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Hallott szöveg értése (Listening) - Answer key

Hallott szöveg értése (Listening) - Answer key

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Published by Petra Varró

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Petra Varró on Apr 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Euro B2 Webset - Listening - ANSWER KEY & AUDIO SCRIPTSPage 1
QuestionYour Answer
Candidate Number:
Task One: Short Conversations
Task Two: Making Notes
Task Three: RadioProgramme
QuestionYour Answer
7 12
cameraelectricity (bill / one)
8 13
9 14
tomorrownext Friday
10 15
GlasgowThe party
get home
Place a X in the appropriate box.Do not make corrections.Never mark more than one box.
Euro B2 Webset - Listening - ANSWER KEY & AUDIO SCRIPTSPage 2
Texts for Task One: Short Conversations
Conversation 1
WomanThis is my current favourite. It’s like a soundtrack to my life now.ManAh, so youve bought it at last! I thought you might.WomanYes. I know it’s been on again and again on the radio but I wanted to own it.ManYou really should get into sharing. It’s so much easier.WomanI suppose so, but I still get a thrill having the hard copy in my hand.
Conversation 2
WomanI’m so pleased we got this. It’s is so much quicker than doing everything by hand.ManTrue, though it is more expensive and I’m not sure it’s environmentally friendly.WomanIt’s better though. Everything comes out really clean and shiny. But I still wouldn’t put ourfinest crockery in.ManOK, Ive rinsed everything. I’ll stack it all inside now.WomanSo, we have to choose a programme for the wash. What do you think?ManThis one will do, its only 15 minutes.
Conversation 3
ManWhy ever do we need new ones?WomanWell, I’m really sold on natural materials now. I wanted some filled with real feathers.ManThe old ones were comfortable enough, I thought.WomanYou just try these and you’ll feel the difference. You just sink into them. And they smell crispyclean.ManOK. I think I’m ready to lay my head down, it’s been a long day. What do you think?
Conversation 4
ManWe must have loads of pairs, but however hard I search, I can never find them!WomanLook in the drawer over there. There’ll be some amongst my sewing materials.ManAre they suitable for the job, though? They’ve got to be sharp enough for the carpet.WomanAh! Maybe not. Use the ones in the tool box then.ManGot them. Wow, theyre sharp!
Conversation 5
WomanYou’ve really filled it up. We can’t possibly get any more in.ManWell, its much more efficient to do a full load.WomanAnd you do know that the white things have to be done separately.ManI know what Im doing, you know!WomanAnd you have emptied out all the pockets…
Conversation 6
ManI know you say that I play my music too loudly. Well, with these you won’t hear it at all. Ipromise.WomanGood. I can finally finish the book in peace.ManI know this was a bit expensive but you can adjust the volume and tone on each channel.
Euro B2 Webset - Listening - ANSWER KEY & AUDIO SCRIPTSPage 3
WomanDon’t turn it up too loud though or we’ll still hear the bass coming through.ManI’m not a teenager any more! But anyway, it’s got great isolation.
Text for Task Two: Making Notes
Hi Robin, it’s Nora! Don’t get too excited - I’m still in Kintekunta. I’d have preferred to talk to you and not toa machine, but … I’ve been having a wonderful holiday, but last night I had a bit of a nightmare. While I waswalking on the beach, somebody broke into my hotel and stole my passport, plane tickets and credit cards.So, here I am at the moment, with nothing except the cash that I had on me and for some reason my camera,which the burglar either didn’t see or didn’t like.Since I’m stuck here for a few days can you do a few extra things for me. First of all, my folks must be reallyworried, so for starters, could you give my sister a ring? She’ll tell mum and dad.And there’s one more family issue to deal with: to sort my grandmother out. She’s arriving tomorrow, I don’tsuppose you’d mind picking her up and taking her to my new flat – she’s never been there before and she’sexpecting someone to meet her. She arrives at the airport at 11.30 from Glasgow… and just keep an eye outfor her until I get back, in case she needs something. She should be OK, though.I’ve already managed to cancel the credit cards, so no worries about that and I’ve just about got the cashto get home. The only problem is that the electricity bill is overdue and they’ll cut me off if it isn’t paid bytomorrow. Can you go to my flat and pick up the bill; it should be on the desk next to that big book aboutAfrica. If you can pay it, I’ll give you the money when I get back. There are 4 or 5 bills on the desk but theothers can wait – although you could water the plants as well while you’re there.One last thing: my university work. I have an assignment due on Friday - I obviously won’t be able to hand itin. Would you mind getting in touch with professor Philips and letting him know what happened so that heknows I’m not just being lazy. Ask him if it’s OK if I hand it in next Friday. Tell him I’m really sorry.Oh, my God I almost forgot: the party is off as well. Can you let people know. A big kiss to everyone and tellthem we’ll have it as soon as we get home.Thanks a million for sorting everything out. You’re such a treasure … and sorry again for this mess.
Text for Task Three: Radio Programme
PresenterGood evening everybody. Tonight in the studio we’re lucky enough to have a local boy,somebody who’s been through it all. Previously he worked for three years showingtourists around the city; but since then he’s tasted success as a member of boybandsensation Hate Tat and experienced the bitter disappointment of being dropped by hisrecord company; but he remains probably the nicest bloke in pop. So Mike you’re back?Mike Yes, I am and back for good this time, I hope.PresenterAnd you are still smiling, I see. But was that always the case? How was life without arecord deal?Mike Well, of course it was difficult. I forget exactly how many years I’d been with them, and,you know, I think I’d got used to it and it had become too comfortable. So I’ve beenpositive about it. The experience has made me much more determined to succeed andto prove myself again.PresenterYou mean it’s made you push yourself harder?MikeYes, its made me think about what Im writing about more.

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