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Emmanuel or Titles of Christ

Emmanuel or Titles of Christ

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Published by satish2k2

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Published by: satish2k2 on Mar 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THIS E-BOOK HAS BEEN COMPILED BYTHE BIBLE TRUTH FORUM********************************************************
"EMMANUEL, or Titles of Christ"
by Octavius Winslow, 1869
PREFACE.The personal and official titles of our Lord Jesus, unlike the names anddesignations of the world, are real and substantial things—each onepossessing profound significance and unfading glory. They have not beeninaptly denominated, by a divine of the sixteenth century, a "cabinet of  jewels." With them our Lord is completely invested Himself the divinest, themost costly and precious one of all. They emblazon His person, shed lusterupon His work, and will sparkle upon brow when in His Second Coming,"upon His head shall be many crowns."
 Each title embodies a distinct meaning and illustrates a particular truth,
the significance and preciousness of which theHoly Spirit can alone unfold and the believing heart alone appreciate. LikeHis twofold nature, the titles of our Lord are wonderful, and, like His infiniteresources, they are exhaustless. The present volume is an attempt to explore,in a limited degree, this costly treasure. The author is painfully conscious thathe has scarcely opened the sacred casket, and that even the few precious gemshe has exposed to view, he fears are placed in a light so dim, and are arrangedwith a hand so inartistic, as greatly to obscure their luster and to veil theirworth. With his readers he is prepared to exclaim, "The half has not been toldus!" And yet so essential is it to know the Lord Jesus, so important to believein, admire, and love Him, the author is consoled by the thought that thedimmest presentation, the feeblest uplifting of the Savior, may win to Him asoul and plant a new jewel in His crown. May this be the happy result of thesepages!There is, perhaps, no name belonging to our Lord with which the believer is in
more practical and constant communion than the one selected as thedistinctive title of this volume—"Emmanuel, God with us." How blessed toknow that
our daily life is a daily realization and experience of its truth, power,and preciousness.
God in Christ is with us in all places, in all circumstances,and at all times. In all our "adversities of mind, body, and estate," "in alltimes of our tribulation; in all times of our wealth; in the hour of death and inthe day of judgment, "Christ is "Emmanuel, God with us!" If the presentvolume but serve to keep this glorious name of our divine Redeemer, and theprecious truth it expresses, prominently and constantly before the ChristianChurch, it will have served its mission; and to the Triune Jehovah shall beascribed all the praise.Christ—Emmanuel, or God with Us"They shall call His name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God withus."—Matthew 1:23."All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet: Thevirgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call himImmanuel—which means, 'God with us.'" Matthew 1:22-23
The titles
of the Lord Jesus
were not like those of the world, empty and vainsounding things. Each one possessed an impressive meaning, significant eitherof some distinguished trait of His personal character, or illustrative of someimportant aspect of His official work. There is no study of our Lord moreprecious and instructive to those who love Him than the varied and expressive
He wears. A single title is to them often as a volume replete with divinetruth, as a mine of untold wealth, as a box of most precious ointment, as atower of impregnable strength.We are about to consider a few of Christ's more familiar and prominent titles;and, as introductory to the series, have selected, perhaps, the most significantand impressive one of all. This remarkable title is the fulfilment of a prophecy,and the confirmation of our faith in the truth of His Messiahship; theunfolding of a twofold nature—it brings before our view at once His Deity andhumanity. The narrative is in this way—"All this took place to fulfill what theLord had said through the prophet: 'The virgin will be with child and willgive birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel"—which means, Godwith us.'" Matthew 1:22-23
 As I have remarked, we have here
a famous prophecy fulfilled 
, and
a wondrous person revealed 
. The former view of the subject would alone supply us withample material for reflection. It is no light thing in the present day tomaintain the integrity of God's word. On every hand, and from every quarterit is malignantly and fiercely assailed. Men deeply erudite, religious inprofession, and eminent in their relation to the Church, are devoting all thepower and influence their learning and position can command, to thedestruction of the Bible. I speak advisedly— 
the destruction of the Bible!
TheWord of God is wholly divine; and as a volume thus wholly divine, it must, infaith, humility, and love, be received. Impugn the integrity of any one part,and you have impugned the integrity of every other. Loosen one stone of thesacred fabric, and you have loosened all. Tamper with the integrity of thisbook, or question the veracity of that narrative; reject the inspiration of thisgospel, or doubt the canonical integrity of that epistle, and you have takenaway my Bible, and what have I left?The God dishonoring theories, therefore, which several modern writers haveadvanced, the refined and subtle shades of inspiration which many havedrawn, all converge to one point—the virtual denial of inspiration entirely;and all tend to one solemn and inevitable result—the overthrow of God'sWord. Accept, then, with gratitude every fulfilled prophecy as evidencing thetruth of the Bible, and as establishing your individual faith in the inspiration,integrity, and preciousness of that Divine Word, which is all that you have toguide you through the sins and snares and sorrows of this life to the happinessand the glories of the life that is to come. Hold fast to the integrity of these twowitnesses—the Old and the New Testament. They confirm and establish eachother. The Old Testament predicts the New, and the New Testament fulfils theOld; and thus both unitedly testify, "Your Word Is Truth."In entering upon a consideration of the present title of our Lord, we are in thevery outset confronted by the most marvellous and glorious doctrine of theChristian faith—the DEITY of the Son of God. This is an essential doctrine of revelation, not accepted by any one particular branch of the ChristianChurch, but is the received tenet of the whole. Even in the creed of the mostcorrupt of all religious communions, the Church of Rome, it is found to exist,though blended with so much that is erroneous in doctrine, and overlaid withso much that is superstitious in worship, as entirely to neutralize its powerand utterly to veil its luster. Perhaps, the most lucid and earnest embodimentof this essential truth of the gospel is found in the doctrinal formula of the

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