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B. Banneker American Inventor

B. Banneker American Inventor

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Not going to use as Senior paper might use some information FROM Paper
Not going to use as Senior paper might use some information FROM Paper

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Val Littlewolf(Heike) on Apr 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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American R 
evolution: Benjamin Banneker an Original”
Junior Senior SeminarDr. E. Tebbenoff Luther CollegeHistory DepartmentVal Littlewolf Heike4/22/2013 1:05:40 PM
Benjamin Banneker’s quoted as saying “
"The color of the skin is in no way connected withstrength of the mind or intellectual powers."
(Banneker) (Biography)Benjamin Banneker 
Benjamin Banneker was a man that stood equal to other menwhile viewed by history as Unequal. At the birth of a nationmen who stood apart of other men were called upon to writein essence how White America would be when no longer seenas Great
Britain’s child. Benjamin Banneker took pen in hand and
 and wrote to a gentleman famer of Virginia the first of two letters.The letters started thusly My dear Sir Thomas Jefferson,You wish for freedom for all and forget hundreds of ownedBenjamin Banneker born a free African American knew the pains of his skinBenjamin Banneker knew that in American wanting change meant working toward it.Benjamin Banneker self taught inventor mathematician, surveyor clock builder from
 2North Carolina, and Almanac maker.
The knowledge gained deemed important enough to fill the space frombelow the title to before the Works cited. The paper whether it is of History or Literature the work producedneeds to fill particular criterion. The essay must be of importance enough to stimulate inquiries to want toknow more. Benjamin Banneker the topic of this Essay is to know more of the man Benjamin Banneker.
Benjamin Banneker, born in 1731 on November 9
, Benjamin’s maternal grandmother was
sent to America stemming from a milk incident. Milk was spilled and instead of the Laird of the manor  believing his indenture servant Molly Walsh, she was tried and made to pay the full penalty, which
was a term of time in the America’s seen by many as a penile colony. Molly was sent to Ma
ryland toserve out her time, which amounted to seven years. While in Maryland she bought two AfricanAmericans fell in love with one, freed them both married one. (Greene)When Benjamin Banneker was a small boy a neighbor in the area pasted away and left for young Banneker a telescope and a microscope these two instruments caught the curiosity of as itwould today you young child. Imagination and the stars consumed his thoughts and Benjamin at ayoung (Bedini) age had by happenstance been given the tools to discover all that surrounded him.(Littlewolf)
Banneker’s f 
ather gave much to his son as well, included intellect and the love of mathematics and the heavens.As Benjamin Banneker born to a free mother and father could grow in knowledge ever expanding in mathematics and astronomy, while other non-free
African’s living in captivity called
slavery also in North Carolina, could not. (Bedini).Benjamin Banneker was born free of African American (freed slaved) and half English
 African American. In 1773 a gentleman named Dr. Benjamin Rush (Rush), in 1773, of Philadelphia Dr.
That read for knowledge and pleasure the written word according to Dr. John Ernst at N.I.C.C. August 2009, is to getdown to the nit and gritty.
Grandmother an ex-indentured servant that served eight years in the was penal colony that was Maryland.
Rush made this statement “Liberty cannot thrive long in a neighborhoo
d of slavery. (Rush)
The” firstemancipation”, took place in Vermont they banned slavery in 1777, constitution.
(Rush) 1780Massachusetts courts decided in that a clause in the state constitution prohibited slavery. Most of theother states ratified north of Maryland adopted gradual emancipation laws between 1780 and 1804(114-117) New Jersey, general emancipation laws between Virginia 1782. Pennsylvania 1787.Delaware 1787, South Carolina and Georgia never entertained the thought. (A People and a Nation)William Quills and Samuel Hopkins and their connection with Benjamin Banneker and theAmerican Revolution; Samuel Hopkins was granted the first
patent ever issued by the United States, toSamuel Hopkins of Pittsford, Vermont in 1790.
The Hopkins patent wasfor an "Improvement, not known before such Discovery, in the making of Pot ash and Pearl ash(brubre@.com/education/invent.htm)by a new apparatus and Process", and was granted for a term of fourteen years.
Benjamin was a farmer and though quick and enthusiastic with how machine operated changing hismind to plant not the typical tobacco took time to reaffirm choice of seed to harvest.
George Ellicott, afellow mathematician and astronomer, loaned Banneker numerous books in both fields.
TheIndustrial age was on the horizon. Benjamin had built a telescope for astronomy, which caused hisfri
end George Ellicott to view Benjamin Banneker’s intellect. Both George and Benjamin had built
George’s clock was tall and had four faces.
Joseph Ellicott’s clock is in the Smithsonian
(the clocks still are or copies are used adorning thestreets of quaint New England town still today.). The Ellicott clock makes one imagine the turn of theeighteenth century and all the street lamps only voiding the light and envisioning a clock in its place.

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