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Our Origin...Evocreationism?

Our Origin...Evocreationism?

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ATLANTIUM Episode L from the forth coming Blook by ROC HATFIELD. ATLANTIUM ARE YOU READY TO KNOW? Are we the result of Evocreationism? Did an ancient space fairing race use their own DNA to create modern humans?
ATLANTIUM Episode L from the forth coming Blook by ROC HATFIELD. ATLANTIUM ARE YOU READY TO KNOW? Are we the result of Evocreationism? Did an ancient space fairing race use their own DNA to create modern humans?

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: AVANTA STUDIOS on Mar 28, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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ENIGMAS WRAPPED IN MYSTERIES PACKAGED IN QUESTIONS.Explore the ancient world of Atlantium. Science is discovering artifacts and connectionsto ancient advanced empires that existed 15,000 to 50,000 years ago. Who were these people? Are we descended from them? How advanced were they? Were they beings froma distant star system? All of these questions are powerful and the answers may be tointense for some people to handle. Make up your own mind…ATLANTIUM 
An astonishing photo of the ancient remains of a giant human skeleton circledthe planet on the world wide web recently. The backstory revealed that theancient discovery was unearthed by engineers working for a Saudi Arabian oilcompany while drilling for oil in a remote desert. The remains were huge andthe individual would have been between 25 and 30 feet tall. Many speculatedthat it could be the remains of an ancient Annunaki or Nephlim as described inthe Quran and Hebrew Bible. Alas, hopes were dashed when it was announcedthat the photo was an entrant into a contest sponsored by a company thatmakes photo enhancing software for photographers. Many of the world'sancient people handed down oral history and texts that detail an ancient tribeof giants known as the Watchers, Annunaki, Brahma, Nephlim, Sons of god andMen of Renown. Are modern humans related to these ancient beings?The ancient Sumer chronicled there history on thousands of clay tablets andcylinder seals. They stated in no uncertain termsthat they were the product of Evocreationism. Thecombination of an indigenous human species and abeing from a distant planet that circled our Sunevery 3600 years. They were called the Annunakiwhich meant "Those who came from Heaven".According to the Sumer the Annunaki made them in alaboratory using clay jars and glass bottles. Theymixed the blood of the Annunaki with a primitivehumanoid and a hybrid human was created. Thishybrid was unable to reproduce at first just like aMule, a hybrid of a donkey and a horse, but withsome additional lab work this was overcome and the Annunaki began breedingtheir newly minted creation in numbers. The Annunaki were both illustratedand described as very large creatures towering over the Sumer by 3 feet or
more. Most depictions have them at 9 to 10 feet tall, and built very stout. Theimages of the Annunaki show them sporting great muscles in there arms andlegs. No match for a human or even large animals like Lions and Alligators,many images have Annunaki holding these by the tail in mid air. After thehuman hybrids grew in numbers they inhabited the cities of the Annunaki thatwere built all over the Earth. The highly advancedAnnunaki used humans as a labor force to mine goldand strategic metals, build and maintain their cities.The humans were drafted into the armies of theAnnunaki who were a warrior race and waged warsbetween different Annunaki factions here on Earth.This could explain how all of the great ruins aroundthe world came into being. These giant stonecreations could be all that is left of once great andpowerful city states lived in by the Annunaki andtheir human subjects. According to the Sumer theAnnunaki were almost immortal living for well over 100 thousand years. TheAnnunaki soon became attracted to human women, for many years it wasstrictly forbidden to mate with a human woman. But according to many ancienttexts including the Bible, Quran, Indian scrolls and the Book of Enoch theAnnunaki just could not resist the beautiful daughters of man. The Annunakiused their own blood and DNA to create the hybrid humans and therefore wereable to mate with the daughters of man and bare offspring. These offspringwere known as Nephlim andwere giants. Enoch the son of Cain, grandson of Adam andfather of Methuselah wrote abook that reads today like aninvestigative report. The bookwas considered by Christianchurch founders for inclusioninto the newly created Bible butthey felt that it was tocontroversial. This coming froma group of men who believedthat a Jew from Bethlehem changed water into wine, walked on water, raisedpeople from the dead and came back to life and walked around after beingcrucified. What was so inflammatory about Enoch's expose? Enoch said thesame things that the Sumer later reported. Since he was the seventh humanmade he knew all the Annunaki and he called them god. He knew the same goddescribed in the Bible by Moses as the Annunaki. Moses wrote about Enoch inGenesis. He wrote that Enoch was close with God and that God really liked himand at the age of 360 years took him into heaven and he was on the earth nomore. The first human hybrids lived a very long life. Moses recorded that thepre-flood descendants of Adam lived around 1000 years. This was most likelythe result of the Annunaki genes worked into the human hybrids giving them a

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