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Seminar Curriculum Timeline

Seminar Curriculum Timeline

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Published by Ariana Minella

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Published by: Ariana Minella on Apr 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Monday 3/18 Tuesday 3/19 Wednesday 3/20 Thursday 3/21 Friday 3/22
Read Aloud: Thank You, World by AliceMcGinty andWendy Halperin
Introduce unit withKWL as a class onchart paper:ongoing and postedin room.
Explain and assignHomework: to gohome an talk withtheir parents about where theirparents grew up,the land, theweather, what theirparents did(worksheet provided)10:00-10:30
Partner work(pre-paired): exchangeideas fromconversation withparents.
Share out: partnershares aninteresting thingtheir partnershared (model)
Generate class list (will be divided bynation)
Decide what countries we willstudy in addition toUnited States(China, Cambodia,Mexico)10:00-10:30Natural Resources
Read Aloud: CharlieNeeds a Cloak byTomie dePaola
Brainstormsession: what areexamples of naturalresources
Create classdefinition of natural resource
Divide intoresearch teams,each team willfocus on a country:U.S., China,Cambodia, Mexico.10:00-10:30Natural Resources
Work in researchteams to find themost important natural resourcesfor the country of study. (informationprovided forstudents to look through)
In research teams,create poster withpictures andcaptions to sharenatural resourcesresearch with theclass.10:00-10:30Climate
Refer to parent reports (onposter)to introduceclimate andweather of ournations of study.
Use projector toshow climatic mapsof each of thecountries.
Practice readingmaps.
Vocab: new climatewords introduced,matching game11:30-12:30
Add to KWL chart 
Introduce andbegin temperaturetables. (1 week)Using the internet, Iwill take groupsaside each day tolook up theweather in theircountry. Group willrecord weather intable format.
 Monday 4/1 Tuesday 4/2 Wednesday 4/3 Thursday 4/4 Friday 4/5
Read Aloud:Hottest, Coldest,Highest, Deepest bySteve Jenkins
Begin working inresearch teams tofill in topographicalmaps (provideoutline). Studentswill look throughpreparedinformation10:00-10:30Homes
In groups finishtopographicalmaps.
Use powerpoint toshow slideshow of typical homesfound in the 4countries.
Follow upworksheet with apartner wherestudents sketchhomes and offer asentence about why you can findthat home in that area.10:00-10:30Jobs
The work that people do dependson where they live.
Refer back toparent conversationsrecorded on poster.
Refer back tonatural resourcesand connect withpowerpoint about typical workers andjobs in thesecountries.10:00-10:30Natural Hazards
Use NationalGeographicWebsite to showexamples of extreme weather.
In research teams,have groupsdiscuss what extreme weatherthey think theircountries might experience.
Introduce writingproject: eachstudent will createa page for a classsocial studiestextbook that myteacher will usenext year.10:00-10:30Wrap Up
Groups present finishedtopographicalmaps, includesdrawings anddescriptions of atypical home andjob.
Continue work onpage for socialstudies textbook.11:15-12:30
Compile classSocial Studiesbooklet 
Each Child sharestheir favorite part of the past 2weeks/ reads fromtheir page
Add one last timeto KWL

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