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Citadel 2 - Let It Rock

Citadel 2 - Let It Rock

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Published by John H Harris
The Tzenkethi want Intar, but they don't need the population. One well-placed rock could solve their problems, but Starfleet has other ideas...
The Tzenkethi want Intar, but they don't need the population. One well-placed rock could solve their problems, but Starfleet has other ideas...

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Published by: John H Harris on Apr 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Let it Rock”
ByAdmiralSirJohn (John H. Harris)andCaptainUniverse (Jack Elmlinger)
Base Log: 11 Chaiteen, 8125 (Stardate 55982.5), filed by GeneralAn Rentoshi, base commander.Personal note: While it will probably take me a while to masterthem, these stardates are quite ingenious, really. I should read up ontheir history… The base setup is progressing, and localized food distributionfollowing the burning of selected fields is going well. The Federation isnothing, if not generous. A few of the Starfleet personnel here atGwalior have introduced me to something called cappuccino that I finda good alternative to my morning tanzila. Nana informs me that localstores are starting to report shortages. Hopefully, the fields on Kentarwill be able to make up the shortfall soon. The starship
, which was damaged during what Starfleet iscalling the ‘Battle of Intar’, has returned from repairs, and the starship
Ernst Ruska
, a sister to Captain Harris’
Marshal Martz 
, has also arrived.While I have not yet met her captain, I have been informed that it will,eventually, take on the duties of the
, which will then beassigned to other duties. Meanwhile, I have a request to allow thecrews of the
to relocate their dependentshere, should they choose to. While that is a political decision, it wouldcertainly make it easier to keep those two ships here, if notpermanently, much longer than would otherwise be possible.Hopefully, by that time, we will have rebuilt our planetarydefenses to the point where we won’t need ships like that defendingus.And speaking of ships, I’ll be taking my final check ride in aStarfleet shuttlecraft today. That means I’ll be able to see our ownnewest, the
 Ayan Platex 
. I’m sure, had he survived the first Tzenkethiraids, it would be he making this entry, and not I.End entry.
The little shuttlecraft was far out, beyond the system’s kuyper belt, where theCorps of Engineers had set up a small test range for the training of new Intaran pilots andgunners.The seat Rentoshi occupied seemed a bit narrow, but not as bad as some he’d been in, and the controls before him had originally been daunting, but as he’d learned hisway around them, he’d found that they were not so different than those on the shuttleshe’d flown previously in his career.Commander P. L. Richards, sitting in the copilot’s seat to his right, looked onapprovingly as the general programmed and executed the maneuvers with near perfect precision.
“All right, General, you seem to have basic maneuvers mastered, so let’s try alanding. We’ve got some shuttlebay deck simulators off to port on sensors. See them?”Rentoshi checked the readings on the small screen between the two stations andthen looked out the window to his left. “I’ve got them… but what is that moving beyondthem?”“Looks like some sort of asteroid,” Richards answered, “but it’s not showing upon sensors.” He then reached forward and activated the shuttle’s subspace radio panel.“Gwalior, this is shuttlecraft
. We’re visually tracking an asteroid moving near the flight range, but it’s not showing up on sensors. Have you guys got anything?”
“Stand by,
. I’ll check with the ships in orbit.”
“It’s definitely big enough to do some damage if it hits something.”“Yeah, but why wouldn’t it show on sensors, unless…”“Unless someone didn’t
us to see it.”
 , Gwalior communications. None of the ships show anything out thereexcept you and two other training flights.”
“I do not like where this is leading, Commander,” Rentoshi remarked, as he laidin an intercept course. “I’m taking us in closer. Maybe we can find out why it’s notshowing up.”“I’m on the sensors.”“Whatever it is, it’s big.”“And fast. It’s moving like the proverbial bat out of hell. I have the controls.”Rentoshi immediately lifted his hands and watched as Richards programmed in a jump to warp that would last less than half a second.“That’s an awfully short warp jump,” Rentoshi remarked.“I’ve made shorter ones. Remind me to tell you about some of the flying I did back in the war. Here we go…”It was over almost before it could register. There, before them, was a floatingmountain of nickel iron. As they moved closer, a light caught Rentoshi’s attention.“What’s that?” he asked, pointing to it.Richards quickly had the indicated light on the screen. “Computer,” he ordered,“identify object on the screen.”
“Object is a stealth field generator, type unknown. Visual scan indicatesmixed Tzenkethi/Breen design.”
“Can we deactivate it from here?” Rentoshi asked.
“A focused resonance pulse of 2.286 megawatts will neutralize the device,based on EM sensor readings.”
“Do it.”Instantly, the shuttle emitted the ordered pulse. The light flashed several times brighter than it had before going dark.A moment later, the subspace panel came alive.
“Gwalior to
! I don’t know what you did, but we’re reading that asteroid now. We have a fix, and we’re generating a plot, but it doesn’t look good… Holycrap…”
“What is it?” Richards asked.
“You’d better get back here, Sir. These readings indicate that it’s headed for animpact… and it’s a continent-killer.”

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