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Rngspoke Redacted

Rngspoke Redacted

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Published by kgrhoads

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Published by: kgrhoads on Apr 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Subject: Ring and spokes secret decoder key (not for Boris and Natasha)Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2004 16:02:56 +0000From: "Kevin G. Rhoads" <XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX@alum.mit.edu>Organization: Physics and AstronomyTo: "Robert G. Michell" <XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.dartmouth.edu>CC: Kristina Lynch <XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.dartmouth.edu>,"David C. Collins" <XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.dartmouth.edu>,"Ralph.Gibson@Dartmouth.edu" <XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.dartmouth.edu>In the tables an "X" refers to the presence of a 59k resistor.For the resistors to ground:R1 = 20kR2 = 30kR3 = 59kno resistor to ground is used if there are four "X"san R3 is used to ground if there are three "X"san R2 is used to ground if there are two "X"san R1 is used to ground if there is one "X"no spoke has no "X"s (00000 is a disallowed code, since the spoke would notcommunicate to any ring)E0 E3 E1 E2 E4 Ring ESpoke number Ground Ring0 Ring1 Ring2 Ring3 Ring4 Hex Hex1 R2 X X 1262 R1 X 423 R2 X X 534 R3 X X X 7 135 R2 X X 6 106 R1 X 287 R2 X X 398 R1 X 119 R1 X 16 1610 R2 X X 17 1711 R3 X X X 19 2512 R2 X X 18 2413 R3 X X X 22 2614 X X X X 23 2715 R3 X X X 21 1916 R2 X X 20 1817 R3 X X X 28 22

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