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Sepharial-Primary Directions Made Easy (1991)

Sepharial-Primary Directions Made Easy (1991)

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Published by scribdmerd

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Published by: scribdmerd on Apr 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Republished by Canopus PublicationsBox 774Kingston, Tasmania 7051Australia
 All rights reserved
© Canopus PublicationsThis Publication has been reproduced from the original textin the interest of preserving old Astrological texts and maynot be reproduced or transmitted by any means electronic or mechanical or recorded in any form including photocopyingor by any storage or retrieval system except for personal useand may not be used for reselling or any other commercialpurposes. To do so is in violation of copyright law.The text is produced in pdf format and can be printed for personal use on A4 paper.
ISBN 1 8766 18 04 3
The publisher and editor have taken all measures to ensurethis publication is an accurate reproduction of the original butcannot guarantee it to be free of typographical errors. Wherenecessary charts have been reproduced using moderntechnology and format. We used Solar Fire from EsotericTechnologies, Australia
 _____ I have often been asked by students to evolve a method which,while simple enough to appeal to the average student unused tospherical trigonometry, is yet sound in principle and capable of immediate demonstration. For a long time the study of PrimaryDirections by the Semiarc method, together with expenditure of moneyon men of leisure capable of working out a horoscope to a conclusion, Ihave come to the conclusion not only that Directions by Primary Arcsas commonly practised are unreliable, but also that they are undulycomplex and therefore finally unsatisfactory.Here and there one finds luminous examples of the efficacy of these Directions, but mature experience shows that it is only at thosepoints where they come into line with the true method of Direction. Thenotable failure of the Semiarc method to find adequate Directions for the most astounding War that was ever waged by men on this planetought to show that at the crucial point of test this system was a failure.Where, for instance, are the Primary Arcs in the horoscope of theKaiser Wilhelm II, which ushered in this Great War? Where are theastounding and epoch-making Directions in the horoscope of KingGeorge V during the years 1914 and subsequently? Such astranspired in the course of calculation were of a nature to which we arerendered familiar in the everyday life of the man who has lost a job andfound another waiting for him! They are inadequate, insignificant, andastrologically puerile.Commander Morrison, for whose faculty I have always had themost profound respect, seems to have originated the method. It hasbeen referred to Ptolemy by him and also by others, but I have notfound anything in Ptolemy’s works which seems to indicate the exactmethod of his Directions, the most explicit of his statements being infavour of Directions by Oblique Ascension and Right Ascension,according to the quarter of the heavens in which the Direction isformed. All such considerations disappear in the Semiarc method, andthe system at first devised has been rendered more complex by theintroduction of Placidean Directions or Directions in Mundo.Now there are only two Directions which can be made to any body,one is to its longitude in the zodiac and the other to its bodily place inthe heavens. These are known as Directions in zodiac and in Mundo.But the immense mistake has been made of directing all bodies as if they were at the same elevation, instead of occupying various altitudesin the prime vertical.

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