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Insights on Mobile Consumption from Nielsen Research

Insights on Mobile Consumption from Nielsen Research

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Published by Sumit Roy
Mobile Video and how this is a gamechanger
Mobile Video and how this is a gamechanger

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Sumit Roy on Apr 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Mobile ConsuMer: A GlobAl snApshoT
THe NexT MediA POwerHOuSe
Wen te first call was laced n a andeld mbile ne in 97, terttye device used was caable f less tan  minutes f battery lifeand tk  urs t re-carge. Fast-frward sme 4 years later andmbile device wnersi as reaced critical mass arund te wrld.Tday, tese devices serve as te rimary cmmunicatins and mediaveicles fr many and lay an increasingly imrtant rle in te dailylives f cnsumers in bt develed and ig-grwt ecnmies.T better understand tday’s mbile wrld, we’ve selected data frm tefllwing cuntries – Australia, Brazil, Cina, India, Italy, Sut Krea,Russia, Turkey, te United Kingdm, and te United States – fr an in-det lk at mbile cnsumers and w tey use teir devices arundte glbe.
The Mobile ConsuMer: A GlobAl snApshoT
Cygt © 2013 T Nn CmanyThe Mobile CoNsuMer: A GlobAl sNApshoT
DeviCe peneTrATion AnD user DeMoGrAphiCs
Smartne wners may be te majrity f mbile users in cuntrieslike te U.S. and U.K., but te trusty feature ne (devices wit ntucscreen r QWERTY keyad tat erate witut an advancederating system) cntinues t be te mbile device f cice in laceslike India, Brazil and Russia were te netwrk infrastructure requiredfr smartnes and next generatin mbile devices as yet t aearutside f large, urban centers. In general, yunger cnsumers arundte glbe are mre likely t embrace smartne devices. It can beexected tat teir interest will el drive smartne adtin as teyage and make u a greater ercentage f te cnsumer base.Te increased functinality smartnes ffer als means increaseddata and bandwidt usage, wic cmes at a rice. Wile cnsumers incuntries wit iger smartne wnersi, like Sut Krea, te U.K.and te U.S. seem resigned t ay a fixed rice fr an unlimited r tiereddata lan, cnsumers in cuntries wit fewer smartne wners andless f te G r 4G infrastructure in lace are mre likely t rely n ay-as-yu-g data tins r use WiFi.
ConsuMer sMArTphone hAbiTsArounD The WorlD
Wit erating systems and device caabilities tat rvide cnsumersmre access t cntent and multimedia features, smartnes aretransfrming mbile abits in markets arund te wrld. Games andscial netwrking as are generally te mst ular acrss tecuntries selected.
Mobile shoppinG
Mbile sing via smartne is still in its infancy in many cuntriesarund te wrld. Amng te cuntries selected fr tis rert, mbilewallet r NFC usage is still gaining tractin wit cnsumers; nlyte U.S. ad a majrity f smartne users w use a sing rretail a at least nce a mnt. But smartne users in a variety f cuntries are using teir mbile devices t brwse, if nt urcase,rducts, cnduct rice cmarisns and read rduct reviews.
Mobile viDeo
A clear glbal reference fr w t view mbile vide cntent as yett emerge. Mbile web and as are te mst likely cices fr mstsmartne users, wit dwnlading vide clis seeming t be a lessular metd fr mst.Wile generally nt cnsidered a relacement fr traditinal TV viewing,mbile vide is rviding cnsumers wit mre rtunities tengage wit cntent at any time, anywere. Te majrity f smartnecnsumers said tey dn’t feel as tug mbile vide viewing as anyimact n teir nrmal TV abits. Te greatest imact f mbile viewingaears t be in ig-grwt ecnmies. Fr examle, rugly ne-tirdf Cinese smartne users surveyed nline said tey ave increasedteir traditinal TV viewing abits, wile 28 ercent f Indian usersbelieve tey watc less traditinal TV because f mbile viewing.
Mobile ADverTisinG
Wit te dramatic grwt in mbile usage arund te wrld, cntentrviders and ter ublisers are increasingly seeking ut new ways tcreate value fr teir cntent, and brands and advertisers are lking frmre rtunities t get teir messages in frnt f te rigt audience.In all cuntries excet India, smartne wners are mst likely treceive mbile ads abut nce a day. Indian smartne wners receivembile ads less frequently, wit 7 ercent seeing tem abut nce aweek r less. In general, smartne wners in develed markets arete least likely t engage wit mbile ads, wile smartne wners inig-grwt ecnmies are mre likely t engage.
Nielsen’s 2 Mbile Cnsumer Rert ulls tgeter findings frmsurveys, custm and syndicated researc cnducted arund te wrldin 22. Data cllectin metdlgies and gegraic reresentatinsvary by cuntry. Cuntries were data cllectin was cnducted inersn r n te ne include India and Turkey. Fr Brazil, datacllectin was cnducted nline, excet fr mbile and smartneenetratin figures wic were cllected by ne.Te fllwing ages cntain a snast f te differences andsimilarities amng mbile cnsumers arund te wrld and ffer aglimse f te early demgraic and beavir trends assciatedwit new mbile devices in emerging markets. Reresenting justsme f Nielsen’s mbile caabilities, tese insigts rvide a betterunderstanding f bt te callenges and rtunities tat exist as tembile landscae cntinues t evlve.

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