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Unconditional Love for Children, Inc. Spring Newsletter, 2013

Unconditional Love for Children, Inc. Spring Newsletter, 2013

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Published by Champion Newspaper
Unconditional Love for Children, Inc. In cooperation with the Earl and Carolyn Glenn Foundation Inc.
Unconditional Love for Children, Inc. In cooperation with the Earl and Carolyn Glenn Foundation Inc.

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Champion Newspaper on Apr 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Unconditional Love for Children, Inc.
In association with the Earl and Carolyn Glenn Foundation Inc.
Connectingthe Dots
Spring Newsletter, 2013
1960 Stoneleigh Drive • Stone Mountain, GA 30087Ph: 770-908-1274 • Fax: 770-908-0492 • www.ULC2010.org
Mt. Zion Primary Schooland United Church inMontego Bay, Jamaica
In May, ULC ini
ated theinstrumental music program,providing more than 30 new andrefurbished instruments for thenewly formed band. Coupled withthis endeavor, ULC provided fundingfor the renova
on of an exis
ngstructure on the Mt. Zion campus tocreate a music room for the band. Inaddi
on to the building, ULC fundsan i
nerant band teacher.In July, ULC began construc
onof a fence-enclosed basketball courtfor the school and community.This ini
ve ful
lls a long-
mevision of Pastor Harvey to createan athle
c opportunity wherechildren can enhance their skills aswell as build friendship and pride intheir community. This project wascompleted in the fall.In July and August, 20representa
ves and volunteers of ULC and The Links, Inc., along with 10students and four faculty membersfrom Georgia Perimeter College,sponsored and conducted a two-week summer workshop series forthe students and community. A thirdweek consisted of a sports camp forthe children in football and criquet.Some 75 students were enrolledin the summer camp that o
on in vocal and instrumentalmusic, dance, photography, speechand drama, literacy, chess and sports.A micro-economics class was o
eredfor more than 40 adult residents tobegin a discussion and promote theidea of business development andentrepreneurship to create sorelyneeded jobs. At the end of theworkshop series, Mt. Zion studentsperformed in a closing ceremony-showcasing their newfound skillsand used a theme to commemorateJamaica’s 50
anniversary of independence.A fall project included thepurchase and installa
on of a state-of-the art playground for Mt. ZionPrimary School. Complete with aclimbing wall, slide, swings, fort andrope ladder, the playground broughtlaughter and fun to the childrenas soon as the ribbon was cut andthey were allowed to use it. Theplayground will provide addi
es for physical educa
onand development.In November 2012, ULC held its
Much was accomplished in 2012 as Unconditional Love forChildren coordinated, staffed and sponsored workshops,fundraisers and building projects in the States and abroad.
Mt. Zion student with newly donated guitar Chatsworth boys in
ate soccer balls donated by 100Black Men of America, DeKalb County, Ga. Chapter Georgia Perimeter College student instructsMt. Zion students during Summer Camp 2012 
, .,2
See Jamaica on Page 2
Pages 1-3: NewsPage 4: How You Can HelpPages 5-6: Pictorial, volunteers in JamaicaPage 7: Donors and supporters
third annual mission trip to MontegoBay, Jamaica. Supporters and volunteerspurchased, donated and collected ahuge supply of clothing, books andschool supplies, housewares, spor
ngequipment, shoes and other items thatwere distributed to more than 100 Mt.Zion parents as well as members of thegreater community in the form of a freecommunity “
ea market.” The themeof the mission for the children was“self esteem.Volunteers conductedworkshops for students at all grade levels.All male students were given a clothingou
it and a soccer ball (donated bythe 100 Black Men of America, DeKalbGA Chapter); all girls were gi
ed withan ou
it and a Black doll (donated byDelta Sigma Theta, Inc., Douglasville,GA chapter and ULC). A businessdevelopment workshop, ini
ated in thesummer program, was revisited with11 adult residents a
ending. ULC plansto o
er scholarships to select adultsfor formal classes and training. Thirtyvolunteers par
cipated in the missione
orts. ULC provided lunch for allpar
cipants.The Mt. Zion leadership alsosponsored a closing program anddedica
on of the three structures fundedby ULC. A
endees included dignitariesfrom the Ministry of Educa
on, thebusiness community and parents andresidents of Mt. Zion.
New Partnership withMaroon Town PrimarySchool in Jamaica
ULC has begun a new partnership withChatsworth Primary School in Jamaica. A2013 summer program will be conductedby ULC and Ga. Perimeter College in Julyfocusing on reading, math, computerskills and recrea
on. Ga. Perimeter willsend twelve students and at least twofaculty. In addi
on to working with theprimary students, GPC students willexperience the rich culture of Jamaicaand the famous Maroons by way of a tourand interac
on with the local Maroons.ULC’s plans for this year at Chatsworthinclude: Regrading and back
lling theirplayground; providing books, suppliesand computer so
ware to enhancereading and math skills; providingInternet access; procuring white boards,a printer, a projector and screen, andbasic school supplies. In December, ULCand The Champion Newspaper donatedsix computers, monitors, keyboardsand so
ware to the school. All childrenreceived soccer balls (boys) and Blackdolls (girls).
In DeKalb County, Ga.
Dr. Glenn, board chair of ULC (withthe assistance of volunteer Barry Gray),ini
ated a pilot program in chess duringthe summer of 2012 at Nicks BarberShop in DeKalb County. Weekly chessinstruc
on is now being o
ered byULC and taught by chess professionalBeauregard Hardeman, Jr. ULC volunteers,barbers and local residents serve as
Mt. Zion students performing duringSummer Camp Closing Ceremony.Gift bags with clothing, Black dolls,soccer balls and school supplies
See Jamaica on Page 3
Jamaica Continued From Page 1
Pre-schoolers enjoy new playground equipment donated by ULC. The little one onthe slide insisted on carrying her new Black doll on the ride.
ULC’s weekly chess workshop in DeKalb Co., Ga. ULC volunteers participate in dedication of basketball court,playground and band room.Don Roman of 100 Black Men gives lessons in self esteem.The
rst shot on the newly opened Mt.Zion basketball court.Music practice in the newly opened Mt. Zion music room donated by ULC.
Jamaica Continued From Page 2A
Mt. Zion resident andacclaimed artist, Leemon.
mentors. ULC is in the process of expanding this programto the children of Sparks Chris
an Academy and theHarvest Lodge school and will include foster children. Thegoal is to develop cri
cal thinking skills in young childrenso that they will excel in school and ul
mately earn andwin scholarships to college through academics.
All-Day Progressive FUN/FUNDraiser
In advance of the third annual November/Decembermission trip, supporters and volunteers par
cipated inan all-day progressive party fundraiser. Venues includedbreakfast and tours at the estate and entrepreneurialcenter of Bill and Ma
e Allen, including the elegantmansion, hotel and conference center in Lithonia, Ga.The second stop was the Flat Rock Archives and museum(ancestral home of comedian and actor Chris Tucker) thathouses and has available for examina
on records andphotos of slaves and slavery in Georgia. The next stopwas Lake Oconee and the home of Gregg and Be
y Leve
 where guests were treated to boat rides, lunch and a tourof the luxury lake home. The event ended with a gatheringat the Glenns’ home for tours and an evening of dining,dancing and further explana
on of the mission of the Earland Carolyn Glenn Founda

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