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Conor's Response to Vince's Paper

Conor's Response to Vince's Paper

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Published by Conor Chambers

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Published by: Conor Chambers on Apr 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vincent Nicholas Vari27 March 2013English 1102Ms. CarusoConsumers: Think before you buyToday I want to talk about bottled water and all of the different kinds of concerns andsuperstitions that people have about them. After researching the topic of bottled water I want to shareall of the crazy concerns and facts that I came upon and what my take on them is.
In the year 2007, 8.8 Billion bottles of water were sold worldwide (International BottledWater Association). Every single year
that number rises and I think there are many reasons why.Marketing is just one of the many ways that sales for bottled water go up every year. New marketingtechniques are snarled together every single year creating a bigger sales environment. To decidewhether an increase of bottles water sales is actually a good or bad thing coordinates directly with theenvironment. All of the people of the economy like to buy bottled water for their own reasons andwhether they are thinking about the environment or not when they buy the product is up to them.Personally I believe that one day the environment is going to be completely depleted of naturalresources
it’s only a matter of time. People realize this but they don’t know whose lifetime it will
actually happen in.Speaking of lifetime, people want to drink quality water to fulfill their life. Peoplepurchase bottled water every day because of the fact that it tastes better than tap water in theiropinion. Personally I think that they taste close enough to the point where it does not matter. The mainconcern with the idea of bottled water tasting better than tap water
would be that more people willwant to buy bottled water.
Everyone with the money wants the best product they can get and if theyhave the money to buy bottled water that they think tastes better, they will willingly spend the money.
Comment [CC1]:
Conor’s Comments
Comment [CC2]:
You indented too much
Comment [CC3]:
Lowercase b
Comment [CC4]:
Comment [CC5]:
“due to many reasons.”During a speech, talk without a doubt. You don’t
think, you KNOW.
Comment [CC6]:
This needs to be a newsentence or place a comma.
Comment [CC7]:
“is” instead of “would be”
Comment [CC8]:
Also it is more convenient touse a disposable water bottle then to have to washyour personal water bottle every day. I use a plasticbottle, but I use if for 2 or 3 days at a time. After Ifinish it, I use water fountains or tap water andcontinue filling it up. The taste is nearly the same,
it’s the convenience of not having to clean it
everyday. I just dispose of it after using it for 2 or 3days.

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