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OPPT-SA Awareness Drive 05

OPPT-SA Awareness Drive 05

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Published by Anton Cloete

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Published by: Anton Cloete on Apr 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OPPT-SA “Flash-mob” Awareness Drive 0522
– 24
April 2013
What is this this “Awareness Drive” about?
In order to spread the good news about OPPT and the UCC filings far and wide through ourbeautiful rainbow nation, our path is to inform everyone that they have been freed fromslavery. One of the most effective methods to bring an important issue to the fore, is to usethe “flash-mob” technique.A “flash-mob” is a coordinated action where
many people send a
specific message to
one or more selected individuals
during a specified (short) time period. The aim is to have (at least) two coordinated “flash-mob” awareness drives per week, whichwill be announced on the OPPT-SA Facebook group(https://www.facebook.com/groups/opptsa/). Every awareness drive will have a new list of contact details and a new date range.We have compiled this “template” document outlining the good news message about OPPT. There are currently over 2000 members on this OPPT-SA FB group. We have also collectedcontact details of many individuals to share the message with. All that is needed now, is theDOing of sending the information out.
This is where YOU come into the picture.How to use this information
 You are going to send an e-mail to each of the contacts listed below. Each e-mail will containthe text shown below, under the heading: “Message”.1.Download this document. (Select download as
”, which enables you to editcontent.)2.Open the downloaded document on your computer.3.Prepare to send a new e-mail message. (open your e-mail application and select new e-mail)4.Select the e-mail address of the first individual in the “Contact list” below and copy itinto the new e-mail’s “To” area5.Copy the entire content of the template “Message” below into the “message” or “body”of the new e-mail.6.You may also wish to copy the individual’s name from the contact list, and insert it atthe top of the message.7.Send the e-mail.(To save time, you may also copy all other addresses into the “BCC” recipient box.)8.Repeat for all the contacts in the list.9.Sit back, and relax in the knowing that you are helping to spread the good newsthroughout the world.(If you wish to send the OPPT message to your own contacts as well, please go ahead!)If you have MS-Word and MS-Outlook, you can also use the
“Mail-merge” facility
.1.Copy the “contact list” info into a spreadsheet, ensuring that the first line contains theheaders2.Save the spreadsheet, and close the application.3.Open Word, copy and paste the “Message” below into a blank document
4.Select “Mailings5.Click on “Start Mail Merge” and select “E-mail Messages”6.Click on “Select Recipients” and select “Use Existing List”. Find your saved spreadsheetand select it.7.Click on “Finish & Merge”, complete the required fields (e.g. Subject line). Done!If you have any questions, recommendations or suggestions about the awareness drive,please contact Anton Cloete on the OPPT-SA Facebook page, or AntonZA on the opptbookgroup.Let us get this beautiful message of our new, freedom oriented world out to everyone!
Contact List – These are all in the Free State Regional Govt .DesignationNameE-mail
PremierMr SekgobeloElias Magashulepremier@premier.fs.gov.zaSpokesperson for the PremierE-mail:william.bulwane@premier.fs.gov.zaDirector-GeneralMs ElzabeRockmanfsdgsec@premier.fs.gov.zaManager: CommunicationsMr Dan Maritzmaritzd@premier.fs.gov.zaInformation Officer (PAIA)Ms ElzabeRockmanfsdgsec@premier.fs.gov.zaDeputy Information Officer (PAIA): Officeof the PremierAdv AmeliaSwanepoelnolette@premier.fs.gov.zaSpeakerMr MoeketsiSeseleesterr@fs.gov.zaMEC for AgricultureMr MosebenziZwanemec@mecagric.fs.gov.zaHead of Department: AgricultureDr LimakatsoMoorosipahod@agric.fs.gov.zaDeputy Information Officer (PAIA):AgricultureDr LimakatsoMoorosipahod@agric.fs.gov.zaMEC for Cooperative Governance, Traditional Affairs and HumanSettlementsMs Olly Mlamlelimec@fscogtahs.gov.zaMedia Liaison Officer: CooperativeGovernance, Traditional Affairs andHuman SettlementsMr IshmaelMokonemokonei@lgh.fs.gov.zaHead of Department: Human SettlementsMr Mpho MosesMokoenahodhs@lgh.fs.gov.zaHead of Department: CooperativeGovernance and Traditional AffairsMr KopungFranceRalikontsanehod@lgh.fs.gov.zaDeputy Information Officer (PAIA):Cooperative Governance and TraditionalAffairsMr KopungFranceRalikontsanehod@lgh.fs.gov.zaMEC for Economic Development, Tourismand Environmental AffairsMs MamikiQabathencaba@safety.fs.gov.zaMedia Liaison Officer: EconomicDevelopment, Tourism and EnvironmentalAffairsMr MoshomeZondozondom@detea.fs.gov.zaHead of Department: EconomicDevelopment, Tourism and EnvironmentalMr ThusoLawrencemoetit@detea.fs.gov.za
AffairsRamaemaDeputy Information Officer (PAIA):Economic Development, Tourism andEnvironmental AffairsMr Ozzy OsmanKhraammoetit@detea.fs.gov.zaMEC for EducationMr Tate PuleMakgoemec@edu.fs.gov.zaMedia Liaison Officer: EducationMr Jabu Kumalokumaloj@edu.fs.gov.zaHead of Department: EducationMr RamatheStanley Malopehod@edu.fs.gov.zaMEC for HealthDr BennyMalakoanesecmec@fshealth.gov.zaSpokespersonMr Jabu Mbalulambalulajni@fshealth.gov.zaMedia Liaison Officer: HealthMs LoratoGomolemogomolemoltf@fshealt.gov.zaHead of Department: HealthDr Sipho Kabane(Acting)hodpa@fshealth.gov.zaDeputy Information Officer (PAIA): HealthDr Sipho Kabane(Acting)sechod@fshealth.gov.zaHead of Department: Police, Roads and TransportMr NthimotseMokhesiklaasd@safety.fs.gov.zaDeputy Information Officer (PAIA): Police,Roads and TransportMr NthimotseMokhesimokhesit@freetrans.gov.zaMEC for Provincial TreasuryMs ElzabeRockmansecretary.mec@treasury.fs.gov.zaHead of Communications: Provincial TreasuryMr Gannet Kaatgannet@treasury.fs.gov.zaHead of Department: Provincial TreasuryMs NomvelisoPortia Mkiva(Acting)executivepa.ceo@treasury.fs.gov.zaDeputy Information Officer (PAIA):Provincial TreasuryMs NomvelisoPortia Mkiva(Acting)executivepa.ceo@treasury.fs.gov.zaHead of Communications: Public Worksand Rural DevelopmentMr MlungisiMagubela(Acting)magubelam@pwrd.gov.zaHead of Department: Public Works andRural DevelopmentMs MokoneNthongoavandemerwem@pwrd.gov.zaDeputy Information Officer (PAIA): PublicWorks and Rural DevelopmentMs MokoneNthongoavandemerwem@pwrd.gov.zaMEC for Social DevelopmentMs Sefora SisiNtombelamecsd@socdev.fs.gov.zaMedia Liaison Officer: Social DevelopmentMs IpelengMorakeipelengm@socdev.fs.gov.zaHead of Department: Social DevelopmentDr MatlhohonoloSobeng SophiaMaboehodsd@socdev.fs.gov.zaHead of Communications: SocialDevelopmentMr MondliMvambimondli@socdev.fs.gov.zaDeputy Information Officer (PAIA): SocialDevelopmentMr MondliMvambimondli@socdev.fs.gov.zaMEC for Sport, Arts, Culture andRecreationMr Dan Kgothulemecpa@sarc.fc.gov.zaMedia Liaison Officer: Sport, Arts, Cultureand RecreationMr Tankiso Zolatankiso@sacr.fs.gov.zaHead of Department: Sport, Arts, Cultureand RecreationAdv TsoareloMalakoanehod@sacr.fs.gov.zaDeputy Information Officer (PAIA): Sport,Arts, Culture and RecreationMs LeratoLengauleratol@sacr.fs.gov.za

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