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Human Nature | Ginger Star Gunnip

Human Nature | Ginger Star Gunnip

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Published by Patrick W. Berry
Featured in the 2013 issue of Intertext
Featured in the 2013 issue of Intertext

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Published by: Patrick W. Berry on Apr 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Human Nature 
Ginger Star Gunnip 
Dandelions dance on the lawn.Sun-rays pierce my soul; I feel whole.God is by my side always my guide, pushing me back on the right track.
ne deep breath unveils a unique smellfrom the jagged, yellow petals, asthey warm in the summer sun. Theodor processes in my mind where I associatethe nostalgic smell with my childhood home.
 The inviting ower lures my attention as I
stare into the golden bloom, wondering aboutits creation, for what seems to be an eternity. Time has stopped all around me as I lie on thecorner-lawn and interact with this gorgeousphenomenon of life. I study its intricate de-tail; every inch that is above ground will un-dergo thorough analysis as my mind attempts
to dene the meaning of its beauty on Earth.Color variations reect into my eyes, reveal
-ing a densely packed, deep yellow center, like
a nucleolus in the nucleus of the ower to the
faint, yellow plasma membrane on the outersurface. The delicate dandelion blooms openin the day and close at night while I sleep.My heart skips along with me throughoutthe grass as I gather a bouquet for my moth-er. Where is she? Never here, it seems. I givethem to Gramma, instead; she is grateful forthe gift of love. Others bash my hand-pickedperfection and claim they are merely weeds. Idisagree. They are youthful and free, just like
me. They are my favorite ower; clear is my 
favorite color; air is my favorite smell; water ismy favorite taste. The youth-inspired feeling of freedom subsides each time I ride in the

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