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Online Storage

Online Storage

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a writte up on online storgae
a writte up on online storgae

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Cephas J. B. Samwini on Mar 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ONLINE Storage
“A stitch In Time saves nine.”
We are in an era called the information age; in this age, information drivesthe world as stone in the Stone Age, knowledge the enlightenment age,and oil the industrial age. Everything that is important to our survival onthe earth now is in the form of information which can be stored andretrieved inappropriate media.We all have been caught up and have gotten into the flow of thisphenomenon. We now store music, pictures, important documents anddatabases and so on, on flash drives, computer hard drives, Compactdiscs, DVD’s etc. obviously, we store them so that we can retrieve themlater on when they become of need it may on a daily, weekly, monthly oreven yearly basis. But very few us ever consider the risk of losing suchdata unless such a calamitous occurrence has happened to the onebefore. There are various ways in which precious data stored on such retrievaldevices can be lost. I will outline and elaborate and a few a hope that itconvinces you (the one reader this piece) to find suitable insurance.
About 30 percent of hard discs crush intheir first year alone and even after the first year there is everychance that the hard disc can crush at any point in time.CD’s and DVD’s also become unreadable when there are a highnumber of scratches on the surface. Again, any high speed CD orDVD drive can break a scratched CD or DVD during the spinningand reading process, and data stored on such a CD or DVDwithout adequate backup will be lost forever.
demand for these devices and their electroniccomplements are very high and some people will stop at nothingto lay hand on these things. Research has shown that only about1 percent of all stolen laptops are ever recovered.
Fires, floods and other disasters can cost a lot byeight total loss of the devices or by rendering them unusable. InGhana a story is said of a minister of state and Member of Parliament who lost all his documents in a flood and for that gothimself the nickname “Tsunami”.
you may accidentally delete data bydeleting the wrong one, one can also accidentally delete data byreplacing it with something different but with the same nameand file extension.
viruses can causecorruption of data, hide you original folders and replace themwith executable replicas, render data inaccessible by the userand so many other things. Data can also be corrupted when theyare moved about from one storage medium to another. It is not
long before you realize that your information is gone or isuseless. There may be some who have been through these experiences before likemyself and have tried our best to rebuild our repertoire of information andeven go further to create walls of resistance such that in the event thatthey recur, we will not be too devastated and at least we would not haveto exert too much energy in order to rebuild.In my quest for a solution, I discovered
.What then, one may ask, is
?In the simplest of definitions I can give, It a data storage medium on theinternet. They are sites that act like your hard drives or flash drive whereyou upload your files and you can download, share, delete and some canallow you to play your songs and movies right from the remote server andallow you to collaborate with people on common projects over theinternet.Definitely with all these said some questions may popup in your mind asyou read this. Here is a short FAQs on questions I asked my self at firstabout these storage media.1.How much will it cost me?Most of these sites give you the space for free as a basic orpersonal version but there are business or premium versions forcompanies and individuals who can afford the payment at veryreasonable prices. The only difference is that the paid versionshave larger space and in some cases accelerated upload anddownload or files.2.How secure are my files and personal belongings? You are allowed to take a password on registration as a first lineof security, there are private and public folders, the private onescan only be accessed by the holder of the password. Oncollaboration sites you invite people you want o collaborate withand they have to verify their registration and collaboration withyou before they are allowed access to the collaboration fileswhich are also selected by you the administrator and placed in acollaboration folder. Finally most sites allow you to track viewsand download of your files by means of download counters sothat you can tell when you files have been tampered with bysomeone other than you or by server operations.3.What if the company folds up or ceases to operate?AOL has XDrive an online storage site when they decided toclose the site down, they sent emails to all members threemonths clear from the date of closure asking members todownload all their files that will be important to them in a zipformat (which is a single compressed folder containing all their

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