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If You Know English Then You Know Greek

If You Know English Then You Know Greek

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Published by Rania Chiourea

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Published by: Rania Chiourea on Apr 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The words in REDcolor are exclusivelyENGLIGH,the rest are Greek......
 thebasisof history, literature,visual arts, architecture,sciences,medicine, music,theOlympics
The article below was published in a British art magazine.
"Thegenesisof classical dramawas notsymptomatic. An euphoriaof charismaticand talented protagonistsshowedfantastic scenesof historic episodes.Theprologue,the  themeand theepilogue, comprisedthetrilogyof dramawhilesynthesis, analysisand  synopsis characterizedthephraseologyof thetext.Thesyntaxandphraseologyused by scholars, academiciansandphilosophersin theirrhetoric,had manygrammatical idioms andidiosyncrasies.Theprotagonists periodicallyusedpseudonyms. Anonymitywas a syndromethatcharacterizedthetheatrical atmosphere.Thepanoramic fantasy,the  mystique,themelody,theaesthetics,the use of  thecosmetic epithetsarecharacteristics of drama.Even through thetheatreswerephysically gigantic,there was no need for microphonesbecause thearchitectureand theacousticswouldecho isometricallyand crystal -clear. Manyepistemologistsof physics, aerodynamics, acoustics, electronics, electromagnetics, can notanalyze -explain theidealandisometric acousticsof Hellenic theaterseven today.There were manycategoriesof drama: classical drama, melodrama, satiric, epic, comedy,etc.Thesyndromeof xenophobia or dyslexiawas overcome by thepathosof  theactorswho  practiced methodically parelleletoemphatically. Acrobaticswere alsoeuphoric.There wasa plethoraof anecdotal themes,with which theanonymous acrobatswouldelectrify the ecstatic audiencewithscenesfrommythicalandhistorical episodes.Sometheatrics episodeswerecharacterizedasscandalousandblasphemous. Pornography, bigamy, homophilia, nymphomania, polyandry, polygamyandheterosexualityweredramatizedina pedagogicalway sothe mysticismabout them would not causephobiaoranathemaor taken asanomalybut throughlogic
,dialogueandanalysis, skepticismand thepatheticorcryptic mysterybehind them would be dispelled. It ishistoricallyandchronologicallyproven thattheater emphasized pedagogy, psychology, idealismandharmony. Paradoxicallyit alsoenergized patriotisma  phenomenonthatsymbolized ethnically characterandphenomenal heroism."
 Rania Chiourea

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