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Bruce Lee – Nutrition, Supplementation, and Training Protocol Concepts

Bruce Lee – Nutrition, Supplementation, and Training Protocol Concepts

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Published by Sixp8ck
Bruce Lee – Nutrition, Supplementation, and Training Protocol Concepts By Michael James "MJ" Tamondong
Bruce Lee – Nutrition, Supplementation, and Training Protocol Concepts By Michael James "MJ" Tamondong

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Published by: Sixp8ck on Apr 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bruce Lee
Nutrition, Supplementation, andTraining Protocol Concepts
The Bruce Lee Diet -
Bruce Lee’s Diet and Nutrition Protocol
Bruce Lee
is famous for his devotion to martial arts and his great abilities in thisfield. He was not only an exceptional martial artist, but also a serious bodybuilder.He firmly believed that diet and nutrition played a very important role in achievinghis objectives. However, he was not an expert in nutrition, he gained most of hisinformation from bodybuilding magazines and experimented with differentsupplements in addition to eating a well balanced healthy diet. For Bruce Lee agood diet was one that provided him with the energy and nutrients to maximize his physical training.The fol
lowing diet rules are based on what is known about Bruce Lee’s dailyeating regime. There are many references to “The Bruce Lee Diet”, but really sucha diet simply attempts to replicate Bruce Lee’s dietary and eating patterns, as well
as his fitness regimes, to try to attain a physique similar to that of Bruce Lee.
Bruce Lee’s diet and exercise regime meant that he had close to zero percent body
fat. Following this diet regime could help you to lose belly fat as well as improvemuscular growth.
Bruce Lee Diet Rule 1: Avoid Refined Flour
Generally Bruce Lee avoided refined flour. So, he did not eat many baked foods
such as biscuits and cakes, which he described as being “empty calories”
. It isworth mentioning that today many people attribute irritable bowel syndrome to theexcess consumption of refined flours. His philosophy was not to consume caloriesthat did not provide some benefit to the body.This approach to eating is very similar to that of the Buddhist scriptures, whichstates:
“You must learn to b
e moderate in eating, and eat only enough to remain healthy,and fit for trance. For excessive food obstructs the flow of the breath as it goes inand out, induces lassitude (lack of vitality), sleepiness, and kills all valour. As toomuch food has unfortunate consequences, also starvation does not lead to
efficiency. For starvation drains away the body’s volume, lustre, firmness,
 performance and strength. You should take food in accordance with your individual capacity, neither too much nor, from pride, to
o little.” From
BuddistScriptures (Amazon.com), edited by Edward Conze (1959).
Bruce Lee Diet Rule 2: Chinese Food
Bruce Lee enjoyed Chinese food, as he felt that western food was often too bland.Some of his favourite Chinese dishes were beef in oyster sauce and tofu. However,he loved to eat steak and liver too, but overall preferred the more balancedapproach of Asian dishes. He felt that often Western food placed too muchemphasis on protein and fat and not enough on carbohydrates from vegetables,rice, pasta etc.
Bruce Lee Diet Rule 3: Avoid Dairy Food
Bruce Lee did not like dairy food, and only ate dairy as part of protein drinks,usually using powdered milk instead of fresh milk. This rule only helps to reducetotal energy intake. Calcium from dairy has been found to help reduce the amountof fat that is digested.
Bruce Lee Diet Rule 4: Smaller Portions and More Meals
For Bruce Lee concentration on the type of foods eaten were not the onlyimportant consideration, the size of portions and number of meals were just asimportant. Bruce Lee would usually consume four or five smaller meals a dayrather than a couple of large meals, plus some healthy snacks such as fruits.Today bodybuilders often follow similar eating habits, eating high protein mealsapproximately every four hours to ensure the body has a good supply of proteins tohelp build and repair muscle tissue. Eating more often than every four hours can put too much pressure on the digestive system, leading to indigestion. This isanother reason why constant snacking is not good for you.
Bruce Lee Diet Rule 5: Drink Protein Drinks
Bruce Lee consumed one or two protein drinks every day, plus fruit smoothiestoo. Although his protein drinks varied, they generally consisted of:
Non-instant powdered milk 
- which is reported to have a higher concentration of calcium than other forms of powdered milk 
- sometimes with the shells
Wheat germ / wheat germ oil
Peanut butter
Brewers yeast
(contains concentrated B vitamins, which are essential in therelease of energy from carbohydrates).
supplement (Inositol is found in many foods, particularly in cerealswith high bran content. Inositol plays an important part in the health of cellmembrane, in particular the specialized cells in the brain, bone marrow, eyesand intestines. The function of the cell membrane is to regulate the contentsof the cell, which makes effective functioning of the cell possible).
- taken in granular form. (Lecithin is a mixture of glycolipids,triglycerides, and phospholipids. It is needed by every cell in the body and isa key building block of cell membranes; without it, they would harden.Lecithin protects cells from oxidation).All ingredients would be mixed thoroughly in a food blender. Bruce Lee suggestedthat for better results (i.e. for gaining more muscle mass quicker) milk and creamcan be added too.

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