnastic tongue). After that, there will be Fitnah Duhaima’ (dark) who does not hit anyone in thisUmmah (people) accept will hit them with a hard hit. When people said,“Fitnah (dissensions) has over,” the Fitnah still happen. In the morning, people are in the state of having faith, but in the afternoon they are becomingKafir (apostate). Finally humans split into 2 parties: people of faith who donot have any hypocrisy in themselves and Hypocrites (Munafiq) who do nothave any faith in themselves. If that really happens, then just wait the arrivalof Dajjal (biggest liar & hypocrit).(HR.Abu Daud no.3704, Ahmad no.5892, Al Hakim no.8574. Being declareas Shahih by Al Hakim, Adz Dzahabi and Al Albani in Shahih Jami’ Shaghir no.4194 and Silsilah Hadits Ash Shahihah 974).I won’t wage war against any Muslim country, unless a Khalifah already being Bai’at by Muslim and Jihad Fi Sabilillah about to be done.Don’t forget that anyone who discard Syari’at Islam and Hududullah, willnot be accepted by Allahu Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala any Ibadah (good deeds)that they have done whether the Fardhu or the Mustahab (not Fardhu) (AbuDaud).And do not dismiss the fact that rejecting Syari’at and Manhaj of DaulahIslamiyyah are one of the very sinful deeds. If you’re Da’i or Ustadz, youmust categorise people who work inside Secular parties as those people whoaccept Haraam money indeed. Do not forget this one.

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